The Pull Out Method is a Gamble

The Pull Out Method is a Gamble

It is common for men to entice women by saying that they can ‘pull out’ just in time to ensure that they can enjoy sex without having to worry about conception. Practically, it doesn’t work always well.

Removing the organ just before ejaculation  (Coitus interruptus) with a lightning precision is not always possible for all men, irrespective of their fitness and agility.

Further, it can leave the women worried during sex and men too have to be conscious enough during the intercourse, which can practically take the fun out of sex and it is sure will not get intimate and passionate enough. Sex is all about enjoying the peak excitement and sex is nothing without being able to enjoy a perfect climax.

In most cases, having an unprotected sex leaves women worried entirely during the intercourse. She is worried about pregnancy, despite your abilities to pull out perfectly every time.

Further, in case of a slip-up, it leaves women even more worried as she had to face the consequences and go for an emergency pill.

We need to consider whether pulling out is safe and can it prevent both partners from getting sexually transmitted diseases?

Certainly pulling out is unsafe and chances of infections are very high. If you have not tried pulling out method, it is natural for you to consider that you have perfect control and you will be able to pull it out just at the nick of time. But you cannot get it perfectly done every time. Instead, using the condom is much more prudent and safe way to enjoy a fulfilling and safe sex.

A Condom is the blessing in disguise which can help you both enjoy a satisfying sex every time. Further, there is no better way to protect you from Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) than using condoms. You might be a pull-out specialist, still, before you time your pull out, you would have already transferred a lot of seminal and bodily fluids into her and this increases the potential risk of contracting STIs.

Why do you want to take chance, when you have an exciting option that is absolutely safe?

When you both get turned on, going for a condom is the safe bet and it is what intelligent couples across the world go by. Pull out method could make your excitement fizzle out and make the whole ordeal a painful one if it fails.

A global survey indicates that the pull-out method is one of the unsafe birth control methods and the failure rate is nearly 30%. Which means, practically you could fail 1 in 3 attempts. And it is the same with all those who claim to have outstanding control over their joy stick.

If you delay by a milli-second, you can see millions of sperms flushing out of your organ and rushing in towards her egg.

When the failure rate is so high, why do you want to gamble with a pull-out and why can’t you go for a condom which can give you 100% safety and enjoy sex comfortably. Get habituated to condom and enjoy safe sex every time.

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