Glow Condoms

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Glow condom is the latest innovation in the global condom industry. Borne out of a breakthrough scientific research glow condoms is a fascinating addition to the world of contraception. The glow condoms are made using phosphorus pigments, which are sandwiched between two thin layers of latex. Non-toxic and genuine phosphorus pigments are used to make glow condoms thus ensuring the condom is absolutely safe and dependable.

Imagine how it feels to have a glowing organ ready to penetrate her with full vigour and vitality. She is sure to get excited to see your glowing organ moving inside and out of her. And the good news, it is available in India.

Kamasutra is the first company to introduce glow condoms in India. It is sure to add great fun during your love making. As the name denotes, the condom will glow for 30 sec upto few minutes. When the room is pitch dark and the mood is awesome, sudden glow from the male organ will stimulate the intensity and it will change the whole complexion of the game. Imagine how excited your partner is going to look at your glowing organ.

It can make her senses glowing and she would be eager to see it penetrating her. It needs to be unwrapped from the pack, and allowed to be exposed to natural light for a while before it can glow. It takes about 30 sec to 1 minute time to glow.

Glow condoms are as much as safe and easy to use as every other condom available in the market. It can also be safely used for oral sex. The glow condoms offer uncompromising protection against unwanted pregnancy while making your love making all the more fun and exciting.

If you are feeling that your sex life is getting monotonous or wanted to have some real fun tonight or when you want to surprise her big time, then trying glow condom can be the best bet. It can bring about the needed change that you are looking to bring it back into your sex life. As soon as it glows, you can run it all over her body and see her skin glowing. It can excite her too. She would love to hold and taste glow condoms. It can add a fresh lease of life to your foreplay and it will be a refreshing change from your routine when you are using it for the first time.

Glow condoms are absolutely safe for oral, vaginal and anal penetration. With a unique combination of fun and protection, glow condoms can make your love making session a memorable one.

Now glow condoms can be bought from online store and you can get it delivered to your home in discreet packaging. No one will know that condoms are being delivered to you by looking at the packaging. Try a pack for the first time and you will soon begin to stock lots of glow condoms.

Shall we say enjoy a glowing sexual life?