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Buy Naughty School Girl  Role Play Costumes

School girl is among the top-of-the-list role play costumes for young couples across the world for experiencing their secret sexual fantasies in real life.

Teenage is the period when the bodies of boys and girls undergo several hormonal changes and that is when both genders experience a peak of sexual energy and desire. The hormonal rush and the lack of opportunity (for most) to experience physical intimacy due to personal, social and family reasons, result in pent up sexual feelings.

With hormonal interplay and the urge to experience physical intimacy makes teenage period or school days a special period in the lives of men and women. It is but natural for women to relive their school days and try ways to seduce her besties in their class or their professor. Whereas, for boys the opportunity to relive sexual fantasies of being in bed with their crushes gives them a sexual arousal, that is unmatched. 

As men and women always aspired to have sex during school days and reliving that can be the best way to rekindle sexual energy. It is an absolute treat when you choose to give yourself to your man in a sexy school girl costume. Girls and women can choose this costume during their anniversary nights, special dates, second honeymoon and other special occasions.

How can this role play costume work?

Everyone has secret sexual fantasies during different stages of life. During school days, both boys and girls are curious to explore sex and are desperate to experience it. Wearing school girl role play costumes make men and women can relive their school days, which can provide the necessary excitement and arousal to indulge in their sexual fantasy. Wearing a role play costume will allow both partners to indulge in their sexual fantasies without any guilt. The kind of arousal and the intensity of stimulation can be very high as everything happens in real life and they are able to relive their hidden fantasies. Role play costumes allow couples to enjoy lovemaking in its most exciting dimensions.

Now, let us see how the in-demand role play costume ‘school girl’ works for both men and women.


-          This can help women get unprecedented attention from their partners as school girl costume can arouse men beyond imagination. Women can experience highly passionate lovemaking from their partners when they sport schoolgirl costume and play their role well.

-          You can seduce your partner the way you dreamt of seducing your professor or your senior in your school.

-          You can also be dominant the way you dreamt of indulging with a charming junior in your school, who was in demand during your school days.

-          Give your partner some ‘extra pleasure’ during anniversaries or valentine’s day treat by acting out your dirty classroom fantasy. Act as if you are the favourite hot student of your professor and tempt him to cross the limit and fall for you.

-          You can play, tease, cry, pinch, run around and do whatever you could to make him go wild in the sexy school girl costume.


-          Sexy school girl costumes allow men to experience a kind of sex that they had been dreaming for long.

-          Men can act as teacher or professor and indulge with their ‘hot and sexy’ student in the way they want to seduce and make use of the innocence to their advantage. Plan an idea to make her ‘stay after class’ and seduce your partner to a fulfilling experience. Nothing can be more exciting than being with an innocent and submissive girl in bed, isn’t it?

-          Men can indulge in foreplay as a fitness teacher giving physical punishments to their sexy students and slowly give them a thorough punishment that they can never forget.

-          Fall for your naughty seductress in your classroom and do service to her in ways that she wants. Imagine massaging her ankles when she is on her mini skirt and giving her a shoulder rub when you can get up close and enjoy her cleavage from close quarters.

-          Men can request their partners to wear school girl costume for rekindling their sexual life and experience heightened pleasure. This can also help in strengthening the bond leading to a better relationship.

-          It is suggested to remain a strict teacher with your sexy student. Research has proven that young girls develop crush with men who ignore or who are too strict with them. So, you can be sure that she is eager to be in your arms knowingly or unknowingly, which you can make use to your advantage.

About the costume

The role play sexy school girl costume comes with soft elastic in the white upper wear potion. It comes with a frontal knot which can be used to tighten around your bulging bosoms to give it a firm shape. It comes paired with a red micro plaid skirt. The costume is replete with laid pleated skirts, button-up shirts, ties, suspenders and more. You can choose a lingerie that goes with the colour and style of school costume that she is comfortable with. You can pick up a low-cut top and short skirt if you are looking for a kinky encounter.

You can choose anything that can help you enjoy your bedroom adventure better with a school girl. The costume is made using high quality that the wearer can find it comfortable to wear. You can choose school girl dresses that provide a bit of extra coverage plus styles and accessories like matching stockings, knee-high socks, glasses and suspenders. You can adorn your very own school girl costume with lingerie accessories including pasties, hosiery, wigs and sexy shoes.

These costumes also come with suggestive personal preferences such as low-cut necklines, short skirts, tempting tie-up design that enhances your cleavage with deep neckline and a plaid skirt that can make your butt look irresistible.


The costume will make you both feel like you are indulging in lovemaking for the first time and you both were able to relive those precious moments with full consciousness. The costumes allow you to enjoy everything in real world, with a partner.  Enjoying several forms of lovemaking without any guilt with your partner not only results in great stimulation but also strengthens the bonds of your relationship.