How to use Delay Sprays?

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You should know that not all delay sprays or creaks work the same way. However, there are standard ways to apply a delay spray for desired results. Let us see one by one.

Start Slow

If you are going to use a delay spray for the first time, it is advisable to start off with just 1 spray. You can check whether you skin tolerates the spray. The skin we mean is your penis.

See if you don't get any irritation.

If it works satisfactorily for you with just 1 or 2 sprays then you can enjoy spray for a longer duration as the spray can last long.  

As a standard rule, 2 to 5 sprays should work for you. You can try a maximum of 10 sprays and anything more is not recommended.

After the couple of times, you should be able to find the number of sprays that works best for you. Then you can stick to that number and repeat as many sprays in your subsequent attempts.

Some may just need 1 spray, while someone else would need 5 sprays. You will know your right quantity only when you begin to use the product.

You take the call.

Hit the right spot

There is no prescribed direction with regard to where to spray exactly. You are advised to spray on the most sensitive parts of your penis and you don't need to cover the entire head.

If you spray all over the penis head, there is a possibility that it gets numbed too much leading to loss of erection and sex becomes less enjoyable.

For some the spray could work if sprayed on the underside of the penis head or underside of the shaft. For some head and shaft can work wonders.

So the critical success factor for best results is to locate the most sensitive spot on your penis and use the delay spray on the spot

Importantly, after spraying you need to gently rub to ensure it gets absorbed completely. You may take only 10-20 seconds to get this. Though, it may take little longer if you rub on your shaft.

You need to identify the spot to spray which works best for you. You can find it after few attempts.

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