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History of Condoms

Gut condom was invented by an English army doctor Colonel Quandom, a physician and colonel to King Charles 1 (1660-1685). He invented condom as a means to prevent illegitimate offsprings. The word condom may probably evolved from faulty pronunciation of the name doctor Quandom.

Originally condoms were made from animal intestine (cecum) of sheep and goats. The introduction of recent condoms made using liquid latex happened in the mid 1930s. Latex condoms had greater tensile strength and longer shelf life of upto 5 years. Later, in 1960s polyurethane condoms were made.

Condom remains to be one of the safest and easiest ways to enjoy sex. The simplicity of its application and the completeness of its protection are what make it the most popular across the world. From time immemorial several contraceptives were used to ensure sex remain safe and enjoyable without having to worry about conception. It is hard to believe that condoms that we all use now have been in vogue for close to 400 years. However, it is not as sophisticated as what we all get now.

Condom Market in India

Though there are methods to prevent STDs and there are many more contraceptive options available, still condom dominates to be the 'go-to-option' when it comes to safe sex free from contraception worries and STD possibilities. The options available are

Female empowerment - Not evolved to expected levels in India, still a distant dream.

Behavioural Changes - Not visible even in the distant horizon

Vaccination and Pills - Not evolved completely and prone to side effects.

Permanent Sterilization - Suitable only for married couples. Only for a niche segment, not universally applicable.

Condom - Absolutely safe and easy to implement. Practically no side effects (Excepting those who are allergic to latex)

Issues with Condom Usage

Despite being the safest option to prevent STDs and contraception, there are some issues because of which many are not using condoms. Some of the issues include:

  • Late Application
  • Early Removal
  • Slipping off during sex
  • Tearing off during intercourse
  • Reuse of condoms
  • Latex allergy.

Latex allergy is of two types, type 1 and type IV. Type 1 involves immediate reaction and Type IV involves delayed hypersensitivity reaction including urticaria or skin rash/hives, itching, cough, watery eyes, sneezing, running nose, chest tightness, shortness of breath, wheezing, confusion, low blood pressure and dizziness.

Reasons for Using Condoms

Many married couples have reported to have using condoms over other family planning methods due to fear of side effects of other spacing methods. Side effects, putting on weight and or health concerns are the main reason for many women discontinuing oral pills / intrauterine devices within 1 year.

Reasons for Not Using Condoms

There are two main reasons cited by majority of men for not using condoms.

  1. Lack of privacy in medical stores and other outlets that sell condoms
  2. Social stigma associated with condom use. Other problems include:
  3. Not preferred by sexual partner
  4. Fear of tearing or perceived ineffectiveness
  5. Discomfort and lack of sexual satisfaction
  6. Depression, anxiety and fear
  7. Not available at that instant

In the Indian family setting, female sterilization continues to be the most dominant family planning method. When one of the partners is sterilized, those couples may not be motivated to use condoms and condom usage in such circumstances may perceived to be an indication of infidelity of having more than one partner.

Female Condoms

Until the introduction of Female Condoms, females were not able to negotiate for safe sex when her partner denies using a male condom. Hence, the need for the female condoms was felt and it is introduced now, which allows women to take control of the sexual proceedings and can remain safe. Safe. Female condoms have not achieved expected success due to following reasons:

  • Not widely available and costly
  • Insertion and removal difficulties
  • Penetration difficulties as chances of slippage is high during intercourse
  • Breakage and slippage of condoms
  • Pain during intercourse

Factors that Contribute to Increased Condom Usage:

The following factors are expected to act as the other major drivers for India condom market in the coming years.

Indian condom market is projected to reach $180 million by 2022 on account of rising consumer awareness about HIV/STIs through boisterous efforts of the Indian government bodies such as National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) and AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF).

  • Expanding product portfolio of the leading players,
  • Growing e-commerce penetration,
  • Rising youth population and increasing trend in average marriage age

Condom Market Size in India

For a category which at present is the most important need in a country where the population has crossed 125 crores, a penetration of 5% still presents a mind-boggling opportunity to the marketers across India. Indian condom market is currently estimated to be worth around 800 crores.

