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What is Sexual Wellness and why it is important to maintain it?

Sex is an integral part of our life. It is proven beyond doubt that regular and healthy sex makes a person healthy, active and mentally alert. In a way quality of sexual health determines the physical and mental health of an individual. So, sexual wellness is paramount to physical and mental wellbeing of all men and women.

Remember, sex is not just a physical act. Your sexual health is not dependent on the different positions that you adopt or how long can you last in the bed or your ability to give orgasm to your woman. Sex has a deeper connection with your mind and body. Sexual wellness is all about approaching sex and sexual relationships in a positive and respectful way. It is about consciously orienting yourself to have pleasurable and safe sexual experiences, free from coercion and guilt. Sexual wellness has direct bearing on the physical, emotional, cultural and social aspects of wellness.

In short, sexual wellness can be defined as your ability to enjoy sex without any restriction and confidence to express your sexuality without any inhibition. Sexual wellness calls for a positive approach to human sexuality and maintaining healthy sexual behavior. It is also about the expression of sexuality in ways that are comfortable to both partners. Needless to say, unhealthy sexual well being may lead to offensive or unaccepted sexual behaviours which put people at risk or make them vulnerable to exploitation, coercion, sexual and reproductive ill-health.

When someone's sexual health is sound, he or she may approach sex with positive frame of mind and express his/her desire in acceptable ways and make advances that may lead to safe and mutually pleasurable experiences. There will only be positive and happy outcomes. It also ensures our ability to reproduce.

So, sexual wellness is an important aspect of our life. So, let us see ways to enhance our sexual wellness and make our sex life remain in sound health.

How to increase sexual wellness?

Sexual wellness can be improved through conscious efforts. We give below 14 tips to increase your overall sexual wellness.

1. Being comfortable with your own body and feeling good about yourself

Sexual wellness in many cases is a state of mind and body that allows one to explore sex and enjoy sex in his/her own terms. In essence it is about being comfortable in our own skin, with your partner and actions that you do on the bed. Being sexually healthy and active involves interplay of physical, emotional, social, psychological and interpersonal elements. You need to approach sex with a positive mindset and work. You thoroughly know about your body and what stimulates you and what can make you happy in bed. You need to be aware of how you want to be touched and what triggers your arousal levels. Don’t feel shy about what you fantasize. Guilt has no place in bed and there is nothing right or wrong in your sexual choices. Only thing is that your partner should be comfortable. When you are clear about type of sex you prefer, you can have an enjoyable sex life and your overall sexual health is sure to improve.

2. Expand your views on sexuality

Sexuality encapsulates regular sexual habits, sexual expressions and sexual desires that a person has. Everyone has their own set of preferences and requirements to enjoy a fulfilling sex. You need to approach sex with a positive mind and begin to explore more ways to enjoy sex. If 'sex is sin' is deep rooted in your mind, it needs to be cleared and you should approach sex with an aim to derive physical pleasure.

According to experts,

  • You should not feel shy about touching yourself and knowing what feels good for you.
  • Masturbation is good and you need to masturbate as and when you can to enjoy physical pleasure. Fantasizing during masturbation is accepted.
  • Discuss with your partner openly about sex, fantasies and preferences that could add value to your sex life.

3. Take care of your body

Taking good care of your body is very vital to maintaining your overall sexual wellbeing. How you look and how you feel about you play a vital role in shaping your sexual well being. Looking good often translates into feeling good, which in turn can boost your self confidence and your self esteem. This can have tremendous effect on your ability to achieve sexual satisfaction.

4. Eat healthy vitamins to keep your sexual health intact

There are certain vitamins that can boost our sex life, which include:

  • Vitamin C - Increases blood flow by opening up arteries and ensures strong, hard and sustained erection. Citrus fruits, strawberries and potatoes are rich sources of vitamin C.
  • Vitamin B12 - This increases strength of nerves and blood cells. It boosts sperm production and male fertility.
  • Vitamin B3 - This vitamin helps in secretion of sex hormones and improves blood circulation, which is essential during sex.
  • Vitamin B9 or Folic Acid - This strengthens sperms and adds value to make fertility.

