Vibrators for Indian Women – Fact Check

Vibrators for Indian Women – Fact Check

Vibrators have invaded the Indian bedrooms and majority of young Indian women in the age group of 16 to 30 are already aware of vibrators and majority of them have started using it, we have to accept the fact. The prime reason for women to try vibrators is because of the online platforms which maintain confidentiality and deliver the pleasure device in a discreet packaging.

As this removes the embarrassment factor, it triggers many women to make a trial purchase out of curiosity and then spreads the word, which in turn encourages even more women to try vibrators and this goes on and on and on…

and soon vibrators will become a household product in India, in the near future.

But there are quite a lot of myths and misinformation about vibrators are being spread. The aim of this article is to clear as much as possible and provide factual information about vibrators, pertaining to Indian conditions.

Let’s take one by one.

1. Do Indian women masturbate?

Yes, very much. As women are exposed to porn as much as men, many young women in India are masturbating actively. They are aware of the methods and vibrators are used wherever possible.

According to secret survey reports, many working women and divorced women are using vibrators to relieve their stress and keep their sexual health intact.

2. Can vibrators replace men?

No and never. Vibrators are good enough only for self-pleasure. It can never match the experience of having sex with a male partner. Physical lovemaking between a man and a woman involves physical, mental and emotional connection. The kind of energy that can flow between two loving partners are of a kind, which cannot be matched by vibrators.

However, vibrators allow women to experience heightened pleasure during masturbation, compared to self-pleasure using fingers or other small non-vibrating devices or other objects. So, those women who say that I don’t want a male partner and vibrator is enough for me, are fooling themselves or are averse to having a physical relationship with a man.

3. Can vibrators cause electric shock?

Good quality Vibrators won’t cause any electric shock. But cheap and low quality vibrators can give electric shock. So, users need to be careful and read the instructions before using it.

Users are warned to be careful while using vibrators and make sure they remain safe by all means.

4. Are vibrator using women bad in character?

No way...

Women who use vibrators are as good as every other woman. Using vibrator has nothing to do with the character of a woman. It is just a preference. Those women who oppose using vibrators will find no harm when they get an opportunity to use it.

The social stigma associated with vibrator usage makes some women feel guilty about themselves for using a vibrator.  There need not be any guilty feeling, as vibrator users are clear and they know how to pleasure themselves and remain stress-free.

5. Non-obscene and decent-looking vibrators or dildos are ‘legal’ in India.

Yes, non-obscene vibrators and dildos are legal in India. But still Indian obscenity law is not very clear with regard to vibrators.

6. Do Men buy vibrators for women in India?

Yes. Many men today are open enough with regard to vibrators and they are buying vibrators for their girlfriends, wives and others. Vibrators have found a place in the Indian bedrooms and no wonder, men are purchasing vibrators for women through online platforms.

As a man, if you haven’t tried vibrators during your lovemaking, you should try it today and see the kind of pleasure that you both can experience using a vibrator.

7. There are external vibrators that don’t cause you to lose virginity?

Virginity is still a debatable issue in the Indian matrimonial scenario. Indian men prefer to marry only virgin girl and thus Indian women are keen to keep their ‘hymen’ intact before their marriage. So, there are external vibrators which can be used by young and unmarried girls who want to experience pleasure without having to lose their virginity.

There are clitoral vibrators which can allow girls to experience pleasure by stimulating their clitoris without having to insert it into their vagina.

8. Are vibrators safe and skin-friendly?

Yes. Quality vibrators are absolutely safe for use. Quality vibrators are skin-friendly. But cheap and low quality vibrators are prone to cause skin problems such as irritation, itching and even severe skin burns due to friction.

So, users should be careful about buying the quality vibrators and don’t fall a prey to cheap ones that are available in online platforms.

9. Can vibrators cause any health problems with prolonged use?

Vibrators cannot cause any health problem with prolonged use. There is no reported problem with prolonged use of vibrators. As long as quality vibrators are used and the user knows about proper usage of vibrator, then user need not worry about any health problem.

10. Are vibrators great for overall sexual health?


Vibrators play a great role in relieving stress and reduce the sexual tension built up in the body. Vibrators help women enjoy intense orgasm which makes good hormones flow in to the body.

