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Buy Delay Condoms Online

Delay condoms, as the name suggest, help men to prolong the love making session by delaying the ejaculation to an extent. Delay condoms often contain a gel or cream with Benzocaine, a chemical that is known for its desensitizing properties. When the man's penis comes into contact with Benzocaine, it will reduce the sensation for few minutes allowing the man to last few minutes longer.

For those with premature ejaculation problem, Delay condoms can be blessing in disguise. It can delight her to a great extent as she can enjoy vaginal penetration even for a longer duration than the normal duration. But this comes with health warnings. Few men are found to be allergic to benzocaine and develop redness, itching, swelling or irritation when they come into contact with that chemical. In such cases, it is advisable to discontinue use of that condom immediately and try natural methods to hold the ejaculation for a longer period.

FAQs on Delay Condoms

What is a delay condom?

A delay condom is something that can help men to prolong their intercourse and perform longer than usual time in bed with her partner. Delay condom comes with a special chemical coating that temporarily numbs the tip of the male organ and allows him to thrust for a longer duration. The condom doesn't affect the sensation and allow both partners to enjoy the intercourse. It gives both partners a better satisfaction and intense orgasm as he is able to hold his ejaculation for a longer period thus making the whole act highly pleasurable to her.
Almost all leading condom brands sell 'delay' variant as it is increasingly preferred by young Indian men and women.

Why do Indian men increasingly prefer delay condoms?

Delay condoms allow men to prolong their coital time and thus help them satisfy their partners by performing longer than usual in bed. Who doesn't want to prolong and enjoy an extended sex for that matter? It is the natural feeling that men always want to perform longer and give their partners an exploding climax. As our lives have become busier and stressful, men tend to try delay condoms as they allow them to perform much longer. They any way use condoms for protection, they always choose delay variant over others as it gives them dual benefits. Protection + prolonged time in bed.

Do women insist their partners to wear a delay condom?

Women may begin to insist if they happen to experience longer than usual coital time through their partners with delay condoms on. They may not understand unless they experience it.

How delay condoms work?

Delay condoms are special condoms that are usually coated with bencozaine and Lidocaine. These chemicals numb the tip of the penis for a temporary period thus delays the ejaculation time of the male. These chemicals help men to delay climax and prolong the skinny dipping for a longer than usual time. There are many delay condoms that are specially designed to help men enjoy coital time for a longer time and allow their partners to achieve exploding climax.

Delay condoms act as a catalyzer and gives confidence to men. This boosted confidence makes them perform better and enjoy the physical intimacy to higher level. The feeling that the delay condom that they are wearing will make them to go on and on, they feel relaxed and reassured of their performance. Thus delay condom not only helps men physically, it also works wonders for them psychologically. Thus women who make their partners wear a delay condom can experience a wonderful sex altogether.

Has anyone ever used 'delay condoms'? Do they completely remove all sensation for the male? How is the overall experience?

A user explains, "I have used delay condoms many times. It comes with a special kind of lube that allows me to extend the climax. It never interferes with the sensation. It feels the same for me as with any other condom. I have thoroughly enjoyed extended time with my partner and she also likes it as it helps me go on and on for a longer duration. Overall, the experience has always been satisfying with delay condoms. I highly recommend it. Any one gets a feel of delay condoms are sure to fall for it and make it a regular"

Do condoms marked as 'delay condom' really provide that result, or is it just a marketing gimmick?

It is not a gimmick. Those condoms do delay ejaculation and allow the user to perform longer. Condoms marketed as delay condoms come with an extra coating of Benzocaine or Licodaine which has the property to numb the tip of the male organ and thus allow him to perform longer than usual duration in bed. It should be noted that climax delay condoms can control only to an extent. It cannot force someone from releasing sperm if he is too aroused or his body produces too much heat.

It should be noted that climax delay condoms can only provide a supportive or catalyst role in delaying climax.

What are the names of some of the popular 'climax delay' condoms?

Almost all popular brands have one climax delay variant as young Indian men and women prefer this variant. We give below names of some of the popular brands. Many international brands also have climax delay variants.

Kamasutra - Long Last
Skore - Skore Not Out & Skore Timeless
Moods - All Night Climax Delay
Durex - Extended Pleasure

Are extra time condoms safe?

Extra time or Delay condoms come with an extra coating of chemical such as bencozaine or Lidocaine. These chemicals are generally safe and are not known to have caused any allergic reaction to men. Unless someone is allergic to these chemicals, delay condoms are safe to use. Anyone who wants to enjoy an extended coital session can very well try delay condoms safely.

Safety tips:

Please note that delay condoms are not suitable for oral sex. The special fluid that is coated on these condoms is not in good taste if the partner takes your organ on to her mouth with condoms on. Even when she sucks after removing the condom, it has a very bitter flavor and taste. The organ needs to be thoroughly washed or wiped after removing the condom before indulging in oral sex.

The condom is not suitable for those with latex allergy, 2% of the males have reported to be allergic to latex.

The condom is not suitable for those men who are allergic to Benzocaine. Few women too are allergic to Benzocaine (0.5% of women) and for such women the men should not use delay condoms.

But the point to be noted is that delay condoms are the single largest selling condom variant in most of the e-commerce platforms selling condoms online in India. So, unless you are specifically allergic to delay condoms, you need not worry. Just wear it and bang her on and on and on.