There are several fruits that are known to enhance sexual wellness. Chief among them is banana. When you can have banana regularly, it can help you maintain your sexual wellness intact.

5. Indulge in Physical Activity and get fit

Physical activities enhance the overall sexual health, particularly cardiovascular and strength training exercises. Strength training exercises boost your testosterone levels while cardio exercises boost your heart pumping allowing you to get rid of blockages in your arteries that hinder proper blood flow. These can result in enjoying better and stronger erections and allows you to perform longer in bed. You can also jog or walk to begin with. Indulge in any physical activity that you can enjoy doing it. It can either be hitting your gym regularly or playing your favourite sport or doing some cardio workouts regularly.

6. Acknowledge and address sexual problems

Occasionally if you have difficulty in getting or maintaining an erection, ejaculate too early or difficulty in getting an orgasm or reduced libido… there is nothing to worry about. There are millions who are affected by erectile dysfunction. Sexual problems are common and you need to acknowledge it and see professional help. Not accepting it could lead to serious complications and affect your sexual health in a big way.

7. Don't be ashamed, seek help

When you experience something unusual in your performance, there is nothing to feel ashamed about it. There are numerous professionals available to help you clear your physical, psychological, mental or other blocks that might be impacting your usual performance levels.
Sexual wellness therapists can provide sex therapy for individuals and couples to clear sexual disorders that are physical or emotional or both. So that you can get back your bedroom rhythm.

8. Keep stress away

Stress can cause havoc to our sexual health. Stress is the prime reason behind hormonal imbalances, exhaustion, erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual desire and much more. When you allow sex to take control of your body system, it will completely ruin your health condition. Stress needs to be addressed as early as possible. Stress can be addressed through meditation, taking breaks at required intervals and enjoying life as we move along. Through conscious efforts you can stay away from stressful situations.

Stress when not addressed early and properly, can become chronic leading to depression and can seriously affect sexual health even permanently.

9. Sleep enough

If you are sleep deprived, your sexual health will get a beating. You need to make it a habit to sleep 6 to 8 hours every day. Sleep helps your body to repair cells and tissues while keeping your testosterone levels at its peak.
Develop a sleeping routine and go to bed exactly at the right time every single day. A good sleep will help you get a good sexual mood naturally.

10. Have sex regularly

Use it or lose it - You might have heard about it. But it is true. Having sex regularly can help improve your virility. Having regular sex also helps in lowering blood pressure, makes you look younger and prolong life span and much more. Sex can also help people lose weight, get relief from pain and common flu. So, make it a point to indulge in the act of love with your partner on a regular basis.

Quality sex also can strengthen the relationship and help couples stay bonded for a longer time. One trick to have sex regularly at the same frequency is the add variety and make it interesting for both partners to indulge with excitement. Use whatever is comfortable to both of you, use sex toys, new condom variants, role play garments, sexy lingerie or just about anything that can kill the monotony and infuse fresh energy into your bedroom is fine.

11. Schedule Sex

The idea of scheduling sex may be uncomfortable to many for a variety of reasons. Some people may find it mechanical. Some may argue scheduling kills the spontaneity which is essential to have satisfying sex. But scheduling sex is the best way to engage yourself in the act compulsorily and over time, it may soon become something that both of look forward to. The more you do it, scheduling becomes more frequent and more you can enjoy. It helps you create a space for sex compulsorily amidst your busy life.

12. Create desire, don’t wait for it

Don’t always wait for the desire to ping you and then you start to touch your partner. Rather, create desire by beginning to touch each other, kiss each other and relaxing together can surely open up intense desires leading to satisfying sex. Sometimes it is normal to remain without sexual desire even for a few days or even few weeks. But it is also normal if you create desire and do it. The point is you don't have to wait for the desire, rather create it.