The experience is similar and sometimes much greater than the real sex with a male partner. This helps in improving the overall sexual health of the body.

11. Are vibrators meant only for lonely women?

No. Though many single women use vibrators in India for self-pleasure, it is not just meant for single and lonely women. Vibrators are also used by couples and where men assist women get increased stimulation and arousal by using a vibrator during lovemaking.

Thus, normal and healthy couples can also buy vibrators to experience quivering pleasure during lovemaking. This can help them add a variety to their bedroom routine and enjoy exhilarating pleasure.

12. Can vibrators help a woman enjoy good orgasm? Is it possible every time?

According to sexual health survey, only about 37% of women in India reach orgasm during a normal sexual activity. However, vibrators help women experience orgasm almost 99% and thus vibrators play a great role in allowing women experience orgasm in India.

The stimulation that a woman receives with a vibrator is so intense that it helps her achieve explosive orgasm, which may not be possible under normal circumstances with a male partner.

13. Are vibrators are increasingly used by Indian women today?

The number of online platforms selling vibrators is proof enough that the vibrator market is growing at a rapid pace and there is increasing sale of vibrators in India. According to a recent business report, vibrator sale in India is achieving 57% year-on-year growth.

It was reported soon after the release of the movies Veere Di Wedding & Lust Stories, vibrator sale shot upto 107% percent in one month. As relationships are becoming complicated due to socio-economic issues and men going through stressful work situations, women take to vibrators to experience orgasm.

14. Are vibrators inducing addiction? Can such women don’t enjoy normal sex anymore without a vibrator?

No. Anything is good as long as it is used in moderation. Vibrators can become an addiction when a woman begins to use it too frequently and too many times. So, vibrators cannot create any sort of addiction. Sex with a partner also involves emotional connection, so there is no way to conclude that women who use vibrator cannot enjoy a normal sex.

When the regular sex with a male partner is good, there is no need for a vibrator for self-pleasure.

15. What kind of experience a vibrator can give to a woman?

Vibrators allow women to experience a full range of sexual sensations that they never thought about a reality in life. It allows them to experience intense stimulation which may not be possible for them under normal circumstances. It helps them achieve quivering pleasure and intense orgasm, which are certainly not possible under normal sex or finger stimulations.

So, vibrators are opening up new vistas of erotic pleasure for women in India.

16. What is your opinion about a woman who uses a vibrator?

There is nothing wrong with a woman who uses a vibrator for sexual gratification and orgasm. Women have every right to experience orgasmic pleasure and when vibrators allow them to experience it every time they indulge, there is nothing wrong for a woman to try it.

Wide acceptance of vibrators among India women is a sure sign that Indian is slowly moving and evolving out of sexual taboos. Indians are generally known to be judgmental. But the fact to be taken is that vibrators have already invaded women’s life in India.

17. Does a vibrator improve a woman’s sex life?

It certainly improves a woman’s sex life as Vibrators allow women to experience heightened sexual sensations and experience explosive orgasm every time. The intensity of sensation that a woman experiences with a vibrator may not be possible using her fingers.

It allows women to know about her body and pleasure zones of her body.

18. Is vibrator the most popular sex toy for women in India?

Yes. It is reported that vibrators are increasingly bought by women across India and vibrators business is achieving 57% year on year growth. Because of its compactness and ease of use and highly effective in giving pleasure, women prefer vibrators more than any other sex toy.

There could be many other reasons for women to prefer vibrators over other sex toys.

19. Are vibrators meant for extremely personal desires and fantasies?

Vibrator can be used by women of all ages and sexual preferences. It can be used by women with normal sexual desires and also by women with an intention to satiate their wild sexual fantasies.

It is the device that is used for self-pleasure and any women can use it according to their individual likes and preferences. Women can be sure of experiencing explosive orgasms in the end.

20. Can vibrators be used with partner as well or is it meant only for personal use?


Vibrators can be used with partner as well. As long as the male partner is interested in experimenting with various forms of sexual pleasure there is no problem in using it with your partner. Some men are known to introduce vibrators into their sex life and allow their women to experience heightened pleasure during lovemaking.

