Skore Buzz Vibrating Ring with remote - For Him & Her

Skore Buzz Vibrating Ring with remote - For Him & Her

Naughty Choker - Vibrating Fishy - Remote Massager

Naughty Choker - Vibrating Fishy - Remote Massager

Skore Buzz Vibrating Ring with remote - For Him & Her

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Skore Buzz Vibrating Ring with remote - For Him & Her - Product Description : 

Skore has one more product to add to its kitty of ‘firsts’. SKORE BUZZ is the India’s first remote controlled vibrating ring created with an objective to allow users to explore the pleasure limits without having to hold it on their hands.

They can enjoy vibrating pleasure using a remote control and they can set vibration mode according to their comfort levels.

Skore Buzz comes with 8 vibration modes to allow partners to choose the intensity of vibration according to their own needs. The vibration frequency can be set using a remote and thus both partners can enjoy some intense action. Made with premium, water resistant, body safe silicon and ABS material, SKORE BUZZ comes with multiple mood lights for the various modes.

Skore Buzz is not only rechargeable but also water-proof. Meaning, you can enjoy those quivering pleasure whenever and wherever you want. Being a water proof vibrating ring, it can be used under shower, bath tubs and pools.

How to use the vibrating ring and remote?

Skore Buzz is easy to operate. To switch on the vibrating ring, you have to press and hold the power button for 2 seconds. The power button is located on the side of the ring.

When the vibrator is switched ON, then you can switch on the power button on the remote to switch it on.

To change modes, press M on the remote with the vibrator on. Press H on the remote to enter/exit the BOOST VIBE mode.

Once activated, modes can’t be switched from here. Press the power button on the remote and hold for 2 seconds to turn off the vibrator. If the vibrator was switched off with the remote, it can be restarted by pressing H or M on the remote.

How to fix the battery in the remote?

The remote comes with replaceable battery. You can fix the battery comfortably.

- Slide open and remove battery compartment cover of the remote

- Remove the spacer placed in the battery slot before the first use

- Align the battery terminals ‘+’ and ‘_’ correctly and insert 27A 12Volt sized battery in the battery slot

- Slide back the cover and ensure the battery compartment is completely closed

- You are good to go now

How to charge the ring?

The ring comes with charging option. So, you can charge it after every use and keep it ready for the next scoring opportunity. It is similar to charging your mobile. You can insert the plug into the socket and insert the USB end into the port provided in the ring.

An LED light will glow indicating the ring is under charge. You need atleast 90 minutes for the ring to get fully charged. When it is fully charged, LED light will stop glowing.

How to use the Skore Buzz vibrating ring?

Remove the ring from the pack and slide it to the base of your penis. Press the button to switch it ON and use the remote to switch modes of vibration. You have 8 different vibration modes and you can choose the one that you both find it comfortable.

Initially, it is common for men and women to find vibrations too much to handle. But with experience, you will be able to handle vibrations comfortably and go for much intense vibrations. The vibrating ring is waterproof, so that you can use it in bathroom, under shower, bath tub and in pools for thorough enjoyment.

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