Condom is sold majorly through chemists. But online condom business has proven to be a game changer in this domain as it removes the embarrassment factor as customers can place condom orders online without revealing their identify from the convenient of their laptop or mobile.

Buy Condoms Online

Though condoms are available in plenty and in almost every next outlet that we come across, the stigma associated with buying condoms is still not vanished. For many men buying condoms from a shop is still a very uncomfortable affair, for few it is even a biggest nightmare. As the purpose of buying condoms is obvious, people fear getting branded as 'bad' or 'immoral'. During candid sex surveys that they travel great distance as much as 10 km to buy condoms to ensure nobody from his neighbourhood watches him buying condoms. They may be bold and strong otherwise; the embarrassment factor is what holding them back.

We all must have seen men repeatedly asking about Online Condom Shops and ways to dust off that embarrassment in popular personal columns in magazines and dailies.

But much to the cheer of men, condoms can now be bought without the embarrassment factor. Yes! one can purchase any condom brand, any quantity and at any time with a click of a mouse! They need not disclose their identity and no glaring eyes, no grins. It is just simple. Purchase Condoms Online and get it delivered home discreetly. No hassles.

Yes! condombazaar.com allows hassle free buying of almost all Condom Brands in India from the click of a button. No need to disclose your identity. You can place the order and condoms will be door delivered. You can practically buy any brand, any variant and any quantity from our Condom Shop.

condombazaar.com – An ideal platform to buy condoms online in India

This exciting online condom shop stocks almost all brands of condoms available in India and all variants of each brand is listed conveniently for shoppers to choose any buy. The online Condom Shop is easy to navigate and one can choose the brand of his or her choice by clicking dropdowns and choose the variants and quantity without any hassle. It is enough if the buyer discloses his / her email ID. No need to furnish any other personal information.

Why this website condombazaar and why now?

It is reported in USAID nationwide survey conducted among sexually active men that the embarrassment factor involved in buying condoms from a shop is the biggest factor that prevented men from using condoms to enjoy safe sex. India being a country with high incidence of AIDS and STD (sexually transmitted diseases) men are more vulnerable when they are involved in unprotected sex. It is identified that the embarrassment factor and lack of knowledge about condoms are to be immediately tackled to ensure Indian men get habituated to use condoms in future to enjoy safe and hassle free sex. Further condoms also allow men to experience added pleasure during sex.

The site is conceptualized to provide an easy, yet effective solution to clear off the embarrassment factor in buying condoms and allow men to order condoms as and when they want. The site ensures an easy access to condoms anytime from the click of the mouse. The site ensures complete discreetness from ordering to transaction to delivery, everything is done without having to disclose your identity. The site is the first step to encourage Indian youth to move to the exciting world of condoms to enjoy safe and pleasurable sex life.

The site stands as an ideal platform for young Indian men and women get exposed and habituated to safe and exciting sex options.
The timing of the launch of this site is just right as the need for enjoying safe sex is greatly emphasized as young adults are exposed to an overdose of explicitly sexual and adult content through internet and mobile phones.

What are the benefits of condom online purchase through Condombazaar?

The site offers a unique and exciting platform for young Indian men and women to buy condoms and make their sexual journey safe and pleasurable. The site also assures 100% privacy, so there need not be any inhibition in buying condoms, which means there is smooth progression to a sexual life that is highly safe and extremely magical.

Condoms are one of the path breaking innovations that have universal appeal. It is akin to the invention of electric bulb that benefits the entire human race across the globe. Condoms are used world over for birth control, prevention of STD and for having delightful sex every time. Condoms come in various shapes, sizes and flavours to give heightened pleasure during love making. Condombazaar is the easiest and safest platform to get habituated to using condoms.

What is the single most beneficial aspect of this site?

Anyone above the age of 18 years can order condoms online in India without having to feel embarrassed about. Total privacy is guaranteed during transaction and shipping.

How buying condoms online at condombazaar.com works?