So, vibrators are not meant only for personal use, but for use with partner as well.

21. When a woman uses a vibrator, is it an indication that her man is any less or incapable?


Vibrators have nothing to do with the capability of male partner. Women experience a different pleasure with a vibrator. It is said that vibrators cannot hug and give emotional support. So, vibrators cannot give the sensation that a woman can get in bed with a man. So, using

vibrator by a woman is not an indication that her man is less capable or incapable.

It is unfair to make such conclusions.

22. Does a vibrator increase blood flow to the vagina and increases sensitivity?

Yes. Vibrators provide a kind of stimulation and arousal that are impossible to achieve using a finger or manual stimulation. It increases blood flow to the vagina and increases sensitivity because of intense vibrations in that area. Thus vibrators make a woman enjoy intense stimulations and make her aware of pleasure zones in her body, particularly in her vaginal zone.

Vibrators help women enjoy sexual pleasure much better than what she could experience under manual stimulation because of increased blood flow.

23. Are vibrators available in different shapes, sizes, colours and texture?


Vibrators are available in a ton of shapes, sizes, textures, colours, features and functionalities.

For a first time user, it is practically difficult to choose the right one for her. There are endless varieties of vibrators available in online platforms now. Users can choose depending on their sexual appetite, size of the organ and kind of intensity that they want during self-pleasure.

Also vibrators come in various sizes, so that women can choose ones that can fit into their vanity bag so that they can carry it even when they are on travel and keep it confidentially without anyone knowing that they are using a vibrator.

24. Do USB rechargeable vibrators available?

Yes, both battery-operated and USB rechargeable vibrators are available. So that users can charge their vibrators using a USB connector and use it when it reaches required charge.

25. Does vibrators desensitize and practically ‘seal’ vagina because of intense stimulation?

No. Vibrators expose women to wide range of sensations and allow her to experience heightened pleasure through explosive orgasm. It no ways seals the vagina. In fact it makes vagina flexible enough for smooth and enjoyable sex with her male partner.

26. Are women in relationship can still use a vibrator?

Those women who are in a relationship still use vibrator for self-pleasure. Those women may not be able to get an opportunity to get physical with their partners and will certainly use it to give themselves pleasure. Women who are living with their husbands too are likely to use vibrators for self-pleasure occasionally.

Vibrators make women aware of the kind of pleasure that they can get during lovemaking and thus make them more involved in bed with their partners.

27. Does vibrators affect mental process negatively?

No way. Sexual gratification can only lead to peace of mind and improves self-confidence and self-esteem. Vibrators also help women relieve stress and get the secretion of happy hormones into their body. Vibrators doesn’t affect mental process negatively.

28. Is using vibrators are as healthy as physical sex itself?

To a large extent we can conclude that it is as healthy as physical sex itself. Vibrators provide the same hormonal rush and in fact much more intense arousal leading to explosive orgasm.

According to secret surveys only about 37% of women in India experience orgasm during lovemaking. Whereas vibrators ensure nearly 100% chance for women to experience orgasm. Thus vibrators can be concluded to be as healthy as physical sex itself.

29. Does vibrators guarantee explosive orgasms for women?

Yes, it does. Women reported to have achieved explosive orgasms only with the use of a vibrator. As the sensitivity and arousal are so high, they are able to achieve highly intense and explosive orgasms in quick time, which is a no match to orgasm through manual stimulation. Vibrators have proven to be a safe bet for achieving explosive orgasms compared to other methods of self-pleasure.

30. How vibrators improve the sexual arousal in women?

Vibrators provide intense vibration and it comes with adjustable vibration modes, so that a women can set the vibration that is comfortable to her. When vibrator is placed at either outer layer of vagina or inserted into the vagina, it provides intense stimulation as it vibrates at a certain frequency.

The vibration provides intense stimulation and arousal, as such levels of arousal may not be achieved through manual stimulation as hands become tired over a period of time and cannot continue to provide same level of stimulation.

31. Should men worry about vibrators taking their place?

Absolutely there is no need. There is no comparison with what a man can provide to a woman and what a vibrator can do to her. Remember, vibrators cannot cuddle, surprise a woman, shower love and provide emotional support when she needs.

