Personal Lubricants

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All about Personal Lubricants

Top 10 Personal Lubricants in India | Frequently Asked Questions on Personal Lubricants | Types of Personal Lubricants | Personal Lubricant Brands in India | Personal Lubricants Price List

Personal Lubricants or Sex Lubes are nothing but gel solutions that can help couples have an easier and pain less sexual intercourse. During an intercourse couples often find penetration little painful and some couples find an iota of discomfort during the skinny dipping as vaginal opening may not be sufficient enough to accommodate the stiff male organ.

Applying a small amount of lubricant can help a man slide his organ into the vagina smoothly without any pain or discomfort.

Both men and women can use lubricants; there is no specific variant for exclusive men's or women's use. Lubricants are known to enhance the sensation and facilitate arousal by allowing sufficient flow of blood to the genitals there by helping men maintain their erection while women can maintain the firmness of vagina while keeping it soft and moist during the entire process of love making.

List of Top 10 Personal Lubricants in India

  1. KY Lubricating Jelly by Johnson & Johnson
  2. Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 Gel - Sensual Ylang Flavor
  3. KamaSutra Aloe & Vitamin E Silky Sensation Personal Lubricant
  4. Skore Cherry Flavored Lube
  5. Carex Lubricating Jelly - Water Soluble Personal Lubricant
  6. Carex Lubricating Gel - Cooling Sensation
  7. Moods Cool Lubricating Gel
  8. Durex Play Tingling Pleasure Gel
  9. KamaSutra Strawberry Extreme Softness Personal Lubricant
  10. Skore Strawberry Flavored Lube
  11. Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 Gel - Stimulating Guarana Flavor

FAQs on Personal Lubricants

Who needs personal Lubricants?

While lubricants can be used by normal and healthy men and women for extra pleasure and more satisfying sex, lubricants are essential for some people to enjoy their normal sexual activity due to various reasons. It should be noted that lubricants are the easiest and most convenient way to make a sexual intercourse intensely enjoyable for both partners under normal circumstances.

It is scientifically proven that pain in the vagina during a sexual intercourse is due to dryness or lack of secretion of natural lubrication in the vagina. The lack of sufficient secretion can happen due to various reasons such as

  • Women not experiencing an arousal or not giving sufficient time for women to feel aroused
  • A women not feeling aroused or seduced enough or complete lack of sensuality due to stress or other reasons
  • Physical reasons such as breast feeding, menopause, hormonal changes etc.,
  • Anxiety, stress and fear can also downplay normal secretion leading to pain and frustration.

The frustration of not being able to enjoy a normal sexual activity can make an individual highly stressful and frustrated. This can have profound impact on the physical and mental health. Due to this mental stigma, many couples stop indulging in sexual activity at all, further damaging their health and relationship.

For such couples, lubricants can work wonders. They can surely enjoy an invigorating sex as lubricants can provide the much needed smoothness and make things all the more easier and comfortable. This can not only make them enjoy, but can be reassuring and make them indulge in the love making confidently.

What are the Salient Features of Personal Lubricants?

  • Water Based Lubricant - You need not worry about any skin irritation or itching. It is absolutely skin friendly
  • Flavoured Lubricants - To allow you to enjoy an invigorating aroma, lubricants come in an exciting range of flavours including strawberry, orange, chocolate .,
  • Suitable for tasting - Lubricants are safe when it goes inside your mouth during your foreplay
  • Colourless and non-staining - Lubricants are colourless and will not stain if it falls on your dress or bed sheet or any other cloth during your intimacy
  • Condom Compatible - Lubricants can also be applied over a condom and it can work well with condoms on also. Not necessary that lubricants should be applied only on skin.
  • Easy to wash - After your love making, you can wash off lubricants from your genitals effortlessly.

How to Use Personal Lubricants?

Using a lubricant before your sexual activity is simple and easy. Here are the ways you can apply lubricants.

You can squeeze required quantity of lubricant onto your palm and rub using both hands to get it in smooth consistency and little warmer. Then you can apply lubricant using your fingers directly and apply it whenever necessary. If you feel the quantity is not sufficient, you can simply add more. Lubricants can be applied directly on to your organ, or vagina or over a condom.

  • For men, required amount can be applied to the head and shaft of the penis. The same can be done over a condom, if required. This will ensure smooth glide of the penis into the vaginal or anal opening
  • For women, sufficient quantity may be applied directly on the opening, clitoris and inside of the vagina.
  • For sex toys, a liberal dose of water based lubricant needs to be applied on the tip of the toy that is going to be inserted into the vagina
  • For applying over a condom, lube can be applied on the tip of the condom to make your glide smooth and sensational.

Can I use Personal Lubricants for masturbation?

Additionally, lubricants can also be used by men and women for masturbation to enjoy an intensely pleasurable experience.

How to clean the Personal lubricant after sex?

It is advisable to wash off the lubricants using warm water and soap after your climax. If lubricant stains your clothes or bed sheet, don't panic. It can be cleaned using a normal soap. You can wash the stained cloth with some soap and warm water.