  • Condombazaar is an online condom shop to buy almost all brands of condoms available in India including all the variants of each brand. Buyers can browse through various brands and choose his or her choice quite easily.
  • Then the buyer can place an order online mentioned the quantity and address where it need to be delivered. Absolute privacy is ensured.
  • The payment for the ordered quantity can be made online. Condombazaar uses highly secured payment gateway, so the payments are highly secured. The word 'condom' will never appear in your credit card statement / bank statement.
  • Condoms will be delivered in a discreet packaging. Other than the buyer, no one can notice that condoms are packed inside unless the packaging is completely removed. Discreet packaging ensures absolute safety and privacy.
  • You can begin to enjoy your safe and sexual life with the condoms of your choice. You are welcome to come back again for your next order.

What’s so special about condombazaar?

  • The only site that displays widest range of condom brands and almost all of their variants. No where one can get such an exhaustive array of condoms
  • Unlike scores of fly-by-night online condom platforms which came and gone quickly, condombazaar.com has been running and serving the needs of young Indian men and women since 2009.
  • Pioneered the concept of shipping condoms 'discreetly' using a special pack and getting it delivered using reputed couriers.
  • The condoms will be delivered in completely discreet packaging. It will be a tamper-proof and opaque outer cover. There will be no mention about what is inside on the outer package. There will be no invoice; no delivery challan etc., only the buyer who has ordered will know what is packed inside.
  • The company has successfully delivered condoms to thousands of customers since its inception and there is no complaint about discreet packaging and delivery.
  • Condombazaar works with nationally renowned courier service companies and buyers can always expect prompt and smart delivery.
  • The company delivers fresh condoms with long expiry periods. An internal team verifies the pack before buying them from condom companies to ensure absolute customer satisfaction is guaranteed with every order
  • Total discreetness is guaranteed. The company ensures the word 'condom' never appears anywhere, be it in credit card statement or bank statements. Only the company name will appear in the statements. So, there is no way anyone other than the buyer to know that condom is bought.
  • The site has exclusive sections to educate Indian youth about sexual wellness including how to use condoms. An exclusive section for condom reviews allows users to make informed choice while they buy condoms online. The section also carries useful information’s, such as Condom Price in India and information about various condom brands in India
  • The site is an earnest attempt to habituate Indian youth to condom usage

Some interesting info about condoms

  • According to Nielsen Survey report, the Indian condom market is valued at Rs. 1200 cr in the financial year 2018-19. The commercial segment contributes the big chunk, as much as 87% to the value of condoms sold in India during the year.
  • The per capita consumption of condoms in India is 0.5, way below the European average, which is 3 to 4. Logically Indian consumption should be higher as India has huge number of young brigades compared to ageing European population. But it is the inhibition and lack of knowledge that prevents Indians from trying condoms.
  • There is a huge potential for condom penetration as less than 1 percent of Indian men are habituated to condoms. Users need to be educated about the ease of use, advantages of staying away from STDs and unwanted contraception.
  • Exclusive condoms that can give cooling and warming sensations are available in the market. The same can be bought from condombazaar.com. Those condoms are made for people who think variety is the spice of life.
  • There are small pocket sized condoms are being introduced and widely advertised by a leading multinational condom brand to make it convenient for people to carry condoms even on their jeans pocket.
  • Female condoms varieties are also sold at condombazaar. Those women desirous of trying it can use the site to buy female condoms instantly.
  • There are variants like dotted, ribbed, ultra thin, double lubricated, ultra thin, extra smooth etc., available across all leading brands of condoms sold in India.

Future Developments in the Condom Industry

Do you want to know what's in store for the future in the condom industry. Well, get ready for some surprises.

Graphene Condoms
Graphene condoms are made using an extremely thin-but-strong layer of crystalline carbon. These condoms can be much thinner than the current latex condoms and also Graphene condoms can conduct heat better making sex a more enjoyable to both partners.

Wearable Technology
Wearable technology driven condoms are also in the making.

Invisible Condoms
Invisible condoms consist of a gel that hardens upon increased temperature after insertion into the vagina or rectum. The invisible condom is still in the clinical trials and has not been approved for common use till date. But we can expect this to hit the market sooner or later.