All women crave for her man’s attention, touch and warmth, which vibrators can never provide. So, men need not worry about losing their place to vibrators.

32. Should a woman lose her virginity when she uses a vibrator?

Not necessarily. There are vibrators that can be used only to stimulate clitoris to achieve orgasm. In such cases a woman need not lose her virginity, yet she can enjoy heightened pleasure using a vibrator. So, women need not worry about losing their virginity.

33. Are vibrators suitable for both beginners and experienced self-pleasure enthusiasts?

Vibrators are suitable for first timers and advanced sexual enthusiasts. The vibration may be too intense to handle during the first time, but soon your body will get accustomed to it and you will begin to enjoy the sensations. Experienced women try variations in speed and explore various levels of pleasure by using the vibrator at different locations at different vibration speeds.

34. Will a woman be able to orgasm the ‘normal’ way even after using a vibrator?

Yes, certainly. Vibrator is just an external stimuli which enhances stimulation and arousal. A woman who has already used a vibrator can still be able to orgasm under normal circumstances, after all, what counts is the sensation that she receives during stimulation.

35. Does vibrator provides a sense of liberation and freedom to a woman?

Yes, it certainly provides a sense of liberation and freedom to a woman when she receives pleasure using a vibrator. Sex is still a taboo in India, but the sexual desire and arousal are real. So far, women are silent sufferers for not having an avenue to gratify their sexual urges in India.

But vibrators came in as a blessing in disguise and it allows women to release their sexual tension and achieve orgasm.

36. Are vibrators still sold in dark and unsafe alleys?

No, not at all. Vibrators from reputed brands are sold in India through trusted online platforms. So, it is absolutely safe for a woman to buy from such sources as she can be sure of top quality and good performance. Only thing is that women should not fall prey to cheap quality vibrators, which can lead to skin rashes / health hazards with prolonged usage.

37. Does vibrator make women feel good about their bodies?

Yes. It is proven beyond doubt that women who use vibrators are much more comfortable with their bodies. As they remain stress-free, they look and feel happy, which gives them a positive outlook. Vibrator releases pent up sexual energy in the body and this increases the feel-good factor.

38. Does vibrator set unrealistic expectations in women?

No. Women do understand that stimulations given by a vibrator and those received through hand or through their partner are different. Vibrators prepare women to enjoy sexual pleasure and this makes them receptive to sensual touch and passionate lovemaking.

They would be more receptive to indulge in the sexual play and enjoy as much as they can. They never set any unrealistic expectations with regard to intensity of lovemaking, rather they focus more on the quality of lovemaking in bed.

39. Is it true that vibrators desensitize clitoris or other erogenous zones in her body?

Not at all. Vibrators allow women to explore various sexual sensations. Vibrators are not known to desensitize clitoris or other pleasure spots of the human body. But vibrators should be used in moderation which otherwise may impact overall sexual health.

40. Will women choose vibrators over their partners?

It is not practically possible. Women need emotional support and love. Being loved and loving someone is a natural human feeling and women certainly need the love and support of her partner.

Though vibrators can provide heightened sexual pleasure, it can never replace a male partner. And thus, men need not worry about vibrators invading their space in relationships.

41. Is it necessary to arouse yourself (using a porn / erotica or imagination) before using a vibrator?

Yes. She may need to arouse herself initially to be able to use a vibrator. Otherwise, using a vibrator without sufficient arousal may lead only to a shivering sensation and not sexual arousal. In such cases, she may be able to feel the sensations of using a vibrator.

So, a woman needs to arouse herself sexually first and then use the vibrator.

42. Is it a must that every woman should try a vibrator at least once in her life?

Yes. Every woman should use vibrator at least once in her life. Because the kind of sensation and arousal that a woman experiences through a vibrator is so intense which she can never experience through finger or manual stimulation. Vibrators allow women to experience a wide range of pleasure that cannot be explained but only experienced.

43. Are there vibrators designed exclusively for couples?

Yes. There are vibrators designed exclusively for couples’ use. Couples who wanted to use vibrators for extra fun can try these ‘meant-for-couple’ vibrators, which allow men and women to receive vibration sensations simultaneously. When you want you and your partner to experience highly sensual session, then it is advisable to buy ‘couple vibrators’.

