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Bleu is the brand of condoms that is meant to allow young men and women make love, naturally! The Bleu range of condoms are organic condoms, in the sense, it is free from harmful chemicals and skin-friendly. So, your partner won’t have any irritation or rashes in her private parts when you indulge in love making using Bleu range of condoms.

Bleu currently has three condom variants

  1. Non-toxic Premium 3-in-1 (ribbed, dotted and contoured head)

  2. Non-toxic dotted condoms

  3. Non-toxic ultrathin condoms

Made using medicated lubricants and natural latex, bleu condoms are suitable for all skin types including those with sensitive skin. Bleu premium range of condoms are one of the most natural feel inducing condoms ever made. With contoured head, shaped-to-fit and reservoir end, Bleu condoms are made for connoisseurs of lovemaking, who want absolute pleasure, highly sensual encounters without compromising on the safety.

Salient Features

Non-Toxic Condoms

Bleu condoms are regarded as the safety and most sensuous condoms ever made. The condom has no toxic chemicals and thus you can be free from after-effect hassles. No skin irritation or allergic reactions or rashes to your partner on her private parts. The condoms are free from paraben, glycerine and other harmful chemicals which are commonly found in condoms. So, you can enjoy comfortable lovemaking using Bleu condoms and enjoy long lasting pleasurable experience. Bleu condoms are the safe bet for natural lovemaking without any post-coital allergic reactions or discomforts.

No N-Nitrosamines

Bleu condoms are carefully handcrafted with passion and care to ensure your private parts never get exposed to unsafe chemical agents and thus avoid any unnatural reaction or allergic reactions. N-nitrosamines, which are present in many of the condoms available in the market is a cancer-causing agent (carcinogenic). The entire range of Bleu condoms are rigorously tested to ensure no traces of Nitrosamines are found in them.

No Nasty Chemicals

Bleu condoms are free from Parabens, Glycerine, Benzocaine and other artificial flavours which can cause allergic reactions and several other untoward reactions or symptoms requiring medical attention. Bleu condoms are the best condoms when it comes to chemical-free and skin-friendly properties. Bleu condoms are proven to be the most comfortable for both partners. The company maintains zero-tolerance policy to not include harmful additives such as paraben, glycerine, benzocaine and artificial flavours even in the lubrication liquid.

Expert Approved

Bleu’s premium range of condoms are special and one-of-its-kind that they are approved by gynaecologists and sexologists alike. The hypoallergenic properties of its lubricants makes it safest and most pleasurable for both partners, particularly women.

Bleu Condoms were introduced in India by Komal Baldwa due to her own experience of getting exposed to toxic after effects (vaginal itching and drying) of male condoms. To avoid others from going through her bitter experiences, she introduced Bleu, organic male latex condoms in India, free from harmful chemicals and additives.

Bleu’s philosophy was built around the belief that lovemaking happens spontaneously and continues forever. Lovemaking is natural and it is exciting for both partners involved. One act of lovemaking should not create painful after effects, when partners go for protection.

So, if you truly care about your lady love, then choosing Bleu is the right choice as Bleu condoms are the best hypoallergenic condoms available in the Indian market today.