Durex Love Pack

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Durex Love Pack

Durex, the brand known for producing several sensational condoms that enhance pleasure during physical intimacy has introduced 'Love Pack' an exciting combo suitable for various occasions when sex becomes a celebration. Sex knows no bounds when it happens in a perfect location and love pack is exactly made for such exciting sex encounters. You would have come across several condom combo packs or you would have used even a combo condom pack, but this combo from Durex is a special one. Whatever may be the type of sex that you want to have with your partner, there is an exclusive love pack available for you.

For instance, when you are planning to have your intimacy at the beach, love pack has two combos namely 'ocean wave', 'sex on beach'. If you are throwing a beach party, or attending one, you can have 'beach party combo'. Similarly when you want to really rock on, you can pick up 'rock on combo'. If you want a hardcore action all night long, then 'all nighter combo' is just for you. If you are on your honeymoon, there is a specific 'honeymoon' combo available for you to make your honeymoon a memorable one. When you are very particular about 'anal fun', then you can buy 'back door combo' specifically meant for that.

If your relationship is still not firmed up, then you can try 'get closer combo'. There are several other exciting 'love pack combos' as well to suit your various occasion and intent such as sex and mischief intense game, devils paradise combo, prolonging tease combo, smart play combo, intense satisfaction, night and day. Each love pack is thoughtfully created to assist couples enjoy their time with their partners in the way they want and in the location they prefer.

Currently there are about 39 'Durex Love Pack' product variations available for you to choose from. As sex feels better with new variations and new trials, 'Love pack' offers innumerable options for couples to try something new every time. So, you can try many variations even in love pack too so that you can have exciting time in bed with your partner.

Love pack is an exciting assortment consisting of 2 variants of Durex condoms and a massage gel. The pack comes with 20 condoms - 2 variants of 10 condoms each and a pleasure gel that can be used both for ultra smooth skinny dipping and for sensational foreplay as the skin-friendly and water soluble gel can be applied all over body. The massage gel can also be used for exciting oral sex and the gel is absolutely safe for use of both men and women. With the combination of a pleasure enhancing condom and a massage gel, your sex can reach higher echelons of pleasure and she is sure to enjoy the most as she can receive all your powerful thrusts without any pain or discomfort as the massage gel can lessen the impact of friction to a great extent. For her it is a smooth glide and for you it is an easy going affair.

Pack a punch with your partner using the exciting 'Durex Love Packs' and give her a mind blowing orgasm.