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As the name indicates, Ultra thin is a variant that helps couples enjoy very close to natural (condom-free) sex. For few women 'rubber' becomes a complete turn off. When asked for the reason they hate condoms, women reportedly told that they couldn't feel the intimacy and love of their partner as they only find a thick rubber going in between them. Even few men hate wearing a condom as they find it to douse the intensity of their passion and lust.

They couldn’t feel the pleasure of their organ moving inside the soft and moist vaginal walls. But unprotected sex has its own risks too. Ultra thin condoms are created just for them. You can enjoy the sensual feeling, yet indulge in sex happily without having to worry about pregnancy. You get both, sexual satisfaction and protection.

As with every other variant, Ultra thin is absolutely safe to use and offers uncompromising protection and satisfaction to couples. Ultra thin should not be mistaken as prone to tear off easily during intercourse. It is as strong and as stable as other variants.

When you move your shaft in and out of her vagina, ultra thin condoms add great deal of excitement and satisfaction as it gives her near natural skinny dipping feeling. As an ultrathin condom has a sleek fit and gives near skinny feeling, she will find it absolutely exciting as she can feel the hardness of your manhood almost naturally.

For men, it could turn out to be a highly sensual and pleasurable one during the intercourse. This condom could ignite the natural passion and uninhibited love between the couple as they get very little chance to feel the rubber in between them. When you try it for the first time, you can see her reacting very sensually and moan in absolute pleasure during the whole act until your shaft ejaculates completely. Ultra thin variant is something that every woman would love to experience and we suggest you try it once before going to your usual brand and you can see the difference for yourself. There is every chance that your lady love will insist you to have it every time afterwards.

The following are the brands that sell Ultra thin variant and it comes in convenient 7's, 10's, 12's and 20's pack depending in your usual stocking habit and frequency of your indulgence.

Moods Premium Ultra thin and Moods Ultra thin variants are one of the popular choices of couples across the country. Kamasutra Super thin condoms are available in 12's and 20's pack. Carex too has a super thin variant and it is available in 10's pack. Okamoto skinless skin omega flavor is considered as the world's thinnest condoms. Manufactured using Japanese technology, Okamoto ultra thin condoms are preferred by young men and women across Asia and few European countries.

Next time, when you are ready for the indulgence, visit the online store www.condombazaar.com and order for ultra thin condoms in the brand and pack size that is convenient to you.

Super thin Condom - FAQs

What is a super thin condom?

As the name indicates, this type of condom comes with thinnest skin allowing the wearer to enjoy the sensual feeling. This type of condom can help couples feel the 'near natural feeling' without compromising the safety. Couples can get both satisfaction and protection. Super thin condom allows couples to feel the warmth and body heat of the partner. The condom allows couple to feel as if nothing is covering the male organ and there is nothing in between their passionate bodies.

Is super thin condom made of latex?

No. Super thin condoms are not made using latex. These condoms are made using polyisoprene material that can transmit body heat giving a great feeling to the couples much better than even the thinnest latex condoms. Thus men and women who are allergic to latex can very well use super thin condom.

They can also save themselves from the awful smell of latex which would always linger on for few hours after sex. Count me in with the other folks saying Lifestyles Skyn. The polyisoprene material transmits heat and feeling so much better than even the thinnest latex.

Are ultra thin condoms small? Are they not suitable for a boner?

Many users feel that ultra thin condoms are smaller in size that it is too tight for people with large or above average penis size. Some say it is specifically made smaller so that it can be stretched and thus it becomes thinner giving a near natural feeling to them and their partner.

But condom manufacturers have to follow a standard that it cannot be made smaller than the recommended size which otherwise could lead to compromising on safety aspects, which is the very reason condoms are made for.

How women feel about ultra thin condoms in general?

Being at the receiving end, women across the world have reported positively about super thin condoms. They prefer this as it gives them feel the near natural sex without compromising on the safety aspect. Further, they find these condoms lot better as they don't have to bear with awful latex smell during sex.

The perceived pleasure while having sex with a super thin condom is very high compared to other latex condoms as they could feel the heat between the organs during intercourse and this gives them a better feeling and a relatively higher sensation.

Which is better, super thin condom or bare skin?

Nothing can match the physical sensation during intimacy. But it always comes with a risk of conception. The fear of getting pregnant can impede the pleasure experienced by couples during sex.

The fear can completely overshadow the joy of sex and women in general might really not enjoy as much during a sex with bare skin. However, super thin condoms can provide near natural experience while they may be thoroughly ease as the fear of conception is eliminated completely. This makes couples go for super thin condoms as they get the dual benefit of pleasure and protection.

Sex with a bare skin is suitable for married couples who are either looking for pregnancy or those who are already on contraceptive pills or other methods that ensure absolute safety. For all other couples, using a super thin condom can be the best bet to enjoy a near natural sex without any worries.

What are some of the best Super Thin condom brands in India?

  1. Durex feel thin condoms

  2. Moods ultra thin condoms

  3. KamaSutra super thin condoms

  4. Skore skin thin condoms

  5. Carex super thin condoms

  6. Okamoto ultra thin condoms

  7. Okamoto Platinum Super Ultra thin condoms

The answer is not meant to promote any condom particularly. The listing is not in chronological indicating any ranking. The super thin condom brands are listed just like that and there is no any intention and it is not following any order in terms of quality or user preferences etc.,

Which are some of the condoms that are regarded as thinnest condoms in India?

According to a recent customer survey, many young Indians feel Durex, Okamoto 003 and Skinless Skin, Moods Ultra Thin, KamaSutra Skyn are some of the condoms that they regard as thinnest condoms available in India.

Okamoto 003 and Skinless Skin are regarded as the thinnest condom and they are priced at Rs. 499/- for a pack of 6 condoms, and that particular variant is now currently available online.

How safe is super thin condom?

Super thin condoms are absolutely safe. They are made using high precision technology. Even though they are made using thin sheaths, they are absolutely safe. These condoms are created to provide an easy and smooth glide into the vagina without having to feel the rubber.

As couples can feel the heat transfer between bodies, they can get better stimulation and thus increased arousal leading to exhilarating climax. Couple need not worry about the safety of super thin condoms as they are absolutely safe and can be used for pleasure and protection.

Which is the best condom to use when having sex for the first time?

Actually there is nothing called a best condom for first time sex. It is up to the male or female to choose their condom as it is important for them to be safe during the first time sex. However, men or women can try a super thin condom as couples can get near natural feeling as this being the first time, they need to feel the complete sensations of consensual sex with their partners.

A super thin can allow the first time couples to feel the sexual pleasures thoroughly while allowing them to remain safe.

As there are hundreds of condoms available online, for a beginner it is difficult to choose the best one. So, it is advisable to try with any super thin variant of any known brand. Being the first time, the partners need to feel more close and intimate.

And nothing can be more sensational than using a super thin condom as it can make them feel completely natural. The thinnest condom can also give you the feeling that you are not wearing anything, still give you uncompromising protection from unwanted pregnancy.