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Erotic Role Play Costumes – All you should Know

When your sex life becomes too predictable and lacks excitement, then you should immediately think of ways to spice it up. Though there are many ways to it, using role play costumes can give it an exciting twist. Men and women have deep rooted sexual fantasy and being in a specific uniform or costume is one of the best ways to drive your partner wild. Wearing different role play costumes such as a cheer leader, school girl, French maid, air-hostess, nurse, etc., can make you look different in each one and thus can excite men to a great extent.

What is a role play costume?

Role play costumes, also known as adult costumes, are the ones that are specifically created to add fun and excitement to your otherwise mundane sex life. These costumes allow men and women to experience a kind of sex that they had been dreaming for long. These costumes are known for making foreplay sessions lot more exciting leading to greater arousal for both partners. The best part is, both partners not only live their dreams in role play costumes, but they are the real time performers too. The outcomes have proven to be outstanding that couples could ever ask for. Imagine when you can make love with a submissive nurse or a naughty teacher or a sexy maid in real life, the kind of arousal that you can get is unimaginable, as everything will happen in real. Role play costumes will allow couples to enjoy lovemaking in its most exciting dimensions.

How role play costumes work for men and women?

Are you and your partner wanted to be wild in bed? That’s exactly how you both should be, isn’t it? One of the best ways to keep that intimacy alive and kicking and to create new benchmarks of wild play in bed, then you both need to do something new and adventurous. With role play costumes, you can always make your wildest dreams and fantasies happen. You can feel the difference of this sex dresses in every touch which will feel like when you both did it the very first time. Sexy costumes will let you bring out and relive your fantasies without any guilt. The costumes allow you to enjoy everything in real world, with a partner.

You both can make your lovemaking even more exciting by adding handcuffs, nipple covers, restraints, eye masks, glowing lingerie and other BDSM collections.

For Men

Have you seen how men look at cheer leaders during a sporting event?

Men find school girls in their uniform as irresistible and when they could indulge with their girlfriend or wife in such a costume, it excites them instantly and provides them with instant arousal. At different stages of life, men have different fantasies and role play costumes can kindle deep rooted fantasies instantly leading to a highly satisfying lovemaking for men. Many secret surveys have proven that role play costumes play a vital role in stimulating men instantly and allow them to live their fantasies.

For Women

When women feel that they are losing attention from their partner, role play costume is the easiest way to win back great attention and it will prove to be highly effective. By presenting themselves in different costumes, women can drive their partner wild as they will become hot and unpredictable. Further, showing themselves as a sexy nurse or maid can add some new and exciting twist to their lovemaking. Women too can live their fantasy by choosing the costume they love and play dominant or submissive role, as deem fit, to enjoy heightened arousal and explosive orgasm.

Enjoying several forms of lovemaking without any guilt with your partner not only results in great stimulation but also increases the quality of your relationship and the bonds of relationship are strengthened.

What are the different types of role play costumes available in India?

The choices are endless when it comes to choosing adult costumes. You can choose from a plethora of designs, styles, sizes and fit. You can use your imagination and choose costumes that you both feel would work. The following are some of the popular role play costumes that are popular:

School Girl Costume

Needless to say, the most popular one, as men and women always aspired to have sex during school days and reliving that can be the best way to rekindle sexual energy. It is an absolute treat when you choose to give yourself to your man in a sexy school girl costume. Girls and women can choose this costume during their anniversary nights, special dates, second honeymoon and other special occasions.

Nurse Costume

This costume provides a perfect balance between being sexy and sweet. Partners can choose a pair of doctor and nurse costumes and enjoy kinky play in bed. Needless to say, nurse-patient combo too works perfectly well in bed.

Cheer Leader Costume

Cheer leaders always get rapt attention and it is no wonder that your partner would love to indulge with you more intensely when you show up in a chic cheer leader costume.

House Maid Costume

When you want to seduce your boyfriend or husband, then wearing the sexy house maid can work wonders. This is one of the popular adult costumes as it plays with the power dynamics and men always would love to dominate in bed and this works perfectly well for that too. Women can choose this costume as a treat during important occasions in their life such as birthdays, anniversary etc.,

Cop Costume

Women have a subconscious liking for men in uniforms and cop costume can work well if you want to treat your girlfriend or wife. You can provide a punishing sex in cop costume and she would love to get crushed in bed under your dominant lovemaking.

Army Costume

Making love with a strong army man is something that every woman would fantasize. Men can buy army costume to please their women and alternatively, women can gift army costume to their men to enjoy a scintillating session in bed.