13. Take good care of yourself

When you feel any pain, or discomfort or emotional drain, visit a doctor and clear your ailments. Eat healthy and exercise regularly to keep yourself fit. Also groom yourself well and dress up to feel good about yourself. Do whatever you like that can make you feel good about yourself. Go for a swim or a long drive or a long walk, climb a mountain or go bungee jumping… do whatever that can make you feel good about yourself. That feeling can boost your self esteem and make you look attractive to your partner and this is vital for enjoying a healthy sex life. Physical wellness is essential to achieve sexual wellness. So, take good care of yourself as much as you can.

14. Communicate Openly

Feel free to communicate with your partner about your needs and what makes your comfortable in bed. You can be open about positions that you like and foreplays that you enjoy most. You can also express what can give you a good arousal and things that you want her to change or avoid. When you do something that irritates your partner, the outcomes are surely not going to be pleasant and this might affect your performance in bed. When you understand each other and do what excites each other then sex becomes enjoyable and you begin to feel happy towards each other. And this helps you fall for one another and thus your sexual frequency increases leading to happiness and enhanced sexual wellness. Talk more and understand each other better.

Products for Sexual Well being

Delay sprays

Delay spray, as the name indicates, is used to delay the ejaculation time and allow couples to indulge in penetrative intimacy for longer than usual time. Delay spray is a blessing in disguise for men suffering from premature ejaculation as it helps such men to prolong their coital time genuinely. They just have to spray it over the tip of their organ and wait for 5 minutes for the liquid to get absorbed on their skin. Then they are ready for the banging. An average delay spray can help such men to prolong as much as 10 times their usual time. This means, they can fully satisfy their partner and give her multiple orgasms as they can last long, really long. Delay spray are also useful for couples who are averse to condoms or simply don't like using condoms.

For such couples, delay spray can help in enjoying a prolonged intimacy. As men are able to last really long, they have the liberty to try various positions and try few variations to experience a fulfilling sex, which may not be possible under normal circumstances. Delay spray provides guaranteed results. There is no need to worry whether it will really work. Delay sprays come with 10% lidocaine, a chemical compound that is widely used in almost all brands of delay sprays available in the market. The Lidocaine desensitizes the tip of the penis allowing men to perform longer than usual time. The liquid is colourless and tasteless that women won't find difference if they indulge in oral. Only caution is that men should refrain from over spraying under the guise that more spray will allow them to last longer. It is wrong. Over spraying can be harmful and it can make your organ numb requiring immediate medical attention. In a nutshell, delay sprays are known to help couples experience exhilarating pleasure of indulging in prolonged coital time and experiencing an explosive orgasm in the end. We have a wide range of delay sprays to choose from:

Personal Lubricants

Dryness has no place in physical intimacy. It is the wetness that makes everything interesting under the sheet. Needless to elaborate, wetness is also indication that your body is ready for the physical intimacy and your body is thoroughly aroused. Personal lubricants are meant to make your penetrative ordeal a smooth and gliding one and she may not feel even the slightest discomfort that you can indulge in penetrative sex at the level of intensity you want and she would thorough enjoy your thrusts and experience heightened orgasm. Personal lubricants come in different flavours too. Personal Lubricants can be used directly over the organ or over the condom to make penetrative sex a highly pleasurable one as it can make the to and fro movements quite easy and without any hassle. It can get silky smooth and you can move your organ in and out effortlessly.

But personal lubricants are in no way will reduce the sensation and you won't find any less pleasure when you have applied a lubricant. Lubricants can also be used in foreplays, such as, it can be used all over her body and it is absolutely safe it a portion of it gets into your mouth. It can also be used in oral as it is safe. Personal lubricants are very helpful for young women during the first few times of sex, as it tend to become painful. It is also ideal for women who experience vaginal dryness, which can make physical intimacy a painful ordeal. For such women, personal lubricants can help them enjoy physical intimacy to a great level. Though personal lubricants have no role in preventing pregnancy or STDs, it can best be used with a condom to experience heightened pleasure without compromising safety. To make your physical intimacy take the silk route, we have provided a range of products to choose from:

Non-steroidal contraceptive pill

Pregnancy need not be suitable for women at all stages of life. In most cases, an unwanted pregnancy can derail your life making it a physically and emotionally draining experience. There may be a situation that you may not be physically or emotionally ready for a pregnancy and that is when you may require non-steroidal contraceptive pills. These pills can allow you to prevent unwanted pregnancy and all you can do is to consume the pill as prescribed. The contraceptive comes as a blessing in disguise for those women who want to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Most couples become pregnant within the first month of their marriage as they are not aware of contraceptives, particularly the oral contraceptives, which is almost an effortless way to keep pregnancy at bay. Oral non-steroidal contraceptive is very effective and reversible. It is a boon for women who want to delay pregnancy or provide sufficient space for the next child. By reversible, we mean that she may be able to become pregnant after stopping the consumption of tablet.

At any cost, you should not take the tablets without consulting your gynaecologist. You need to follow a strict discipline with regard to consumption of the contraceptive to get desired results. You have to start the course only after consulting your gynaecologist. Oral contraceptives are hormonal preparations that may contain combinations of the hormones estrogen and progestin or progestin alone. Combinations of estrogen and progestin work by preventing ovulation (release of eggs from the ovaries). A woman cannot become pregnant if she is not ovulating as there would be no egg to be fertilized. To make it work, you need to start your course from the first day of your periods and then take one tablet each every day for 21 days and make sure you have it round about the same time for better results. That means, when you take the first table at night 10pm or morning 10am, you should stick to the same timing every day. It is always better to consult your gynaecologist and keep her in loop to update about any health during this period.

Spraymint - Mouth Freshener

Someone with a Fresh breath is always going to be perceived better than the one with a bad breadth, irrespective of talents or accomplishments. Someone with a bad breadth is difficult to tolerate and it is a big No No for any girl.

In a relationship, particularly involving physical intimacy, a mouth freshener can play a very significant role. The role of a mouth freshener cannot be underestimated as it can significantly make your partner feel better about you and like being closer to you physically. When you have a good mouth freshener in your mouth, you become kiss-ready instantly.

Do you agree?

The product is particularly useful for those with poor oral hygiene or those who have foul smell due to stomach problems or digestive disorders. Even for common men and women, a mouth freshener can make you look attractive and you instantly become kissable. Mouth fresheners have now come in a pocket friendly pack that you can practically carry in your pocket to any location. Be it for a party or a quiet evening meeting or for a romantic date, a mouth freshener can be an ideal accompaniment. It can play a significant role in setting the mood and make you instantly likeable. Are you going to say NO when something can make you likeable?

A mouth freshener is something that can work inside out. It can make you attractive and likeable from within. You emanate a pleasant smell which can make others think good about you and feel good being around you. All you have to do is to just pop the Spraymintt (a popular mouth freshener), a can and spray it in your mouth. This instant mouth freshener can work wonders and can make your breath fresh and fragrant in just a second. SprayMintt is better than a chewing gum, which are sugar filled and can affect your teeth upon prolonged use. SprayMintt is sugar-free and alcohol-free. Further, chewing gums are sticky and unsuitable for use in indoor environments as it cannot be spitted out of your mouth. Further, chewing gum may not always be appropriate to occasions which involve you to talk and share lighter moments with your girl friend or group of friends. SprayMintt is currently available in 8 invigorating flavours namely Thandapaan, Saunfshiver, Orange wave, Icy Mint, BreezeBerry, Chocolate, Cold Coffee and Elaichi. So, SprayMintt helps you have a refreshing breath instantly and all you have to do is to give yourself few shots of SprayMintt spray and you become 'kiss ready'. You are sure going to be center of attraction when you are going to have a fragrant and refreshing breath.

Pregnancy test cards

Motherhood is a blessing and every woman in the world wants to become a mother at some point of time and pregnancy kit helps them know whether they have conceived or not through a simple and effective test. Pregnancy test cards are meant to self-confirm your pregnancy through a simple test. When you are looking to conceive and you experience a missed periods, then you may be anxious to know whether you are pregnant or not. In such situations, a pregnancy test card can come handy and allow you to self determine whether you are pregnant or not through a simple test. Pregnancy test card can only help you to determine whether you are pregnant or not, it cannot do anything beyond that.

