Durex Intense Vibe Ring for pulsating pleasure for both | Compatible with condoms & lubes

Durex Intense Vibe Ring for pulsating pleasure for both | Compatible with condoms & lubes

Durex Jeans Condoms

Durex Jeans Condoms

Durex Kohinoor Silky Chocolate Condoms - 10's Pack

Durex Kohinoor Silky Chocolate Condoms - 10's Pack

Durex Intense Vibe Ring for pulsating pleasure for both | Compatible with condoms & lubes

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Durex Intense Vibe Ring for pulsating pleasure for both - Product Description :

What is a Play Vibration Ring and how it works? | Durex Play Vibrating ring - Features and Benefits | How to use Durex Play Vibration Ring?Durex Play vibration Ring - Frequently Asked Questions :

When you are looking to bring in fresh perspective and newer experiences to your sex life, then trying Durex Intense Vibe Ring can do a world of good. Vibrating rings can provide a new and exciting alternative to add more excitement into your everyday sex.

These rings are designed to provide equal pleasure for both partners. In simpler terms, you can experience exhilarating pleasure, while she can get pleasure through prolonged clitoral stimulation.

The intensity of passion will often dip in long term relationships and there would be reduction in the sensuality that experienced at the start of the relationship. Adding a variety can reignite their enthusiasm and keep them going with renewed intensity and passion. Can you believe that you can bring back your lost passion with a ring that is widely used by loving couples world over.

Durex Intense Vibe Ring can help couples regain their lost intensity and indulge with passion. Rather than indulging for the sake of it, Vibration ring can give them a chance to experiment a lot during their foreplay, thus experience increased arousal levels.

Having sex at different places greatly adds spice to the sex life of every couple and vibration ring can provide an opportunity to enjoy quivering pleasure at places like dining table, kitchen tops, sofa, bathroom, garden, swimming pool, bathroom and on open terrace.

The ring can rekindle the sexual zing by allowing partners to experiment with ring at varied locations as it can give outstanding pleasure for both partners. The ring also allows you to try different positions as it can give clitoral stimulation

What is a Intense Vibe Ring and how it works?

A vibration ring is a small device that can be worn at the tip of the erect penis or can be worn around the balls. It can give satisfying and quivering pleasure for 20 minutes to both you and her.

The ring can be used directly on your organ or can be used over a condom or can be used along with a personal gel. While you can enjoy quivering pleasure, she can get loads of pleasure through clitoral stimulation. It can also be used on other parts of body to experience vibration.

Designed for giving and receiving pleasure :

The Durex Intense Vibe Ring is designed to be placed at the base of the penis and stroke clitoris during intercourse. Made using skin-safe materials, it can be used to explore all over the body for experiencing quivering pleasure.

Try at sensitive parts of her body and allow her to experience sheer pleasure. You can place the ring over her nipple, navel and other parts of her body that can allow her to experience heightened pleasure using your hand or your penis.

Deep and Enjoyable Sensation :

The ring provides unbridled fun and pulsating sensation for upto 20 minutes. So, plan your time during your foreplay for some quivering fun and play around till you both feel penetration-ready. In most occasions she may not stand even for few minutes as the quivering pleasure would be too much for her to handle.

Quiet and Water Proof :

Many vibrating rings available in the market can produce irritating noise playing a spoil sport to your mood and passion. It can even drain your sexual energy making you to completely avoid it. Durex Intense Vibe Ring is completely water-proof and doesn't produce any noise. It can be used to enjoy during bath or fun under the shower or togetherness in bath tub. The ring operates quietly that you both can only experience sensual pleasure and not irritating sound.

Durex Intense Vibe Ring - Features and Benefits :

  • Durex Intense Vibe Ring is water proof. Meaning, it can be used even in wash room or under a shower or over a bath tub.
  • It is battery operated and easy to switch on and off. When you feel vibrations are too much to handle, you can switch it off instantly and carry on with your intimacy.
  • It is a simple ring, which is easy to wear and experience outstanding pleasure.
  • It provides quivering pleasure for both partners at the same time.
  • It can provide 20 minutes of pulsating pleasure for both partners
  • It allows partners to enjoy during foreplay for teasing and experiment it by placing across several portions over the body.
  • It offers a great variety to your otherwise monotonous physical intimacy
  • It can be used with or without a condom. When you are using with condom, you have make sure that condom is put on first and then use vibration ring over it.
  • To further enhance the experience, vibrating ring is better used with a small amount of lubricant.
  • It can be used with pleasure gels or comfort gels to enhance the quality of sensation.

How to use Durex Intense Vibe Ring?

  • Take the ring out of the pack.

  • Slide it to the base of your penis. You can wear it on your shaft or around your testis.

  •  Turn on the vibration by pressing the button when you are ready to use.

  • Experience quivering pleasure.

Precautions :

This product is for adults only and it is not a contraceptive. To have a safe sex, you can use this over a condom.

Durex Intense Vibe Ring - Frequently Asked Questions :

Is Durex Intense Vibe Ring recommended by doctors? Is there any side effect?

Doctors will not recommend this as it is meant for giving and receiving extra pleasure. There is no side effect except that you will make using vibrating ring a habit and normal course of action will cease to excite you.

Can I change the battery of Durex Play Vibration Ring myself, if required?

Yes, you can change the battery. You can buy batteries from normal shops and change it yourself.

Is it safe to use Durex Play Vibration Ring?

Yes. It is absolutely safe. Nothing to worry.

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