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Before going further, let us see what is a chemise? It is a sleeveless and short slip garment that hands from the shoulders and fits loosely along the waist. Technically, a chemise is something that is simple and easy to wear. It comes with a matching bikini or thong. It is designed in such a way to allow the wearer to look beautiful, elegant, casual and yet very sexy. It allows women to flaunt their assets without showing too much of it. Today, a chemise comes in a plethora of different ways, styles and finishes.

Origin of Chemise Lingerie

The existence of Chemise dates back to 18th century when women of those days wore it as a smock under the clothes. It was used by women to keep sweat and body oils from staining the outer garments.

It came into existence from the Roman tunica in the medieval times. In the European Middle Ages chemise was popular in both men and women. Women wore chemises as shirts beneath their gowns while the men wore chemises with their trousers and covered them with doublets or robes. Today only women wear a chemise almost always as a part of her lingerie ensemble.

In earlier days chemises were mostly stitched at home and worn by women of that particular family. There was nothing fashionable at it. Gradually, stores began to sell readymade chemises in various designs and styles to ensure it made its way into every woman’s wardrobe.

Utilities of Chemise Lingerie

  • Chemises are used interchangeably as both inner wear and as simple sleepwear.
  • Chemises are worn by women today who love the beauty of sexy lingerie. So, it allows women to make fashion statements down under
  • Varieties
  • Chemises are available in different styles, designs, colours and finishes.
  • Chemises today are available in fabrics such as cotton, silk and satin.
  • Some chemises are made of crushed velvet, silk, satin, lace, and mesh.
  • Chemises are available in various lengths from thigh to knee to ankle. So, you can choose the length that is right for you
  • The simple sexy crushed velvet chemise is a classic with its soft texture and seductively flair.
  • Silk and satin chemises are soft and sensual and can be found with a combination of other materials lace, mesh, embroidery or sequins. Coupled with various colors, these designs strive to create a chemise, which is the perfect wear for an intimate night.

Appeal of Chemise Lingerie

Chemise remains popular even after 300 years after it was introduced into the lingerie and clothing scenario. It makes a lovely prelude to every love scene. There are numerous international brands available today of different varieties and feel. Chemises have evolved from being a simple garment into becoming an important aspect of women lingerie that makes a woman feel sexy and beautiful. The repeated portrayal of women in chemise has given it a romantic and sexy lingerie image. Particularly chemises are shown to be worn by heroines, which gave it an elegant and sexy lingerie image.

Since a woman’s love for beauty and luxury will never go out of fashion, chemises will always remain in fashion and continue to inspire women to try chemises.

Ten reasons to wear Chemises

There are more reasons to choose a chemise. But we give below ten reasons for women to choose a chemise as a lingerie and sleep wear.

  • Chemises make you feel glamorous

A silk or satin chemise will make you instantly look chic and beautiful. The sleeveless and crisp design will allow you to showcase your shapely body in the most elegant and sexy ways possible without giving a slutty look. You will feel good about your body and your overall personality when you slip into a chemise. 

  • Chemises can make your business-wear more feminine and comfortable

Wearing a luxurious slip under your business wear can make you feel ultra-comfortable and feminine as well. You can keep this sexy slip as your sexy little secret under your business wear or allow a delicate lacy trim peek out over the top of your business attire only to gain more attention. 

  • Chemises are more of a shape wear

When you happen to wear a tight-fitting outer wear, it can make your skin look bulged at some portion. But wearing a slip underneath can improve your structure better. A slip can prevent from making your panty line, bra strip visible, but also allows your clothes to hang better allowing the fabric flow gracefully and comfortably. 

  • Chemises keep you warm in winter and cool in summer

Wearing a chemise underneath your dress gives an extra layer during winter making you feel warm and comfortable. Being made in a light-weight and luxurious fabric, it gently gets draped along the contours of your body allowing you to feel cool (not sticky or sweaty) no matter how hot it gets outside. 

  • Chemises prevent your assets from bulging over your skirts or long dresses

When you wear a chemise underneath long dresses or full skirt, it prevents your assets from protruding leading to unnecessary attention. Chemises make your assets get necessary cover and doesn’t protrude over your soft long outer wear. 

  • Chemises are great if you have a curvy body

Chemises are designed to glow over your body and flatten your curves, giving you achieve a sexy and elegant look effortlessly. Choosing a right chemise will allow you to make the most of your bust as the rest of the fabric skims your body creating a soft and romantic body silhouette. 

  • Chemises are great for shy women

Cute chemises come with bows and tantalizing lace patterns which allows others to see your body without having anything clinging to it. Your partner can see the beauty and shape of your body but without anything too revealing. 

  • Chemises work perfectly as great night wear

In addition to allowing the wearer to look elegant and sexy, chemises are soft and make up as the best night wear as it is most comfortable to sleep into. It makes a woman feel comfortable as if she is not wearing anything in bed. 

  • Chemises can also be worn as an outerwear

There are special varieties of chemises which are designed to be worn as outer wear. The beauty is it can also be worn as a night wear interchangeably. It can give you a barely-there look without exposing your bra straps or panty line. 

  • Chemises are great for seduction

Needless to say, when you want to surprise your partner or your tinder date, nothing can work better than a sexy chemise. It certainly adds great value to your natural power of seduction.

How to choose the right chemise for you?

If you are still wearing an outdated petticoat, then it is time for you to rethink and decide on buying a chemise or slip, which is making its fashion comeback as a vintage lingerie. Take a quick guide as to what type of chemise to choose for various occasions and individual preferences.

  • When you are ready for a close-up action and impress your partner, then you can choose a satin chemise that is stitched to your body size, neither too big nor too tight.
  • When you just want a comfortable night wear, then a simple cotton or satin chemise could do the trick for you. You can sure enjoy a good night sleep without any discomfort or irritation as you can find a satin chemise very comfortable on your skin.
  • When you want to spice up your sex life or want to gain more attention from your partner, then choose a chemise with large V-neckline that allows you to expose your cleavage can be the best choice.
  • When your professional life demands long hours in office, then you can choose a slip chemise that is not only makes you feel comfortable all day long, but allows your dress to skim your body and make your dress looks better on you. A good chemise can work as a perfect shape wear.
  • When you are looking to gift a chemise to a newly married bride or to your friend, then choosing a well designed satin chemise would be the right choice.
  • When you want to treat yourself and enjoy a special occasion like an anniversary with your partner, then choosing a sexy designed chemise in luxury satin or velvet would be the right choice.
  • When you want to spark your romantic streak in the bedroom, then you can choose a chemise made using delicate and transparent fabric with revealing cuts that will allow you to flaunt your curves as you roll and slip under the sheets. You can be sure of sensual night when you get into the play with a sexy chemise.
  • Best of all, if you are looking to impress that special someone, then a sexy satin chemise and a perfect panty duo can set the tone for an impressive approach and can allow you to work out your seduction plans successfully.
  • If you’re looking to impress that special someone, or just to feel good for yourself, then a satin chemise and lingerie duo is the perfect way to boost your confidence!

Still not sure which chemise to choose?

Then you can try any chemise of your choice.

Keep experimenting until you are comfortable with wearing a chemise.

One thing for sure. You can feel comfortable and confident in a chemise.