Can Oral Sex cause Oral Cancer ???

Can Oral Sex cause Oral Cancer ???

HPV transmission during oral sex a growing cause of mouth and throat cancer

Oral sex is one of the most desired forms of lovemaking. Both men and women love to indulge in oral sex. It is one form of sex that gives pleasure both as a giver and receiver.

But, now there is a growing concern about oral sex as this leads to transmission of harmful virus leading to unwanted sexually transmitted diseases and in some cases it becomes the cause of throat cancer.

Whether you are thinking about having oral sex for the first time, or someone who already has experienced oral sex but not sure about the dangers involved in it.

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What is oral sex?

Oral sex is about using your mouth and tongue to stimulate your partner’s sex organ or anus. ‘Going down, ‘blow job’ and ‘rimming’ are some of the many popular phrases that are used to describe oral sex.

Oral sex is a very personal thing. Some may like or and some may not like it at all. In general, many people like to enjoy oral sex and people have different ways in giving or receiving oral sex. There are variety of ways to lick, suck and stimulate your partner. It is important to find out what your partner enjoys and when you do that then oral sex becomes enjoyable to you both. 

How oral sex can strengthen the bond?

Oral sex is a very intimate act and one can indulge in intense oral only when there is some amount of emotional connection with the person. Sexologists across the world have opined that oral sex is the great way to get physically and emotionally closer, which opens up the feeling to please each other by doing what turns each other on.  

How to give a man enjoyable oral sex?

A man’s organ is highly sensitive. It need not be erect when you start oral sex. So, you can arouse it by using your hand and when it becomes hard enough, you can take it into your mouth. You can hold it with your hands and control how deep it can get inside your mouth. You can let it slide into your mouth as long as it is comfortable for you. It is important to vary your tongue, mouth, sucking motion and your head movements to see which stimulates him more and work on that.

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It is a bad idea to bite his organ, unless asked. It can be awfully painful for him when you bite his organ, which may put him off completely.

It is upto you to decide when to stop giving oral. If you want him to ejaculate his load in your mouth, then you can give non-stop oral unless he throws up his juices. You can stop whenever he asks you to stop if you want to give oral only as a foreplay.

You should be careful that his organ is clean and your mouth is free from cuts or wounds. When he is wearing a condom, then you need not worry about ejaculation at all. Also, you are completely protected against sexually transmitted diseases. If you want to make the act still more enjoyable use a flavored condom on him.

How to give a woman enjoyable oral sex?

It is advisable to start touching and kissing her upper thighs and area around her vagina to get her aroused completely and make her ready for a stimulating oral session.

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Remember, the whole genital area of a woman is very sensitive. But more than that, for most women the clitoris, with 8,000 nerve endings is the most sensitive part.

So, licking or sucking or gently stroking the clitoris hood with your tongue can give her great arousal. Clitoris is located at the tip of the outer vaginal opening near the top of the outer lips. It is a small and hooded portion just above the vaginal lips.

It is better to start off slowly using a gentle tongue movements and then you can work up faster with a firmer tongue. You can try different ways and different rhythms of tongue movement and see what makes her enjoy your stimulation. Even if she is not communicating, you can identify from her reactions and moans.

How to give anal oral sex (rimming)?

Giving oral stimulation on your partner’s anus is known as rimming. It can be part of the sexual act of straight, bisexual, lesbian or gay couples. It is important to ensure total hygiene of your partner before indulging in rimming. It is also advisable to you and your partner to bathe together before indulging in rimming.

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Before you begin, your partner may like it if you gently kiss and touch the area around the anus including the perineum (the area of skin between the genitals and the anus). You can then focus on the anus, circling your tongue around the outer area and finally inserting your tongue. Remember to listen to your partner and do what they enjoy, whether that’s licking, sucking or gently probing.

Note: If you are giving oral stimulation to a woman’s anal, please don’t move from the anus to the vagina immediately without washing your mouth as this can transfer bacteria from anus leading to infection.

Is it dangerous to indulge in oral sex?

No. It is not dangerous. The risk of transmission of infection is high only when the person receiving oral has an STD or sores or cuts or ulcers in their genitals area. So, you can indulge in oral with your partner under normal circumstances. However, if the person living with HIV or on medication for an untreated STD and has undetectable levels of HIV, then there is a risk of virus passing on to you.

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What are the precautions to take to keep you and your partner safe while indulging in enjoyable oral sex?

There are a few simple ways to ensure proper protection for you both:

-          Never brush your teeth or use a dental floss before indulging in oral as you could possibly get your gums or mouth bleed.

