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Men Intimate Hygiene & Hair Removal

Body Hair Removal among Men

Apart from shaving the face, majority of men don’t ever make an attempt to remove their body hair and they don’t have any body hair removal habits and it is not part of their routine. However, many men wanted to have a smooth chest and clean upper body to boast their manliness.

For men who prefer to shave their body hair regular, have been using waxing or shaving, both of which involve a lot of pain and discomfort.

Why waxing can be a source of pain and discomfort for hair removal?

Chest Hair

A clean and shapely chest is the symbol of manliness across the world. Men who use waxing to remove their chest hair have reported it to be a painful option. Waxing offers results that last up to four weeks. However, waxing continues to be an unnerving option for men to remove their body hair because of the pricking pain that they had to undergo. However, depilatory creams offer a brilliant short term offer, if you are Ok with results that last upto 4 days.

The Veet for Men cream can help you get a new look and it can also hydrate your skin, giving it a new and clean look. The cream functions by dissolving the hair follicle, only at the skin’s surface. It does its job within five minutes and can be easily be used in the shower as part of your morning routine.

Underarm Hair

Men are used to shaving their underarm hair due to look good, reduce the fuss or keep the body odour under control. So far, they had only two options, razors and scissors. Maneuvering those areas have always been little difficult with either of the above tools.

Needless to say, it comes with potential risk of nicks, scrapes and bruise. Veet for Men cream can help men remove underarm hair effortlessly and completely without any pain and help you achieve a hair-free armpits effortlessly. There is no question of pain at all.

Back Hair

With age, back hair becomes more of a problem, and you may notice more hair growing on your shoulder. Apart from waxing or using the other person to shave on your back, men can choose to go with electrolysis treatment at a professional salon, which helps in removing hair on your back completely, but it comes with a heavy cost. Fortunately, Veet for Men cream is best suited for your back.

You can apply cream on your shoulders and back and remove the hair effortlessly. However, for those difficult-to-reach portions on your back, you may need a helping hand.

Down Below

The amount of hair men grow is a personal choice. Waxing down below is unheard of. As that portion is highly sensitive, waxing could lead to extreme pain. Shaving too can be difficult because of the stubborn hair and maneuvering the razor down below comes with potential risks of nicks and cuts. So, for men who want to go complete bald down under, you need professional help, Veet for Men cream may not be suitable.

Veet for Men Hair Removal Cream

Safe and hair removal is not just reserved for women, even men are keen to keep their clean and free from hair. Veet, the brand that is known world over for its high quality depilatory products with over 80+ years of experience in developing safe and effective hair remove products, has brought out hair removal cream for men.

Veet for Men Hair Removal Cream is mindfully designed to focus on the hair on the arms, legs and underarms. It gives instant results, and smooth skin in as less as four to six minutes. It is a painless solution for men as compared to waxing or shaving. It is perfect for skin types including sensitive, normal and dry skin. Be sure not to leave the cream on for more than six minutes, as this could aggravate your skin.

Also, be wary not to use it on any other part of your body, other than those mentioned in the instructions, and for sensitive areas down below, consider getting some professional help.

Veet hair removal cream for men is available in two variants, namely Sensitive Skin and Normal Skin. So, men with all skin types can use Veet cream to remove their body hair effortlessly from their chest, hands, legs, back, shoulders, underarms and other portions of their body.

Why should I use Veet for Men Cream?

- When you want to impress your partner / date with a clean look

- When you want to present a clean look at the gym or pool

- When you want to up your grooming and look neat from within

- When you want your hair removal an enjoyable experience.

How it works?

Veet makes hair removal absolutely effortless for men. It works in 4 simple ways

Apply - You need to apply the Veet For Men cream at desired body portion.

Wait - Then you need to wait for 5 minutes. For men with stubborn body hair, they may have to wait a little longer, but no longer than 10 minutes.

Remove - You can remove the cream using the spatula provided in the pack and you can see hair in that portion also gets removed. There won’t be any nicks, cuts or pain. Hair gets peeled off smoothly.

Rinse - Wash it off with water.

Veet makes hair removal comfortable, effortless and absolutely pain-free. It also leaves the body skin feeling smoother. The cream is quick to use and provides long lasting clean look. Veet hydrates skin for upto 24 hours giving your skin a fresh and long lasting clean look. This special formulation not only helps you remove your body hair in just 5 minutes body also leaves the skin feeling smoother and hydrated.

  • Removes Short-Stubborn Hair From Legs, Arms, Underarms effortlessly

  • Effective Hair Removal In Just 3-6 Minutes

  • Clinically Proven To Leave Your Skin Moisturized For Up To 24 Hours

  • Safe for men of all skin types, including sensitive skin

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I prefer Veet for Men Cream over a razor?

Veet for Men makes body hair removal an absolutely effortless experience. Other methods such as waxing is painful while shaving comes with a potential risk of nicks and cuts. The risk is more so when you want to remove hair from sensitive body parts. Veet is specially formulated for men with all skin types, incuding sensitive skin to remove their body hair and get a long lasting clean look.

Where can I use Veet for Men?

Veet is suitable for removing hair on your chest, back, shoulders, arms, underarms and legs.

It is not suitable for removing hair down under.

How long can the clean look be maintained?

You can see the regrowth of hair after 4 to 6 days of your removal. So, Veet for Men cream hair removal can give you a clean look for about 4 to 6 days. You may have to repeat it after 4 or 6 days to get that clean look consistently.

How long should I keep the product on the skin?

It is better to do a test by applying cream on a small portion of your skin.

Normal variant: You have to leave the cream on your skin for 3-6 minutes. Use spatula to gently remove some cream from the test area after 3 minutes. If the hair comes off easily, remove the cream and rinse. If the hair is stubborn you can leave the cream for a maximum of 6 minutes and not longer.

For the Sensitive variant: You have to leave the cream on your skin for 5-10 minutes. Use spatula to gently remove some cream from the test area after 5 minutes. If the hair comes off easily, remove the cream and rinse. If the hair is still stubborn, you can leave the cream for a maximum of 10 minutes and not longer.

What are precautions should I follow post use?

Post application of the cream, rinse the body portion thoroughly with cold water, avoid scratching or itching that portion of the skin. Refrain from using any deodorant, perfumes within 24 hours after the hair removal. You are also advised not to go for a swimming or sunbathing for 24 hours.


- Please read the instructions on the pack carefully before use.

- Do a patch test prior to using it and continue using it only when your skin doesn’t react adversely.

- Veet for Men Cream is not suitable for facial hair removal. Hence, don’t use it for your regular shaving.

- After applying the cream, don’t leave it on your skin for more than 10 minutes, as it can affect your skin. You need to be careful on this.

- If you want to go completely bald down under, then Veet for Men cream may not be suitable. You can seek professional help.

- Avoid using deodorants, perfumes or swimming or sunbathing within 24 hours from the use of Veet for Men Hair Removal cream.