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Ever heard of a re-energized condom?

Most probably No! Right?

Crott Condom is the first Re-energized dotted condom that is being introduced in India. The condom is uniquely designed to give maximum pleasure to both partners simultaneously. The condom comes with tiny dots on both sides of the condom helping even the wearer get tingling sensation during intimacy as the protruding dots will rub on the outer skin of the erect male organ. This particular feature is not found in any other condom that is available in the Indian market.

To ensure couple enjoy highly pleasurable and aromatic love making, Crott condoms come in 4 invigorating flavours such as Wine, Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate. In addition to it, there is a regular flavor for those who are not bothered about any flavor. Flavoured condoms help couples get to a pleasant mood and which can set the tone for an exploding climax.

Crott Healthcare's main motto is to provide you the pleasure in the best possible way. Sex is an essential part of Human life, Crott Condoms are specially designed to taste the true pleasure during sex, all our condoms are made of finest quality raw materials. Crott condoms support protected and hygienic sex which helps to prevent the infectious diseases like AIDS and other viruses to transmit between two bodies.

The condom is unique in many ways. The condom can be used for pleasurable sex without compromise. The following are some of the salient features of Crott Condoms

Creatively Designed - The condom comes with a unique design which is not currently available with any other condom. The condom has dots on both sides allowing both partners to experience tingling sensation during the love making.

Extra Clean and Perfect - Crott condoms are made using high quality latex and it comes to you as an extra clean

Unquestionable Strength - Made using premium latex condom has grapheme-inspired dots on its outer and inner skin to ensure it remains strong.

Sensation - The condom has protruding inner structure which ensured there is a very minimal slippage during love making and there is maximum sensitivity as the inner structure provides a tingling sensation by rubbing against the tip of the male organ.

Intimacy - The ultra-thin skin structure of the condom ensures the wearer is comfortable during the act and he can feel near natural physical intimacy without compromising on the safety aspect.

Fresh and Clean Scent - The condom comes in 5 exotic flavours namely wine, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and regular. So, you can choose a flavor that you both enjoy.

Great Value for Money - The condom can ensure highly pleasurable sex for both partners without compromising on the safety aspect.

Each condom is thoroughly tested for strength, quality and durability using most sophisticated testing equipment. Crott condoms are recently launched and the product has tremendous potential to become a hugely successful brand with PAN India presence in the near future. Crott condoms can be ordered online and can get it delivered to your home in discreet packaging.

Price List of Crott Condoms

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Types of Crott Condoms