Remember, it is not a replacement for professional medical advice and treatment. Do not jump into conclusions or change any medication without consulting your doctor. Since its introduction, pregnancy test kits are giving enormous joy and satisfaction to women across the world, as in most cases, it is the first to let women feel and know about their pregnancy status, even before their gynaecologists. Women do a confirmation themselves and then visit the gynaec for further consultation. All you have to do is to place few drops of first morning urine on the device, and the device will detect the presence of hCG (human chorionic ganodotropin) hormone, often called as 'Pregnancy Hormone' in the urine sample. This hormone is produced only when a woman becomes pregnant. hCG will be detectable in the urine only when a woman is pregnant.

Pregnancy test kit detects the presence of hCG hormone in the urine. The placenta that connects your baby to your uterine wall produces hCG. Pregnancy test kits provide accurate detection of pregnancy based on the presence of hCG and the kits are very simple to use. The kits do not require the assistance of an expert or a specialist. Anyone can use the test at home and determine the pregnancy status accurately.

Ovulation test kits

Ovulation Test Kit allows women to know the most fertile period during the menstrual cycle and thus allow them to have sexual intercourse during those fertile days to increase their chances of conception. A woman who has difficulty in becoming pregnant suffers anxiety and pain with each passing period. As periods confirm that she was not able to conceive, it makes them highly stressful and the wait can be agonizing too. The ovulation test kit helps woman to determine her exact ovulation period in a month through a simple test that she can know accurately the right time for conceiving. It involves a simple test which can be done at home and it doesn’t require any professional assistance. The kit detects the 2 most fertile days of the month for a woman during which the chances of ovulation are high for her. The kit detects those 2 days with 100% accuracy.

The test kit works by detecting the LH surge which normally happens in the middle of the menstrual cycle, about 1 -2 days before ovulation. Ovulation kit allows women to prepare themselves for the precious motherhood. The test requires urine sample to be used exactly at the same time. A standard menstrual cycle is 28 days. However, the normal menstrual cycle is 28 to 32 days. Few women may have a shorter cycle or extended cycles, so the correct timing of ovulation can vary from woman to woman. Before using this kit, you better need to know about your menstrual cycle and then use it to accurately know your exact dates of ovulation. A woman may also be ovulating irrespective of irregular periods. The kit can be used by women with regular periods and those others with irregular periods as well.

Intimate Hygiene

When you are concerned about the hygiene of the intimate areas of your body, then we have wonderful products that can provide the most satisfying results and allow you to maintain sparkling intimate hygiene. For a woman, maintaining hygiene of their most intimate area - the vagina is very important as it is prone to irritation, itching, pain, odour, white discharge and infection. Ironically, this is the one area that's often neglected the most. Most women believe that using soap or only water during bathing is sufficient for their daily intimate hygiene. Showering daily helps to get rid of dead skin cells, sweat, and dirt produced throughout the day. However, vagina is very delicate. These sensitive parts require special care and attention. While bathing daily keeps you fresh, it is simply not adequate to maintain your intimate hygiene.

Vaginal Hygiene is very important one, but that is not being discussed in general. Maintaining health and hygiene at intimate area is extremely important for women. It is not just about keeping it cleaner and cooler, but maintaining required hygiene is essential which otherwise could lead to several health problems. Right knowledge about the products available to maintain vaginal hygiene and its usage helps to follow the right routine. Nature has a way to allow vagina take care of itself by continuously producing secretions to provide essential lubrication, cleanse and maintain its acidity levels and to prevent infections. The good bacteria in vagina produces lactic acid (or milk acid), which maintains the acidity levels at a pH value of 3.5 to 4.5. This condition promotes the growth of Lactobacilli, a bacterium that can fight infection and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in the vaginal area. For a normal and healthy vagina the pH value should be between 3.5 and 4.5. Soaps potentially can disturb the pH level leading to proliferation of harmful bacteria which can lead to vaginal problems like foul odour, irritation, discomfort and discharge.

