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All About Intimate Bullet Massagers

What is a bullet vibrator?

Bullet Vibrators are similar to egg vibrator in its function and utility. Bullet vibrators are bullet shaped with a tapering tip, whereas egg vibrators are egg shaped. Bullet Vibrator can be used for internal and external stimulation. Bullet vibrator is predominantly used by women and also by men over his partner. It is also used by lesbians and gay partners.

Bullet vibrators are tried by many as the first sex toy as it is usually affordable and easy to use and getting an orgasm is easy using this vibrator. Many users recommend this for their partners or friends as this is convenient to use, small in size and can be carried in a bag conveniently without anyone knowing that you are carrying a sex toy.

Types of Vibrators

Bullet vibrator comes in various materials such as plastic, silicone, glass, rubber, metal etc., Users can choose the material they find comfortable with. All these materials are highly quality and are medical grade so that users can use them safely without any worries about injury or infection. There is no way that one can get hurt by using a bullet massager. It is also available in different colours, sizes, shapes, style and textures to choose from. So, one can get a plethora of options when it comes to choosing a bullet massager.

Bullet massagers are available in plenty in online platforms and it is also available in select outlets for over the counter purchase. Online platforms provide an opportunity to get it delivered discreetly totally avoiding the embarrassment factor involved in shop purchase.


- It is one of the most popular among the first time sex toy users.

- Easy to handle and small in size which can be kept even in a purse so that it can be used without anyone knowing

- It is waterproof, which means it can be used conveniently in washrooms and under shower. It can be cleaned with water before and after usage.

- It comes either wired or wireless options

- It comes with different types of vibration function and speed which can be easily changed during sexual activity using a remote according to the comfort level.

- It can also be used as a masturbation toll for stimulating clitoris and other sensitive body parts like nipple, anus, bosoms etc.,

- It can also be used for foreplay by couples to get sufficient arousal and then get onto full fledged penetrative sex

Advantages of using Bullet Massagers

- Can be used for both internal and external stimulation. Thus, it can be used by women for masturbation when they are alone and can also use bullet massagers with their partners for arousal and additional pleasure

- It provides continuous and intense stimulation so that women can achieve orgasm quiet easily. Such stimulations are practically not possible using hand or tongue.

- Bullet massagers can be helpful for women who find it difficult to achieve orgasm through normal penetrative sex as they can be experience intense stimulation continuously leading to explosive orgasm

- For couples living in joint family set up or living with their parents, bullet massagers can be hidden and used without their knowledge as it is very small and the noise levels is also very less that no one can overhear from the next room. So, bullet massagers are ideal for such couples.

Disadvantages of using Bullet Massagers

- It is quite possible for the user to get addicted to such high level of stimulation that it becomes practically impossible to get orgasm under normal circumstances. This applies to single women and couples as well. So, bullet massagers should be used in moderation.

- Massager is battery operated, so the level of stimulation goes down when the battery power drains. So, it is important to replace the batteries as and when required. Which otherwise may drain the excitement. When couples forget to replace the batteries and when the massager goes off suddenly it can lead to disappointment and frustration and they may find regular methods insufficient to create necessary arousal.

- Bullet massagers come with codes, those people who are not comfortable using it can choose a codeless vibrator

Bullet Massager - Who can use?

The product is suitable for women who are living alone and those women who don't have any sexual partner to enjoy physical intimacy with.

First time couples can try bullet massagers as it is light when it comes to vibrations and their body may not be ready to handle strong stimulation at the first time. So, it is ideal for men and women and for couples who want to try sex for the first time for their sexual activity.

It is also ideal for those women who need some highly sensual clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. When they are not able to achieve orgasm through manual or oral stimulation, then those women can try bullet massager.

What is the difference between an egg vibrator and bullet vibrator?

- Both egg and bullet vibrators belong to the same category of vibrators

- Egg vibrator is egg shaped while the bullet vibrator is bullet shaped.

- Egg vibrator is available with codes while bullet vibrator comes without codes.

- Vibration functions can be adjusted easily by hand in both vibrators. (885)


There are different types of bullet massagers available in the market for different purposes.

Size - The massager is available in different sizes. While some are quite small for specific area stimulation, some others are large, which many would prefer. While the shape of the vibrator may be same, it is the thickness of the tip that varies. Couples can choose the vibrator according to their needs and their convenient levels.

Functionality - Vibrators differ in their vibration function. While some vibrators have only one vibration function, many others come with variable vibration function with adjustable speed. Some of the wireless vibrators allow people to enjoy sensual stimulation without having to deal with wires.


There are many varieties of bullet massagers available in the market today. With the plethora of choices available, it is quite a task for couples to choose the right one in the beginning.

- For the couples and young single women who are keen to try bullet massagers, it is recommended that they should go for the cheapest one with not-so-strong vibrations.

- Make sure it is made with safe materials that it won't hurt you or your partner during the intense activity.

- As couples become familiar with the intensity of vibrations, they can go for more intense and expensive massagers with adjustable speed and vibration functions to enjoy more pleasure.


As bullet massagers are reusable, they need to be maintained properly for long-term usage. The following are some of the maintenance recommendations.

- Massagers need to be properly cleaned before and after every use to ensure it is free from germs and bacteria

- For wired massagers, make sure the chords and controllers do not get wet

- If the massager is not water proof, then it needs to be cleaned with toys cleaner and wiped dry with clothes

- For battery operated massagers, batteries should be removed from the massager and stored in a cool dry place. If batteries are left unremoved in the massager, the motor of the egg vibrator may get burnt due to leakage of the battery.

- Bullet massager should be stored in a cool and dry place when not in use.

What one should be careful about while using Bullet Massagers?

While using a Bullet massager or any other sex toy for that matter, men and women should take the following precautions carefully. Otherwise, instead of receiving pleasure, the experience may become painful or hurting.

Sensible Usage Time - Remember bullet massager runs on power or battery. So, when it is used for a longer time, heat is generated inside the massager. So, when heat is felt, couples should immediately stop the massager and allow it to cool. Otherwise, the heat might damage the skin and make it a painful ordeal. Women should exercise greater precaution while using massagers over their ultra sensitive skin on clitoris and vagina.

Place of use - Massagers in general are operated using electricity or battery power. So, it should not be used in bathroom, pool, bath tub etc., Electric leaks may prove fatal when it is used in places having water.

Water Proof - Massagers that are marked as 'water proof' can be used in your bathroom, shower, bath tub etc., Even then make sure that massager doesn't get soaked fully in water as it may affect the performance of the massager and parts of it may become rusty and unusable.

Comfort Level - when you are using a bullet massager over the body parts of your partner, make sure that she finds it comfortable. You can force yourself while using the massager, as it might hurt her and drain the excitement completely as she might find it frustrating. The intensity of vibration what is comfortable to you, may not be comfortable to her. So, make your sure partner enjoys the vibration.