-          If you are serious about refreshing your mouth before indulging in oral sex, use a mouth wash and goggle it. Or else try a mouth freshner.

-          Use a condom if you are giving oral sex to a man or use a dental dam if you are giving oral pleasure to a woman or rimming. Dental dam acts as a barrier. If you can’t get it outside, you can simply cut the condom to get a piece of it to be used as a dental dam.

-          Never give your partner oral sex when she is on her periods. It is suggested to use a dental dam. Because menstrual blood is the hot bed of countless bacteria and viruses.

-          It is better to avoid giving oral to your partner when she is on periods.

-          Avoid getting semen in your mouth while giving oral to your man

When should we completely avoid oral sex altogether?

If you have the following your chances of passion on any virus or infection is highest. So, it is advisable to refrain from indulging in oral completely.

-          Sores or cuts or ulcers in your mouth, genitals or anus

-          Bleeding gums or damaged gums

-          Throat infection

-          Any dental correction or treatment in recent times

When you indulge in oral with above mentioned problems, then you could be the source of passing on the infection to your partner.

What are the oral sex habits that will increase your cancer risk?

Before going further, please not that HPV (Human Papillomavirus) is the prime reason behind 70% of the cancers that develop at the back of the throat, base of the tongue and tonsils.

Through a detailed study (involving 165 patients) at the University of Ohio, the following are identified as harmful oral sex habits which will make men or women more prone to getting oral or mouth cancer.

-          37% of the cancer victims performed oral sex under the age of 18. So, indulging in oral sex at a very young age makes a girl or boy prone to oral cancer.

-          45% of cancer patients had oral sex with more than 10 partners during their lifetime. This exposes the problems of having oral sex with multiple partners

-          23% of those women who are under 22 and indulged in oral sex with partner who are atleast 10 year older got infected. So, age and partner’s sexual dynamics play a role in getting oral cancer.

-          Those who had 10 or more deep-kissing partners were more than twice as likely to have an HPV related cancer.

-          Having a partner who had extramarital affair increased the risk of developing cancer by 60%.

It is very clear from the above results that safe sexual practices play an important role in preventing cancer. Having many casual flings, indulging in extra marital affairs and deep kissing with many partners are some of the price reasons behind getting oral cancer.

Having a steady partner is also an important indicator that prevents men and women from getting cancer. So, it is important to find right partner and understand the value of a healthy relationship.

Above all these, a research at Johns Hopkins University has found out that indulging in oral sex under 18 years of age with a partner atleast 10 years older is at the highest risk of getting oral cancer. So, when you are under 18, ensure you don’t indulge in oral sex and know your partner before indulging in oral sex.

What are the symptoms of mouth and throat cancer?

Oral sex has been found to be one of the prime sources of throat cancer as HPV transmission is highest. HPV transmission by sexual contact often doesn’t become active enough to cause symptoms. But, when it becomes active, it tends to affect mucous membranes covering the lining of the vagina, cervix, anus, mouth, tongue, and throat. An HPV infection can cause warts in and around these tissues.

The common symptoms of mouth and throat cancer include:

-          red, or red and white patches on the tongue or on the lining of your mouth

-          1 or more mouth ulcers that do not heal after 3 weeks

-          swelling in your mouth that lasts for more than 3 weeks

-          pain when swallowing

-          feeling as though something's stuck in your throat

Which is more risky – giving oral sex to a man or a woman?

There's very little research that compared the risks of giving oral to a man or a woman. But looking at the HPV related oropharyngeal cancer (throat cancer that happens directly behind the mouth) is twice common among men compared to women.

This is a clear indication that giving oral sex to a woman is more risky compared to giving oral sex to a man. This doesn’t discount the cancer risks for women while giving blow jobs. The reason could be that the concentration of HPV in the moist skin of woman’s genitals is much higher than the thicker and dry skin of the male organ. This could be the reason behind easy transmission of virus from a vagina compared to a penis.

A woman cannot discount the fact that HPV can be present in the semen and can be passed on when he ejaculates.

What are the safe ways to enjoy oral sex?

There is always a safe limit for every good thing in life and it does apply to oral sex as well. There are safer ways to enjoy oral sex. You can make oral sex safe & sexy by using a Flavoured condom on a man's penis. It acts as a barrier between the mouth and the penis.

A Dental dam (a square of very thin, soft plastic) across a woman's genitals can protect against infection.

-          It is advisable to use a condom or a dental dam to prevent getting STIs

-          Avoiding oral sex if you or your partner has sores around mouth, genitals or anus.

-          Avoiding oral sex if cuts, bleeding injuries or infection in the mouth or throat

Use Flavored Condoms.