Breast care products

If you feel taking good care of your breasts is important to maintaining your sexual wellness, you have landed at the right page. A firmer and curvier breast can make you attractive and keeping yourself desirable to your man is the first step towards maintaining your sexual wellness. Yes, there is a product, highly reliable for breast care and it is being used by young women across the world. To take good care of your breasts and to keep it firm and upright, you need to apply a cream, which when applied regularly during morning and night regularly helps you get a desirable breast and you can be the centre of attraction wherever you go and you should be prepared to handle gazes of men. If you are concerned about its safety, you need not worry. Breast creams are highly effective and are used by young and older women alike across the world and they all are enjoying shapely and firmer breasts. The cream is made using a proven formulation that promotes women's breast and skin texture by stimulating breast tissues. The formulation consists of natural herbal extracts and other approved ingredients that are harmless. It consists of growth-promoting almond oil, olive oil, flax seed oil, glycerine, lanolin which are known to enhance skin quality and hormonal growth without any side effects. The growth happens naturally through enhanced skin metabolism and overall health and well-being. There is no short cut and you cannot expect results within a week. You need to apply consistently to achieve desired results. The breast care product can help you look more feminine and get desirable breasts. The perfect shape can give you the much needed confidence to try any outfit. Needless to say, you can look comfortable in a bikini. The breast care cream can help women avoid surgeries, who are otherwise thinking about it to get that perfectly looking breast. Please note, pregnant and lactating mothers should not use breast care products.

Adult toys

When you want to reach higher realms of sexual experience, then Adult toys can help you experience heightened stimulation and extraordinary pleasure, which may not be possible under normal circumstances. Adult Toys come in various sizes and shapes and for customers with varying sexual appetite. There are number of exclusive sexual toys of men, women and couples. The number of variants available today is truly mindboggling. Adult Toys have sneaked into Indian bedrooms thanks to the internet. It is no more a secret and one doesn't have to linger around dark alleys and meet that special person to make a purchase or use code words to buy a adult toy anymore.

Whether you like it or not, adult toys found a place in the lives of sex-starved young Indian men and women's life and it is here to stay for a longer period. With the marriage age extending and Indians prefer to get married after achieving financial security, the need for 'toy's for individual sexual gratification is on the rise. As the young adult population of India with disposable income, it is but natural that curious Indian minds are on a constant hunt for that special 'playmate' that can bring some spice into their bedrooms. Adult toys are now helping Indians to gratify their sexual urge to unimaginable levels. Adult toys are not only the favorites of single young men and women, but adventurous married couples are also known to buy adult toys online and are trying to transform their mundane bedroom routines into fun experiences. Adult toys are known to provide not just interesting sexual experiences but also a rush of unmatched excitement.

The Adult toys currently available can be broadly categorized as follows
















Type of foods that can enhance your sexual wellness

Certain foods have a direct bearing on sexual wellness as it can enhance the health and stamina and allow men and women to enjoy sex as much as possible. Sexual wellness depends on right food, exercises and lifestyle choices. When all these are in unison, then you can have sound sexual health and enjoy your time in bed with your partner.


  • Being a rich source of Vitamin B, banana is known to enhance sexual stamina and improving sexual potency of men and women.
  • Banana helps in the production of serotonin, a “feel good” hormone that helps in enjoying sex without any anxiety. With high potassium content, banana fruit facilitates body to secrete sex hormones and enhances sex drive.
  • Banana has a large quantity of bromelain, an enzyme that our body needs for improvement of blood flow, thereby it helps in addressing male impotence and erectile problems.
  • Banana helps in improving overall energy levels


  • Fig is a dry fruit that has abundant nutritional value and is known as a sexual wellness fruit for thousands of years
  • Fig is a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin B1 and B2, calcium, phosphorous, iron, sodium, potassium, magnesium, manganese and chlorine.
  • Medically it is proven that eating raw figs result in drastic improvement in sexual health and sexual stamina
  • Men who have taken figs with boiled milk for a period of one month regularly have reported better erections and longer than normal sexual performance.


