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A teddy is a one piece garment that covers the torso and crotch. It is something similar to a one-piece swimsuit or body suit. But a teddy is a loose fitting one and is meant as a lingerie or nice dress. You need to wear it by steeping into the leg holes and pull the garment up to cover the torso.

As an undergarment it combines the functions of a camisole and panties. Many women use a teddy to avoid a visible panty line while wearing a transparent or tight fitting dress. Most of the teddies are sleeveless and there are models that can also cover the arms.

ATeddycombines the sexy look of a camisole and panty into one irresistible piece. This can make woman instantly sexier and are sure to excite her man. It is comfortable fitting sexy lingerie, that is neither too loose nor too tight. The lacy overlay allows women to adjust to their body shape and get the right fit

Teddies fall into the category of sexy lingerie or seductive clothing. Modern teddies are designed to enhance the sex appeal of the wearer and few women use it for looking sexy while few others use it as comfortable and practical lingerie.

Categories of Teddies

Teddies can be broadly classified into:

Bareback Teddy

This is a type of teddy that comes with an open back and built-in bust support clothing.

V-Cut Teddy

This teddy has a narrow neckline intended to show off the bulging assets of the wearer.

Body Fitting Teddy

These teddies are meant to fit into the shapes and curves of the wearer's figure. These teddies use a variety of different materials to fit into the body perfectly and come with lace pattern for the wearer to tighten it wherever required to achieve a perfect fit.

Fashion Top Teddy

These teddies feature a combination of a thong, bra and a fashion top. These teddies come in a variety of styles from simple styles with plain clothes to fancy ones with beads, crystals or sequins. It is worn as fancy undergarments.

Sleep Teddy

As the name indicates this teddy is designed as a sleepwear. This practical garment is loose fitting and made using simpler clothes and minimal style. Comfort is the watchword here.

Traditional Teddy

This is a loose-fitting teddy designed for enhancing sex appeal of the wearer and to showoff wearer's assets. This is made using high quality fabric that emits the essence of feminine beauty.

Teddies are available in a variety of fabrics including Cotton, Silk, Faux Leather, Lycra, Nylon, Polyester, Rayon, Micro Fibre, Charmeuse, Satin, Chiffon, Jacquard, Mesh, Sheer and Opaque. It is upto to you to choose the one that is comfortable to you.

Types of Teddies

You get a wide selection of sexy teddies including

  • Lace Teddies
  • V- Plunge Teddies
  • Open Cup Teddies
  • Lace Cup Teddies
  • Eyelash Teddies
  • Flocked Teddies
  • Satin and Lace Teddies
  • Fishnet Teddies
  • Apron Teddies

If you love playing hide and seek, then teddies are perfect choices to show just enough to make your sweet heart crave for what’s hidden!