Face-sitting Sexopedia Term 21

Face-sitting, as the name indicates is an act by a woman or man placing their genitals over their partner's mouth for some sensual oral sex. Though a man or woman can do this, generally face-sitting is associated with women as they are givers in general. Face-sitting is categorized among femdom, as it is certainly a dominating female activity where she sits on the face of her submissive partner and allow the partner to give her an intense oral sex.

In popular BDSM circles, face-sitting is also referred as 'queening' as she sits on her throne while allowing her submissive partner to carry out the assigned duty diligently. If you are the queen, you can kneel over your 'slave' who will be lying down on his back. You can straddle his face with your legs and use your thigh muscles to hover your organ right over your slave's mouth.

Don't put your full weight on his face as he might choke for breathing. You can move your organ up and down his face to get the lick right. You can order your partner to suck, kiss or flick his tongue over your clit. Take complete advantage and order your partner what you exactly want.

After all, you are the queen there

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