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Skore Personal Lubes

Dryness has no place in love making. Dryness can make love making painful and uncomfortable for one or both partners. When your girl friend has vaginal dryness, then your love making can only go along the bumpy road, it you don't use lubricants. Lubes are an effective way to overcome vaginal dryness.

Lubes are useful for women who suffer from vaginal dryness, on the other hand, lubes can also be used by young women with juicy vagina for the sake of enhanced pleasure. Lubricant can make love making an ultra smooth experience allowing couples to enjoy a silky smooth affair without any pain or discomfort.

Vaginal dryness is the root cause of pains and aches during and after intercourse. Our sexual organs have natural secretions which can act as lubricants allowing us to enjoy painless sexual intercourse. But sometimes this natural lubrication may not be enough to enjoy a pleasurable time with your partner. In other cases, the secretion of natural lubrication requires a certain amount of time during arousals.

When it takes longer than required duration to secret natural lubrication, then sex becomes painful during such period. Either way, the end result is vaginal dryness that could make your sexual experience uncomfortable.

To eliminate the friction between the genitals and to make your joyrides smooth and enjoyable, Skore has introduced 4 exciting lubricants to allow couples enjoy a silky smooth affair under the sheet.

  • Skore Warm Lube
  • Skore Cool Lube
  • Skore Strawberry Flavoured Lube
  • Skore Cherry Flavoured Lube

Skore lubricants are different and exclusive compared to other lubricants available in the market. Skore has warm and cool lube, which can give warming and cooling sensation to your intimate parts when applied. Skore cool lubes will provide a cooling sensation which can make your skinny dipping all the more exciting.

Skore Strawberry and Cherry Flavoured lubes are meant to make your foreplay exciting and flagrant. These lubes can be applied all over her flawless body and enjoy a stimulating foreplay. If you and her happen to taste lube during your foreplay or oral, then it is absolutely safe and you need not worry about any adverse reaction.

Salient features of Skore Lubes:

  • Safe to use on condoms and sex toys
  • Can also be used without condoms also.
  • Skin-friendly and non-staining
  • Easy to wash after your love making session
  • Natural flavours are used in flavoured lubricants and are tested for food grade
  • Lubricant is colourless
  • Free from silicon

Sex should always be about pleasure rather than pain. Skore lubes remove the excess friction during love making to give you and her the most pleasurable experience! This premium Skore lubes are meant for anyone who wants nothing but pleasurable moments in their bed.

Skore is a brand that matches the voice of changing times and hence is quickly becoming popular among young men and women across India. Skore is committed to make sex enjoyable and safe. With an exciting range of lubes from Skore, couples can experience enhanced pleasure during love making.