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MOODS Personal Lubes

Lubricating gels have become an essential component of experience enhanced pleasure during sex. Moods, one of the popular condom brands that is associated with youthful population of India has brought out two exciting lubricating gels. Lube gels can make things easier for couples to enjoy a highly sensual session.

As lube gels remove the pain and discomfort factors during penetration, love making becomes highly pleasurable encounters.

During a survey conducted among young moods lubricating gel users, many of the respondents said

"Moods lubes reduces friction to a great extent, it helps us bond better, foreplay and penetration becomes so much better".

"Moods lubes makes our private parts more wet and makes our love making all the more enjoyable"

"Even though we are in the room temperature, Moods Cooling Lubes helps us feel really cold on our body and Moods Warming lubes provides us a warm sensation during cold night during winter, giving us a pleasurable sensation'

'Moods warming and cooling lubes are excellent and they are dermatologically tested and proven to be safe on our skin. It can be safely used to satisfy your sexual fantasies in the most enjoyable way".

Moods has two exciting lubricating gel variants, namely:

  • Moods Cool Lubricating Gel
  • Moods Natural Lubricating Gel
  • Moods Warm Lubricating Gel

Moods Lubricating Gel - Product Features

  • Water Based Lubricant
  • Safe to Use on Condoms
  • Safe to use without Condoms also
  • Easy to Wash
  • Non- Staining lubricant
  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Warming Sensation
  • Tested for Food Grade
  • Natural Flavour
  • Colorless
  • Silicon Free

Moods Cool Lubricating Gel

Moods cool lubricants are designed to reduce friction during sexual activity. When it is applied over the genitals, it provides a chilling sensation down the spine and allow the couples enjoy a smooth, cold, and pleasurable sensation as penetration becomes silky smooth free from pain or discomfort.

The gel when applied on the intimate parts before the skinny dipping can provide you both a chill thrill and it can also make your penetration an absolute smooth glide. Moods Cool Lubricating Gel has natural ingredients and is made using skin-friendly formulation.

So, it is harmless to use it all over the body and it is harmless when couples happen to consume it accidentally during the thick of their action. The lube can be used over a condom and also on sex toys.

Moods Warm Lubricating Gel

Moods Warm Lubricating Gel provides a warming sensation when it is applied over the private parts. The warming sensation is achieved through skin contact and by natural body moisture. Moods Warm Lubricating Get allows couples to experience that additional 'oomph' factor during their love making as the warm sensation provides a different sensation, particularly when it is used during winter or cold nights.

The warm sensation generated during love making is sure to ignite the passion and arouse each other's sensation to a great extent. The gel also works wonders in reducing the friction and allows couples to experience a silky-smooth penetration. It can also be applied over a condom and sex toys.

Precautions to be followed with Moods Lubricating Gels (both Warm and Cool variant):

  • Avoid contact with eyes. If you experience any irritation on your genitals, stop using the lube. If irritation continues even after washing off the lube, contact your physician immediately.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • If you are trying to conceive, consult your physician before using this lubricating gel.