44. Are there any vibrators available for couples in a long-distance relationship?

Surprisingly yes. There are wi-fi enabled vibrators that can be operated using internet and couples even in long distance relationship can enjoy stimulating session even when they are distant apart. So, distance should not hinder couple’s capabilities to enjoy physical pleasure and better bonding. Vibrators for long distance couples are also available online.

45. Are there any apps for vibrator operations?

Yes, there are vibrators that can be operated by downloading apps in the google play store. The app can be used to set the frequency of vibrations and the app will allow women users to fix the right vibrational frequency according to your personal preferences. So, technology-enabled vibrators are also available for tech-savvy women and couples.

46. A survey says that women who use vibrators have lower stress levels and fewer headaches compared to women who don’t use a vibrator. Is it true?

Yes, it is true. Many vibrator users have reported reduced stress levels and improved sexual confidence. When there is no stress, naturally you are free from headache.

As women are emotional, there is very likely that they become stressed too often. Achieving orgasm through vibrators provide such women good release and allow happy hormones to secret leading to happy mindset.

47. What are the various types of vibrators currently available in India?

Bullet vibrators - These are small, bullet shaped vibrators that can be used both on clitoris and vagina. This vibrator usually comes with a single vibrator mode, but provides powerful sensation

G-spot vibrators - As the name indicates, these vibrators are designed to reach a woman’s g-spot without any difficulty and allow a women to experience heightened pleasure through intense stimulations

Clitoral vibrators  - Clitoris is defined as a woman’s love button. As the name indicates, these vibrators help women reach orgasm through intense clitoral stimulation

Discreet vibrators – These look like something else, such as a lipstick or a mascara. These vibrators are perfect for a women who wants to keep their pleasure sessions completely discreet. Also these vibrators allow women to carry them in their vanity bag without anyone knowing them that they are carrying a vibrator.

Rabbit vibrators – Similar to the ears of a bunny, these vibrators come with two arms to provide simultaneous stimulations to g-spot and clitoris. Rabbit or bunny vibrators are known for simultaneous vibrations at two highly sensual part of a woman’s body.

Couple vibrators – These vibrators are meant to be used during intercourse by a couple. This type of vibrators are designed to provide vibrations to both a woman’s vagina and a man’s penis, at the same time. Thus both partners can enjoy intense stimulations at the same time.

2-in-1 vibrator and massager – These vibrators are meant for both sexual pleasure and use it as a massager as well. These vibrators can be used even during foreplay and make sexual sessions enjoyable.

Vibrating wands – These are special wands that come with vibration options. These can be used to experience intense sensations. These can be used for self-pleasure and for couple sex as partners can give and receive pleasure with each other using the vibrating wands.

49. Do vibrators produce much more intense sensation than a penis, finger or mouth?

Yes. Technically, vibrators do produce much more intense sensation than a penis, finger or mouth. But the feeling and experiences are totally different. Physical sensation is incomparable as it can also play with a woman’s emotions. Without any comparison, every woman must experience vibrator sensations at least once in their life.

50. Are vibrators a must for women who have never experienced orgasm in their life?

Yes. For women who have difficulty in reaching orgasm through finger, mouth or other manual stimulation, vibrators provide the last and effective resort. Many women have reported as not being able to experience orgasm due to their conservative mindset, their poor attitude towards sex and lack of sexual knowledge.

Such women can potentially and conveniently experience orgasm as vibrators are capable of producing extraordinary sensations.

51. Why women get lured by the cheaply priced vibrators?

If you can see, women who haven’t used a vibrator are the ones who become victims of ‘cheap’ vibrators. They get easily lured into buying cheap vibrators from online. They are more vulnerable because of the eagerness to experiment forces them to make a try at the lowest possible cost. But, it is recommended to buy vibrators that are branded and buy them from trusted sources.

52. Can vibrators spoil regular sex?

No, not at all. Couples who indulge in regular sex are aware of the differences and vibrators are useful for women to experience heightened sensation. It can never affect regular sex in any way. According to secret survey, it is the single women who use vibrators more and only a negligible percentage of married women are buying vibrators.

