Buy Sexy Hot Women Lingerie Online in India

Indian women have come of age. They have evolved and today they are on par with their counterparts in developed nations across the world. Indian women are breaking from their shackles of male dominated social set up and are charting their own course. Indian women today want to be associated with everything that is trendy, modern and futuristic.

The evolution of inner wear in India is a testimony to the paradigm shift in the outlook and attitude of Indian women. The choices that they eye for in lingerie are a clear indication that Indian women have gone far too ahead from conservative bodices to lacy lingerie. Sexy lingerie has become the identity of the modern Indian woman. It is obvious that we can understand a woman based on the kind of inners she wears, so a woman progressive in our thoughts and deeds tend to sport the ones that are trendy, sexy and comfortable.

The word lingerie has been borrowed from the French language. In French, lingerie means undergarments both of male and female. In the Indian context, lingerie is supposed to mean sexy, visually appealing inner wear or even erotic clothing.

Remember, padded bras used to be behind glass windows along with saris, skirts and in skirts. How did we move from traditional bra and panties to stylish intimate wear and sexy lingerie? But if you want to track down the shift from conservative inner clothes to sensual intimate wear, then we should touch India's brief history of lingerie. Globalization brought this into our social fabric. Along with several foreign products, raunchy innerwear sneaked its way into the country before Indian manufacturers could read this emerging trend.

Modern Inner wear - Where and how it started?

As an alternative to the corset - the bodices were created in the 20th century.MaryPhelpsis credited to develop the first kind of bras and patented her lingerie design which consisted of just two silk handkerchiefs tied together with ribbon straps.

Brassiere went through several changes in design and comfort over the years. Several fabrics were used such as nylon, lace, lycra, polyester etc., Soon cotton made its way to create a more fashionable, breathable and stylish inner wear around the world.

Sexy Lingerie in India

According to historians, inner wear came into being during the Mughal rule in India. The conservative regime insisted both men and women to adopt underclothing and that is when kacchas or kaupinas came into being. However, women used half-sleeved tight bodices known as 'kanchuka' as their lingerie long before Mughal invasion. Post independence people used to stitch inner wear. This slowly gave way to readymade inner wear. Then apparel companies began to introduce brassieres to fit the apparels.

Then during 70s and 80s branded undergarments were introduced and that completely eradicated people stitching their own underwear. The globalization in 90s saw the market flooded with foreign lingerie products. China made fancy lingerie ruled the roost for sometime post globalization as it was completely new to Indian market.

Then Bollywood had a fair share in making lingerie popular as actress sported sexy lingerie on movies, then advertising educated people about choosing the right lingerie for comfort and fit. Sensing the demand, Indian manufacturers began to create sexy lingerie. Now there are quite a number of Indian lingerie brands that are bringing out fashionable and sexy lingerie for women.

Current Hot Lingerie trends in India

Indian companies were late in sensing the demand for quality lingerie in India. Until foreign brands invaded Indian market, Indian manufacturers never infused any fashion element in the lingerie. They simply made lingerie without any sense of fashion or style.

Now Indian lingerie brands are giving sensuous, stylish and smart fitting lingerie for Indian women and men. In large towns and metros, international brands are dominating. They have different products for each target segment, well established distribution network, top quality merchandise and e-commerce platforms help them woo Indian men and women to buy their products.

Indian national and local brands fight it out for their market share in Tier 2 and 3 cities and rural segments. Lingerie still remains a taboo in several rural pockets in India. But Tier 2 & 3 cities have a tremendous potential as awareness is considerably lesser compared to metros. It is estimated that Indian underwear industry is worth INR 9700 crore currently and is expected to grow at 19 percent annually.

Lingerie has become an important aspect of a woman's clothing today. It is projected that she can look great if she uses right lingerie, giving the oomph factor to her thoughtful figure and making her confidence in her looks and body structure. Underwear has progressed from being an undergarment to something that can be used to make a style statement. From being a basic undergarment, lingerie has progressed into the indulgence attire.

Lingerie market is growing at a steady pace in the recent years as customers get wide choices to look best. For working women, lingerie needs to be functional in addition to being fashionable.

Online platforms have really widened the scope and reach of lingerie products in India. It has opened up tremendous opportunities for lingerie manufactures to try new products to customers. As per recent estimates, over 60 million women in India use the internet to make purchases for their day-to-day life needs. Thus, online platforms offer an exciting opportunity to sell quality and fashionable lingerie to women and to equal or more number of men in India currently.

Why women prefer buying lingerie online?

Increasingly women buy lingerie online for some of the factors like convenience, choice and privacy. The privacy factor and choosing their own type of lingerie from the convenience of desktop or mobile makes online purchase all the more attractive. More than anything, privacy is the major 'pull factor' for women to go online for buying their lingerie.

In addition to lingerie, there is a steep rise in swimwear, shape wear, trim wear etc.,

Sexy Lingerie

Sexy lingerie compliments every woman's power to seduce her man. It helps women with even the most ordinary body to look sexy. Sexy lingerie not only enhances the sexual appeal of a woman, it also makes her more confident on her own skin. Sexy lingerie comes in various materials, sizes, design patterns and comfort levels to make woman feel more intimate and luxurious with their lingerie.

Sexy lingerie can be worn inside on a date or use it to spice up sex life. Lingerie will boost the confidence and make woman love her body. This will help woman make right moves and her date or husband is sure to fall for them. After all, sexy lingerie is meant to make your nights all the more fun and exciting.

Types of Sexy Lingerie

There are various types of sexy lingerie available in the market. Some of the most popular categories are given below.

