Eat Me with your Eyes

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Eat Me With Your Eyes - Sexy Women Lingerie

Eat Me With Your Eyes (EMWYE) is a brand that is committed to enhance the sex appeal of young women. EMWYE offers a series of panties, nipple pasties, babydolls, salacious long dresses, night gowns, chemise, bikinis, teddy's, sexy stockings and much more. True to the name, the lingerie and sexy outfits are made to give an outstanding and irresistible sex appeal to the wearer.

When you are ready to flaunt your flawless skin and sexy body a bit in the most elegant way, then EMWME has wide range of lingerie to assist you in your mission. Your boy friend is sure to fall for you when he happens to see in you in such a sexy outfit, as it is capable of showing you in the sexiest way possible.

EMWME sells handpicked range of lingerie that is preferred worldwide by young and sensuous women including Hollywood actors. Nothing can be more effective when you want to seduce your man, as it adds to the natural power of seduction and it is normal for men to go on their knees when they happen to see their sweet heart shows up in such a sexy outfit inside their bedroom.

Eat Me With Your Eyes Product Range:

  • Panties
  • Nipple Pasties
  • Babydolls
  • Salacious Long Dress
  • Chemise
  • Teddy
  • Bikini
  • Stockings

All EMWYE outfits are carefully created, with sexy cut and shapes, to guarantee men's instant stare (in awe) and to reveal a woman in the sexiest way possible. It covers the assets of a woman while revealing only those portions that needs to be revealed. It allows a woman to subtly exhibit her sexy bosoms, flat abs, shapely legs, sexy hips and her flawless arms. It can make a woman look highly irresistible and can be ideal ammunition to seduce and captivate her partner. It allows a woman to make her own fashion statement down under and inside close quarters.

It enhances her sex appeal to a great extent and in most cases a man would eat a woman with his eyes when she moves around in the ultra sexy EMWYE outfit.

The range of EMWYE Nipple pasties require a special mention as it can allow women to flaunt their bosoms in the most creative and most sexy ways possible. It is the natural desire of every young woman to have sharp and shapely breasts. It becomes even more desirable when the nipple remains erect and firm. The nipple pasties are ideal to enhance the look of your breasts and invoke desire in the minds of your man.

Nipple pasties help to make your breasts looks sexy and elegant. The pasties come with self adhesive option that you can comfortably stick it over your breasts and get that sexy look.

All the outfits of EMWYE are made using high quality linen and are provided in various shades and colours to suit your mood in bedroom. It is made using luxury fabrics and rich shades that emit an undeniable elegance and makes her irresistible.

The ultra sexy lingerie comes with laces and meshes to conceal, provide comfort and reveal only so much that is required to turn him ON.