This makes it clear that vibrators don’t spoil the active sex life of women, rather allow a woman to enjoy sexual life better.

53. Who should buy vibrators with a super-quiet motor?

Young women and girls who are living with their parents or family members and who don’t want to get caught during self-pleasure can buy vibrators with a super-quiet motor. As these vibrators don’t make any noise, they can enjoy their self-pleasure session without anyone noticing it.

54. What to look for before buying a vibrator?

Vibrator is a personal pleasure equipment and user can buy a vibrator based on her personal pleasure preferences. Before buying a vibrator, one should be clear about the target zone in the body, such as G-spot, External Clitoris or both at the same time.

Depending on the personal preferences, a woman can choose a vibrator according to her needs and thus enjoy pleasurable sessions. Otherwise, a woman may find vibrator too hard to handle and may eventually lose interest because of the incompatibility.

55. What to look for in a vibrator – thoughtful design, powerful motor and / or body-safe material?

It is not possible to pin point any one aspect of a vibrator. A woman has to choose a thoughtfully designed, compact looking vibrator. The motor needs to be powerful. Without any doubt, a vibrator should be made using a body-safe material.

So, all the above aspects are necessary and a vibrator with the perfect combination of the above three make a good choice for her.

56. Do vibrators promise healthier sex life for women?

Yes. Vibrators do help women enjoy healthier sex life compared to women who don’t use vibrators. As vibrators expose women to experience wide range of sensations during intense stimulation and know pleasure spots in their body better, their sex life becomes enjoyable and thus healthier.

Those women become more open to enjoying intense sexual pleasure and thus make indulge in sexual activities more happily and thus enjoy more pleasure every time.

57. Is it true that sale of sex toys and vibrators sky rocketed after the release of ‘Veere Di Wedding & Lust Stories’?

Yes, there was a spurt in the google search for key words such as ‘ Sex toys’, ‘sex toys in India’, ‘sex toys for women’, ‘female sex toys in India’, ‘vibrators for women etc., The search rate was over 200% more during the first 30 days of the release of ‘Veere Di Wedding & Lust Stories’.

The movie served as a great influencer allowing young women in India to try sex toys and vibrators in their life. We can safely conclude that the movie opened the flood gates of self-pleasure to women and opened new realms of sexual pleasure to countless women in India. The movie revolutionized the way sex toys are viewed in India.

58. Clitoral stimulation and orgasm – what is the connection with Indian women?

According to research many Indian women (as much as 70%) require good amount of clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. In other words, these women require vigorous stimulation of their clitoris to experience orgasm. This is one of the main reasons for the jump in the sale of various types of clitoral vibrators. Indian women seems to have found a liking for clitoral vibrators as it helps them enjoy explosive orgasm through effective clitoral stimulation.

So, the shortest way to help an Indian woman reach orgasm is to stimulate her clitoris and vibrators make it convenient.

59. What are the different vibration modes available in a vibrator?

Vibrators come with

1) High constant

2) Medium constant

3) Low constant

4) Pulse dash dash fast

5) fast pulse – like oscillation,

6) fastest oscillation,

7) smoother pulses etc.,

Though types of vibration modes vary from vibrators to vibrators, the above are common among most of the vibrators.

60. Does a vibrator help keep a woman’s desire for sex stronger?

Yes. When a woman experiences intense sensual pleasure using a vibrator, the kind of intensity that may not be possible using a hand or other forms of manual stimulation, she would be more tempted to try vibrators more often.

The urge to experience intense sexual pleasure becomes more as she enjoys more pleasure with a vibrator during every session. Thus vibrators kindle sexual desire in a woman and make her more open to experiencing pleasure during sex.

61. Why should a woman try vibrator atleast once in life?

Life is too short to waste in trivial sexual pleasure. Vibrators help a woman enjoy back-arching, spine-tingling, body-rocking and thigh-quivering orgasms, the kind of which are not possible using finger or manual stimulation.

Using a vibrator women can experience explosive orgasm and the experience is truly surreal. When you can experience such heightened pleasure using a vibrator, what prevents you from trying it even once. Try a vibrator and explore various orbits of sexual pleasure.

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