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Scent plays a major role in enhancing sexual energy for all living beings. It applies more so for humans. That is the reason behind the introduction of scented condoms. These condoms are known to arouse your lady love instantly upon opening the condom pack. The fragrance of the scented condoms is always made female-friendly and it comes in fragrances such as jasmine, rose, lavender etc.,

When the scented condoms pack is opened, it sets perfect mood for her and prepares her and eventually you for an exciting sex. She loves to hold your organ and feel the sweet fragrance that is emanating from your organ as soon as you wear your scented condom. Scented condoms can do the trick and add a great variety to your otherwise normal sex. It can spice up your love making session and allow her to indulge in foreplay for a longer period.

Scented condoms are those which come in significant and strong fragrances to bring down the natural odour of latex, because the natural odour of latex is known to be a complete turn off for many women. Needless to say, scented condoms can help women indulge in oral sex without having to worry about the latex odour. They can passionately hold the male organ and indulge in uninhibited oral sex with a scented condom. The sensation that scented condom creates is very special and cannot be explained unless one experiences it. It can set the mood for a sensual sex even when the condom pack is opened.

You get predominantly Jasmine and Rose scented condoms in India, among those manufactured in India by Indian brands. Kohinoor and Manforce has Jasmine scented condoms, while Moods has rose scented condoms. While Kohinoor and Manforce scented condoms are available in 10's pack, you get Moods scented condoms in 3's pack. Right now only three brands produce scented condoms in India, but we have a plethora of foreign brands with scented condoms. As the demand begins to rise, we can see several new variants of scented condoms hitting the market and in a wide range of fragrances other than jasmine and rose.

There is a difference between flavoured condoms and scented condoms. Flavoured condoms are those that come with exotic flavours such as mint, banana, chocolate, orange, strawberry, cappuccino etc., and are meant to help women enjoy oral sex, as they can feel the taste of these flavours while they hold the stiff organ inside their mouth. But, scented condoms are those that come with fragrances, which are external. Your lady love can feel the fragrance of Jasmine or Rose, but she can't feel the flavor on her mouth. That is the essential difference. Scented condoms can help set the mood for an invigorating sex and ultimate climax.

So, next time when you want to try a scented condom, visit the most preferred and most convenient online store to place your order and get it delivered to your location in discreet packaging. There is no way that anybody could come to know that you are receiving condoms.