Fireman Costume

This costume exudes strength and confidence to a great degree and it would be a perfect gift to appear in this costume before your sweet heart. This can be ideally worn during your anniversary or birthdays or other important dates that mark the important dates of your relationship.

Naughty Teacher

Men always have a crush with their teachers and there is no better way to seduce him to show up in a naughty teacher costume. This can better be done when you want to give your partner a treat.

Sexy Air-hostess

This is yet another costume that is worth trying as men are likely to get aroused by this costume.

There are other costumes like kitten, jauguar, tigeress, bunny, ball girl, sailor, prisoner which can make him go on his knees instantly and indulge with you more intensely than ever. These consumes are made by a professional team to help couples indulge in passionate lovemaking so as to spice up their sex life and thus enjoy a better relationship. These costumes are available in a variety of colours, textures and finish to allow your partner’s fingers appreciate it besides your flawless skin.

How to choose the right role play costume?

Here are some of the expert tips with regard to choosing the right role play costumes for you.

Know your fantasy

It is easy to say that role play costumes allow you to live your fantasy. But it is not as easy as you think. You first need to know that is your deep rooted fantasy and you need to communicate that with your partner and decide about the role that you want to play or scenario that can arouse you. You need to be sure about the things you want, incidents you would expect and what kind of behaviours in bed can turn you on. Be sure to figure out what can excite you sexually in bed before deciding on your role play costume. Your scenarios could be cop-criminal, nurse-patient, maid-master, teacher-student etc.,

Involve your partner

If both of you are convinced, then you can buy that costume. Involve your partner and discuss in length about what your partner is comfortable with and what can turn her on too. A happy-ending role play involves equal involvement of both partners. So discuss with her openly.

Set limits

Make sure your role play has pre-defined limits so that it remains safe for you and her. Make sure she knows how far can you go and how intense you are going to be, more so when you are going to use restraints, floggers or other BDSM accessories.

Set the ambience

Make sure you have everything in place, like all accessories, ambience in advance so that it perfectly complements the costumes. For instance, when you want to play doctor-nurse, then you need to ensure bed and room resemble an hospital setting (to a minimum extent) so that you both can play an effective part and enjoy the role play.

Ensure discreet shipping

Make sure nobody knows that you are purchasing role play costumes. Make purchase only from online platforms that confirms discreet delivery. You cannot compromise your privacy with regard to role play costumes.

How do you know that you are ready to use role play costume?

You can be sure that you are ready to use role play costumes, when you are indulging in the following:

-          You wanted to feel indulging in more wilder during the middle of lovemaking

-          When you are comfortable about talking dirty to your partner

-          When you don’t mind sharing your sexual fantasies and indulging in fetishes

-          When you want to experience guilty pleasure and begin to accept mild forms of BDSM during your lovemaking

-          When you genuinely wanted to be adventurous in bed and explore higher realms of erotic pleasure

Role Play ideas to make it work in your bedroom?

Merely wearing role play costumes doesn’t mean that you can live your fantasies. We give below some of the ideas to make it work perfectly for you and her.

Surprise Her

Role play costumes work best when it is done in surprise. When you know that she loves to being dominated in a school costume, then gift her a sexy school girl costume in indulge in fun. The surprise factor can work wonders and she is going to be more than happy to indulge in that costume for you.

Hunt down a Jaguar

Sport a jaguar costume and hunt her down in bed. You play the dominant role and make her play a submissive role. You can eat her out completely in that costume and she is going to enjoy it for sure. This way, you can bring in more fun into your bedroom.

Thief and police

When you show up in a police costume, ask her to be like a naughty thief. Place your loaded gun on her temple and ask her to comply to your demands.

Heal his wounds as a nurse

Dress up as a nurse and give him a good rubbing including his genitals and see him getting aroused.

Score more marks

Beg for more marks or prevent you from failing in a sexy school girl costume and ask him to take you for his favours. Sexy school girl costume is something that your partner is sure to enjoy as every girl would have had a crush during school days and would love to indulge in that costume.

Why it works as a best gift for your partner?

Nothing can surprise and please your partner than a role play costume when it is gifted on occasions like birthday or anniversary or honeymoon. She would be pleasantly surprised and it will set both of you in a good mood for passionate indulgence. Gifting role play costumes also indicate that you are open to adventure in bed and she can enliven her fantasy without any guilt. So, gift her a sexy costume and elevate the quality of your sex life.