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The condom access

Big bazaar, Small bazaar, Vegetable bazaar, Cloth bazaar… and many more bazaars you have heard off, but what is this Condom bazaar? Yes! The birth of condom bazaar has a very interesting story. The Founder is a newly married shy guy who worked in Chennai during the year 2008. Like any other newly married, he wanted to buy some….emm…am…con..Condoms.

The Shy Guy

As a shy guy, he is too embarrassed to walk in to a chemist shop and ask for the “C”. He knows the nearby chemist’s, so buying that damn thing will expose his intension to have the act. He was also imagining that, it may provoke the shop fellow to visualize him and his partner in a sexual context, or what the fellow customers will imagine about him.

Then he thought of taking the help of his married friends to buy condoms, but nobody was willing to help him, for the same reasons. One of his friends suggested, going far away from the locality and buying the thing. Well, it seems to be a good idea.

The Mystery Chemist

The poor fellow travelled 10Kms away in the night, luckily the shop had only few customers around, and he waited for them to move out and finally, made up his mind, with all his cool and composure asked the shop fellow for the wonder thing.

The chemist with a sarcastic smile went down the showcase and came out with a brown cover. By now our founder’s adrenaline levels were blown up, he flicked the brown cover immediately, and pushed a 50 rupee note to the chemist, before any one comes, even without taking the change, he slipped out of the shop.

Eagerly when the brown cover was opened back at home, it had a couple of condom wallets which were expired ones!

So sad #$%@

The Online mess

Then he took the help of Dr. Google and found the online shop of a reputed brand, he was able to browse a varieties of condoms and ordered some. The website said the items will be delivered in a week’s time. The long wait was over and the delivery day has come, our founder took an hour’s permission from work and rushed home. To his surprise, the pack has already arrived and was handed over to him by his Land Lord with a nasty smile.

Oh GOD, the company people clearly mentioned “CONDOMS” on the pack, and now it is known to his neighbour’s too.

Now we are sure that he is not alone; many of you also have the same story.

To support you guys, with full privacy during the buying & delivery of condoms and to offer you with the widest variety and choice of brands, Condom Bazaar.com was started.

Your Privacy

It has been a pleasure conversing with you. We look forward to sell privacy to you, not condoms.

Enjoy your privacy.