Who needs to apply the Personal lubricant?

Is it enough if any one applies the lubricant?

For a smoother and pleasurable sexual experience, lubricants can be applied over the private organs of both men and women.

Can I use coconut oil instead of a lubricant?

Though coconut oil can be cheaper than a lubricant, coconut oil cannot go well with a condom. It can break the condom during your activity and make it ineffective in offering you the much needed protection.

Further, the antiviral and antibacterial properties present in the oil can disrupt the PH balance of a woman's vagina leading to discomfort.

What is the essential difference between water based and silicone based lubricant?

Water based lubricants gets absorbed in the layers of the skin, whereas silicone based lubricants do not penetrate into the skin, giving you a long lasting lubrication.

How safe is to use a lubricant with condom?

Water based, silicone based and flavoured lubricants are safe to be used on a condom. Oil based lubricants should be avoided as it can react with latex and can degrade the condom making it less effective in offering protection.

How safe it is to use a lubricant during pregnancy?

Absolutely safe! Lubricants don't affect your fetus in any way as cervix (tip of the womb) is very tightly closed and there is no way lubricants can reach there.

Types of Personal Lubricants

What are the types of Personal lubricants available?

1. Water Based Lubricants - This is the most popular lubricant as it can be safely used along with latex condoms. Being water based lubricant it can be washed off easily with normal water. Being a water base, the lubricant provides a smooth and wet glide making penetration easy and pleasurable.

Further, they don't leave any stain the cloth or bed sheet. These lubricants are available in gel, cream and liquid form for convenient usage. It needs to be taken in hand and gently applied over the organ directly or over the condom. These lubricants are available in various flavours and are absolutely safe when it happens to enter your mouth. This lubricant dries up after some time and hence, not suitable for a longer period of sex

2. Silicone based lubricants - These lubricants can help you have smooth sex for a longer period of sex without any hassle. Silicone based gels can also be used as a massaging gel and can be applied throughout the body. The shower is ideal for fun loving couples who would like to shower together or enjoy a romantic bathtub session together as silicone based gel don't get broken down with water and hence can enjoy a smoother rub all over the body.

3. Flavoured Lubricants - When you want your sex to be a tasty affair, then flavoured lubricants are ideal for you. You can get wide range of flavoured lubricants including ice cream. So, what's your pick for his stick?

4. Warming Lubricants- When you are ready for a fiery hot bedroom action and want to feel the heat that goes between you and her, then warming lubricants can do the trick. You can experience additional warmth between you and her and that can help you both experience intense arousal leading to an exploding climax

5. Cooling Lubricants - When you like the chillness of your intimacy and indulge in a sort of lovemaking that is cool and comfortable for both you and her, then cooling lubricant is an amazing choice. It is intended to ease out vaginal dryness and make your session all the more smooth and sensational.

As there are quite a few number of lubricants available, we shall give you a quick update on choosing the perfect lubricant for you depending on the kind of sexual activity that you are interested in.

For smooth vaginal sex - Water based and silicone based lubricants

For using sex objects - Water based lubricants. If the product is made using silicone, then silicone is a big NO NO.

For oral fun - Flavoured lubricants can make your indulgence tasty and fun

For Anal amusement - Silicone lubes are ideal as it will be thick in consistency and long lasting.

For Extra sensation - Warming and cooling lubricants ensure highly sensual encounters leading to highly orgasmic sex.

Personal Lubricant Brands in India

Personal Lubricant Brands
Durex Play Lubes KamaSutra Lubes
Moods Lubes Skore Lubes
KY Jelly Carex Jelly

Personal Lubricants Price List

Personal Lubricant Pack Size MRP
KY Lubricating Jelly 82 g Rs.286
Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 Gel - Stimulating Guarana Flavor 200 ml Rs.650
Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 Gel - Sensual Ylang Flavor 200 ml Rs.650
Durex Play Tingling Pleasure Gel 50 ml Rs.475
Durex Play Saucy Strawberry Pleasure Gel 50 ml Rs.475
Durex Play Cheeky Cherry Pleasure Gel 50 ml Rs.475
Skore Warm Lube 50 ml Rs.250
Skore Cool Lube 50 ml Rs.250
Skore Strawberry Flavored Lube 50 ml Rs.250
Skore Cherry Flavored Lube 50 ml Rs.250
KamaSutra Strawberry Extreme Softness Personal Lubricant 50 ml Rs.250
KamaSutra Aloe & Vitamin E Silky Sensation Personal Lubricant 50 ml Rs.250
Moods Cool Lubricating Gel 50 ml Rs.260
Moods Warm Lubricating Gel 50 ml Rs.260
Moods Natural Lube 50 ml Rs.260
Carex Lubricating Gel - Cooling Sensation 60 g Rs.399
Carex Lubricating Jelly - Water Soluble Personal Lubricant 60 g Rs.349