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Pink Lipstick - Lingerie

Pink Lipstick is a leading International lingerie brand that is increasingly preferred by young women. Pink Lipstick products are regarded as bold, sexy, tight and daring. This four words describe the quality of pink lipstick range.

Young women who wanted to look bold and don't mind showing her curvier body, then Pink Lipstick has so much to offer. She can expose her body in the most elegant and sexy way possible. The outfits will only expose to the extent that is required and give your assets the necessary cover.

From party wear to beach wear, Pink Lipstick has range of lingerie, night gowns and others that women can use to suit the occasion. The styles range from skimpy to downright raunchy. When you want something wild and adventurous, you can always bank on Pink Lipstick.

Pink Lipstick has the following range:

  • Body Suits
  • Bra Sets
  • Body Stockings
  • Hosiery
  • Panties
  • Lingerie Bras
  • Demi cup Bras
  • Sports Bras
  • Seamless Dress
  • Club wear Dresses
  • Fishnet Dresses
  • Maxi Dress
  • Plus Size Dresses

Whether you want it for your night, or clubbing or exotic holiday wear, you can always find one to suit your taste with Pink Lipstick. If you are young and want to lead a care-free and adventurous life, then you can find several amazing range with Pink Lipstick. The brand is known for producing and selling non-stop party wardrobe of the 21st century.

Pink Lipstick Lingerie - Bold, sexy, tight, and daring, Pink Lipstick is made for the girl who lives for the night, every night. Styles range from skimpy to downright raunchy, and the brand is coming up with new and better ways every day to outfit this wild, wicked world.

Pink Lipstick has wide range of naughty bedroom gear, pop-party wear, risqué exotic wear, and envelope-pushing clubwear. Pink Lipstick lives behind velvet ropes, in a world where dawn never arrives, and the party never stops.

If you are plus size girl, chances of you finding sexy outfits are very less as most of the lingerie and night wear products are made for slim girls. But with Pink Lipstick, you can find an exhaustive range of products to choose from. You will be surprised to find such a wide range of lingerie and sexy party wear available in plus sizes.

What differentiate Pink Lipstick from other lingerie brands is the style, theme, colour, finish and comfort. Most of the sexy lingerie and party wear are too frilly and lacy, a complete misfit for crazy all-night parties of today.

Pink Lipstick has a team of top designers who design outfits and lingerie for 24/7 party people, who want to look in their sexiest best even when they are in their beast mode. The products can be worn alone or can be layered with clubbing outfit, Pink Lipstick products offers you this flexibility. The sexy styles and outstanding finish of these products are surprisingly affordable.

Pink Lipstick is being increasingly preferred by young girls in India.