  • Pomegranate juice is known as a sexual nutrition super food because of its high concentration of antioxidants
  • This fruit has proven to increase blood circulation and thereby prevents cardiovascular problems.
  • Recent studies have shown that pomegranate is also good for increasing the testosterone level, escalating sex drive, improving sperm quality and motility.
  • Studies have found that pomegranate juice can increase the production of natural antioxidants in the blood and the sperm.
  • It is enriched with vitamin E, C and A - which can enhance physical energy and overall improvement in sexual stamina.

Chia Seed

  • Chia is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acid
  • Chia works wonders in enhancing brain health and reduces the possibility of depression.
  • Chia seeds are known to facilitate greater blood circulation and thus help in achieving stronger, harder and sustained erections.
  • It is also rich in protein, zinc, fiber, and iron which can improve stamina and gives a whole new meaning to sex.


  • Oysters come with a high concentration of zinc, which is known to surge the level of testosterone in men. Testosterone is a male hormone which is responsible for building and maintaining sexual drive in men.
  • Raw oysters have a high concentration of amino acid and a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids which helps in overall sexual health and stamina
  • Oysters are also rich in vitamin B12 enhances energy levels


  • A cup of coffee refreshes our mind and body and helps us stay energetic throughout the day.
  • A recent research has confirmed that caffeine is an effective sexual nutrition, which enhances sexual arousal and set the mood for sex.
  • A new study from the University of Texas has found caffeine can reduce the incidence of erectile dysfunction in men to a great extent.
  • Other than sexual health, coffee helps in burning more calories and boosts cardiovascular health.

Factors that affect Sexual Health

As you have seen sexual wellness is vital to enjoy a healthy sex life as it can impact our physical and emotional wellbeing to a large extent. Sexual wellness can take a beating when you are not aware of its symptoms. Please be aware that certain illnesses and diseases than can affect our sexual wellness in a big way if you don't take proper medical attention and care.

Symptoms of deteriorating sexual wellness

There are several symptoms to show that our sexual wellness is getting affected. As it is related to our emotional health, some small ones may disappear while we begin to feel happy and comfortable. Persistent ones can gradually begin to impact and lead us to face serious consequences.

Lack of sexual desire and not able to maintain an erection are two symptoms in men that is a clear indication that sexual wellness is in the decline. When you feel that you are not able to achieve or retain an erection, then seeking immediate medical attention can help you get much needed remedy.

If you delay taking treatment due to shyness or fear, then you are risking your sexual health to a great extent and you could deprive yourself in enjoying active sex life forever. For women, lack of sexual desire and intercourses becoming painful are an indication that sexual wellness is dipping. The reasons could be physical or emotional or due to a combination of both. But taking immediate medical help is vital to restoring sexual wellness.

Common sexual disorders include:

  • Sexual dysfunction,
  • loss of sexual desire
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Intercourse becomes painful
  • Reproductive system disorders
  • Urinary infections, pain while urinating

When you face any of the above conditions, you need to seek immediate medical attention, which otherwise can have serious impact in your overall sexual wellness.
Strategy for Sexual Wellness

In order to enhance your sexual wellness, you can have a personalized and complete strategy for sex. You may wonder why a strategy? A good strategy helps in getting rid of anxiety and allows you to perform with confidence. Further, it helps you in providing pleasurable sex and satisfaction to your partner, which can help you enjoy your time in bed and this, could make you even more confident in approaching sex with conviction and positive mindset.

You need to understand that sex is a part of everybody's life and it plays a major role in overall health and well being of people from across all walks of life. Sex has both positive and negative outcomes. Let us see both.

Positive outcomes of sex

  • Respect and High Self Esteem
  • Being comfortable with yourself and partner
  • Build healthy relationships
  • Enjoying the joy of parenthood
  • Staying healthy and happy

Negative outcomes of sex

  • Unwanted pregnancy
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Coercion or forced sex
  • Physical abuse

Sexual wellness allows you to enjoy a healthy life and explore sex in your own terms and in the way comfortable to you and to your partner.