BABYDOLL - Babydolls is essentially a sleeveless night dress that allows you to showcase your natural body shape and bulging assets nicely. It is a one-piece or a two-piece inner wear that comes with a lace. Babydolls don't cover your legs and allow you to expose your shapely legs to enhance your overall sexy appeal.

CORSET - When you want to achieve a hour glass figure or want to show your assets a bit more, then corsets of bustiers are the safe bet. They wrap around your body from bust line to the hips in such a way that your body will look in perfect shape that every man would fall for. Corset gives you a firm fit and gives you a perfect feminine shape. It comes without shoulder straps and are ideal for honeymoon and romantic dates.

CHEMISE - This is similar to a baby doll in some ways. This comes with a thin shoulder strap that can hold it from top and has a curvy top to hold onto woman's bosoms. It covers bosoms and flows down little over the thigh. It allows the woman to expose her shapely legs, sleeves and bulging assets.

TEDDY- Teddies are a naughtier version of swimsuits worn by western women on the beach. It is best suited for those women who have a shapely and curvy body. It combines bra and panties and works as a single undergarment to cover the top and bottom assets of a woman.Teddyis preferable for those who prefer to look seductively sexy.

STOCKINGS - This clasps the skin around the legs tightly with a net yet makes the entire leg visible; making the wearer looks sexy and seductive. It is meant for those who have toned and shapely legs. Stockings are downright sexy and can be used by women who are keen to seduce her man.

EDIBLE LINGERIE - It is a fantastic innovation that allows something to be used as lingerie, yet can also double up as candy. Edible lingeries combine the love for teasing and lingeries into one hot product. Candy bras, G-strings and crotch panties are some of the edible lingeries that can also serve as post-coital desserts.

ROLE PLAY COSTUMES - For those love-bitten couples, who have the audacity to bring fantasies to life? Everybody has some kind of fantasy, it could be about pinning down the receptionist or getting hooked to the hot nurse as a doctor etc., you can live your fantasies with role play costumes. This lingerie allows you to break the boredom and allow you to experiment and bring in a fresh excitement and fun back into your bedroom.

Fantasy Lingerie

Fantasy lingerie is an emerging category that is promising. Despite the fact that Indian women tend to be more conservative than their western counterparts, Indian women has shown a liking for fantasy lingerie.

It is normal for couples to feel boredom after few years of togetherness as their bedroom routines becomes monotonous. The intensity and heat of sexual fulfillment begins to douse, soon one partner may show signs of lack of interest and that will affect the other one too. To reignite the passion and to set the tone for an exciting time again, couples across the world are choosing fantasy lingerie. This allows them to see each other in a fresh light and thus be able to attract each other for a passionate indulgence.

People like to browse fantasy lingerie without the fear of running into someone they know. This is best done from the comfort of their own homes. Many people prefer that these products come packaged very discreetly in couriers.

Secondly, shopping online bypasses any unpleasantness or discomfort one would witness in stores. Online, there is no need to have an uncomfortable conversation with the sales staff (men) while you choose a particularly erotic piece of lingerie.

A recent research also showed that men, who otherwise feel uneasy about venturing into a lingerie store, can now easily buy products for their partners online. A discreet delivery service which online e-tailers offer is the key to success in this market.

Lingerie for Different Body Types

When you want to have sexy lingerie just for seduction or bedroom fun, then you need to choose a lingerie type in which you can look really good. For which you need to be aware of your body type and then choose your lingerie accordingly. As there are several types of lingerie available, you can choose the one that can go well for your body and you need not try what's looking good for others. We provide you a basic guideline and you can choose as per your comfort level and personal preferences.

Body Shape Description Suitable Lingerie Type

Pear Shaped Small top and a bigger bottom Chemise, baby dolls or robes.
similar to a pear

Reverse Pear Wider upper body but small Camisoles, cami sets or bustier

Lower portion

Hour glass Proportionately equal top and Any lingerie

Bottom portions

You can also use specific lingerie to camouflage specific body portions that can be problematic. Not everyone is blessed with a hour glass figure similar to what we find in movie stars and television actors or models. If we can get some kind of a lingerie that can provide a little masking, then it is no harm and it is wise to use them appropriately to present yourself better to your partner.

  1. If you have big hips, then you can choose lingerie that are loose on hips such as chemises, babydolls, or robes.

  2. When you are not comfortable with your bulging buttocks, then you can choose a lingerie that can cover it up well including long gowns, cami sets or chemises.

  3. When you don't have a flat stomach or bothered with a little flabby stomach, then baby dolls can make you attractive.

In addition to choosing lingerie according to your body type and size, you can choose the one that fits your personality too. Choose the one that makes you feel confident about yourself and makes you feel sexy. There is no guideline, it is as simple as choosing something that you think goes well on your body and allows you to be comfortable on your own skin.

Do you want to project yourself

More Feminine?




Just about anything that you choose to be. You can choose the type of lingerie that reflects your personality type and then wear it, so that your partner can show instant liking towards it.

Tips to taking care of your lingerie

After choosing the perfect lingerie with various considerations, it is important t know how to take good care of your lingerie. As they are made of soft fabric, care should be taken while washing or handling your delicate fabric.

  1. Never dump your lingerie into the washing machine along with your other clothes, as washing machines could spoil the fabric of your lingerie.

  2. Wash it by hand using a mild soap in warm water. This is the best way to give a long life to your delicate undergarment

  3. Never use a hard soap as it might affect the fabric

  4. Don't use hot water as it will result in fabric getting shrunk and lose its original shape

  5. Don’t squeeze it too hard to drain the water out. Don’t apply pressure and twist it with both hands. Just a mild squeezing is enough and recommended

  6. Don't dry it in direct sunlight. Allow it to dry under shade.

  7. Do not iron using normal heat. Press using low heat.