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Invigra is enjoying its growing presence in the Indian sexual wellness market. Invigra is a brand devoted to dealing with sex and the problems that come with it. Whether it is an STD, lack of stamina or difficulty in performance, Invigra has the answers to it all.

Invigra brand has three exciting product range;

- Condoms

- Energy Boosters

- Delay Spray

To cater to the needs of wide range of customer, Invigra condoms come in 8 delectable variants and one spicy mixture of all for those who love to experiment. For those who are eager to make out with an exciting flavor, Invigra has strawberry, alphonso and chocolate flavoured condoms in its portfolio. The sweet smelling Alphonso flavor is an exciting variant as not many condom brand in India has this flavor in their lineup.

Invigra Feather Touch is an Ultra Thin condom that is meant for those passionate couples who don't want anything between them, yet they want that uncompromising safety. Invigra Cool Blue is a special variant that allows couples to enjoy a blue shaded condom, other than the mundane pink flavor. Invigra Max Pleasure is a multi textured condom which is meant for those pleasure-seeking couples who crave for higher level of stimulation and an exploding climax.

Invigra condoms are made using high quality latex and each condom is thoroughly checked to ensure safety is never compromised and couples can indulge in their love making without any worries about conception.

Invigra T is a nutritional food supplement that boosts strength, stamina and energy not just for those special nights but otherwise too. The food supplement provides much needed energy to couples who would love to prolong their performance and enjoy a stimulating sex life.

Invigra delay spray or ‘Macho’ as we like to call it, is a Lidocaine spray that is meant to ‘delay’ or prolong your climax. When couples Try Invigra T and Macho together, they can have an extended celebration time akin to experiencing Christmas, Easter and New Year coming together on the same day. Couples can be sure of heightened pleasure and thorough enjoyment. Macho is ideal for those who want to provide a macho finish to their sweet heart.

Invigra has plans to add more products that can help couples get habituated to safe and pleasurable sexual experience in their life.

What's the fun when sex is not safe?

How can you enjoy thoroughly when fear of conception is back on your mind?

Invigra has plans in place to bring in more variants that can make sex a celebration and not just a nature's call.

Invigra has plans to conduct sexual education and sex awareness programs for the benefit of masses. The campaign will also insist on using condoms for safe sex. Further, the program will communicate that there is nothing wrong to discuss about sexual problems and one can get immediate remedy by going for a professional consultation and treatment.

Invigra T can help people overcome general physical weakness and problems in weak sexual energy.

Price List of Invigra Condoms

Sizes of Invigra Condoms

Types of Invigra Condoms