Paan Flavored Condoms

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Paan Flavored Condoms

Paan is part of Indian culture since ages. Despite its health benefits, paan is loved across the country for its unique taste and flavor. It brings along a confluence of different taste presented in a perfect blend. We have historical evidences that paan was part of Indian Royal life.

Sultans have known to have kept paan next to their bed to refresh their mouths after a heavy dinner for quick digestion and to maintain a refreshing breath.

In India, two types of Paans are served. Meetha Paan and Sada Paan. Meetha is the most popular one which has some tasty ingredients such as coconut flakes, Tootie Frootie, candied fruits, rose paste (gulkand), cardamom, betel nuts and cloves, wrapped in a crispy betel leaf (which has a peppery tinge to it).

All the hand-picked ingredients are put together to get a concoction of a delicious refreshing after-meal treat. The combination of sweet with tangy and slightly spicy flavors makes it an irresistible one.

According to Foodies, the taste ofMeethaPaanis as revitalizing as a cup of Turkish coffee, and as satisfying as a bit of dark chocolate after a meal. Although the flavors stay in your mouth only for few minutes, the taste of paan will linger for a bit longer.

It is usually topped with a cherry as well. After eating pan, the juices—along with the betel nut—leave a rich taste on the tongue and lips.

Sensing that Paan is part of Indian life and it is a long standing tradition that women across all class love to consume Meeta paan after a heavy meal, condom brands have introduced Paan Flavoured Condoms to rightly woo young Indian women.

The flavor is a big hit in India that now there are many brands that have Paan flavoured condoms. Paan flavor is currently available across leading brands such as Durex, Manforce, Beboy. Fantasy, Cupid, Playgard etc., And many other brands can be expected to introduce the flavor in the near future.

Some of the Best Selling and Popular Paan Flavoured Condoms in India include:

  • Fantasy Paan Flavoured Condom
  • Beboy Natural Feel Paan Flavoured Condom
  • Manforce Paan Flavoured Condom
  • Durex Kohinoo rMeethaPaan Flavoured Condom
  • Cupid Multitextured Paan Flavoured Condom
  • Beboy Natural Feel Paan and climax delay
  • PlaygardPaanFlavoured Condom
  • Cupid Super dotted Paan Flavoured Condom

When you know that she loves the flavor, then it is prudent to buy that flavor so that you can get dual benefits. First, you can enjoy an extended oral session as she is going to indulge in it lovingly and for a longer than normal duration because you have brought a condom with a flavor that she loves.

Second, when she is so involved in oral time, her arousal level will be very high that you will be able to give her an exploding orgasm. The Paan can kindle a new energy back into your sex life and set the tone for a highly sensual love making.

Choose Paan for Added Fun.