How to replace Durex Play Vibration Ring batteries?

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Congratulations for using Extended Durex Play vibration ring.

We appreciate your decision to use the ring which is a clear indication that you are interested in enjoying in your intimate time with your partner in ways that can make it an absolute delight for you and her.

Replacing vibrating ring is a simple process and the vibrating ring will give you excellent vibrations for a longer time allowing you to enjoy your intimate time with your partner.

Care should be taken to ensure you don't overdo or do something in a hurry or exert more force leading to breakage of the device.

The device needs to be opened gently along the joint and then batteries can be replaced. It can be done by anyone and doesn't require any expert assistance.

It is as simple as replacing battery in your clock or any device for that matter.

We give below step-by-step method to allow you to replace battery in the vibrating ring so that you can use it next time comfortably.

1. Wash the vibrating ring thoroughly
2. Take the small device out by squeezing it along the hole provided for the switch. 

How to replace Durex Play Vibration Batteries?

3. Take a knife or any sharp object and pierce it at the top. There will be a joint and it can be opened by splitting it using a knife or sharp object. You can gently slice it at the top without giving too much pressure.

If you use too much pressure, the device might be broken. So, make sure you are splitting it gently and carefully. It is only a joint that is hardly sealed.

How to replace Durex Play Vibration Batteries?

4. Then widen the gap using a metal scale or by using the blunt side of another knife.

How to replace Durex Play Vibration Batteries?

5. Now you can split the device along the horizontal length using blunt side of the knife, the way a fish is sliced and open the device along the joint.

How to replace Durex Play Vibration Batteries?

6. While slitting it open, make sure you are gentle enough not to break the edges so that it would become difficult to put the device back in order.

How to replace Durex Play Vibration Batteries?

7. Now, you have successfully opened the device. Here, you can see 2 small batteries (button cells), a motor with a semi-circle metal and a switch. (See the image).

How to replace Durex Play Vibration Batteries?

8. The batteries shown here are G2-A, an alkaline button cell, similar to LR-41 (Buy Now LR-41 batteries) . Replace the old batteries with new ones. The battery can lost long, meaning, you can get more vibrations , for longer durations and more number of times.

How to replace Durex Play Vibration Batteries?

9. Now, you can reassemble carefully and place the device inside the vibrating ring gently.
10. Now, you are ready for action again.

Hope, the tips above are useful and allow you to change batteries all by yourself. You just need to be little gentle while opening the device, that's all. All the best, have a blast with your partner.

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