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SprayMint Mouth Freshener – Spray for Kissing

Welcome to the world of exciting mouth freshener. Spraymint is India's No. 1 Mouth Freshener spray for kissing. A product of MidasCare, one of India's leading Pharma and Aerosol Technology companies, Spraymintt is truly a world class product. The product comes in a handy, easy to carry in a pocket friendly pack, offers a great value with over 175 freshener spays per pack and gives you a fresh, kiss-ready breath in just a second.

How does the Mouth Freshener Spray before Kissing works?

You can become kiss-ready in just a second. Just pop the Spraymintt can and spray it in your mouth. This instant mouth freshener works wonders and makes your breath fresh and fragrant in just a second. SprayMintt is currently available in 8 invigorating and best flavours namely Thandapaan, Saunfshiver, Orange wave, Icy Mint, BreezeBerry, Chocolate, Cold Coffee and Elaichi.

What are the benefits of using Spraymint Mouth fresheners for Kissing?

  1. Instant mouth freshener - freshens your breath in a second and makes you 'kiss-ready'
  2. Better than any chewing gum as sugar filled chewing gums can affect your teeth.
  3. Chewing gums are sticky and don't go well with your personal grooming and personality
  4. Zero calories, naturally delicious!
  5. Sugar free and alcohol free
  6. Natural formulation and hence, no side effects
  7. Pocket friendly pack, easy to carry and can be used anywhere
  8. Ideal for dates, romantic tours and for those precious moments of meeting someone special
  9. It's the fastest way to a bliss! Carry one on your pocket always.
  10. Available in 8 exciting flavours to choose from. Choose the one that your special one loves and make yourself 'kiss ready'

Why should you select SprayMintt Mouth Fresheners?

Fresh breath can change your perception about someone. Someone with a bad breadth is difficult to tolerate and it is a big No No for your girl friend if your breath is bad. So, SprayMintt helps you have a refreshing breath instantly and all you have to do is to give yourself few shots of SprayMintt spray and you become 'kiss ready'. You are sure going to be center of attraction when you are going to have a fragrant and refreshing breath.

What are the uses of Mouth Fresheners for Kissing?

When you are going for a romantic dinner or on a date or waiting to meet that special person in your life, then giving yourself a spray can do a world of good.

You can spray to remove bad odour and food smells after you have finished your lunch or dinner

It is a blessing in disguise for smokers and tobacco chewers. They can get rid of that bad toboacco smell instantly.

You can use it before an interview, sales call or a business meeting.

You can get fresh breath instantly in just one spray, anytime and anywhere

Eight Exciting Flavours

SprayMintt comes in eight exciting flavours to choose from. Namely Thandapaan, Saunfshiver, Orange wave, Icy Mint, BreezeBerry, Chocolate, Cold Coffee and Elaichi.

So, go ahead and buy one now. You can order it online at and get it delivered at your home. Choose the flavor that she will love. Or buy as many as flavours and mix and match for various occasions.

What is the price of SprayMintt Mouth Fresheners?

The price of SprayMintt 15g Canisters for approx. 175 spray is MRP. Rs.99/-