Moangasm Magic Wand

Moangasm Magic Wand

Rimalingus - Vibration Butt Massager

Rimalingus - Vibration Butt Massager

Rima Lingus - Double Vibration -Rechargeable Remote Massager

Rima Lingus - Double Vibration -Rechargeable Remote Massager

Moangasm Magic Wand

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Moangasm Magic Wand -  Product Description

When your sex life takes a toll and you lack healthy sexual relationship, then life certainly becomes miserable.

In today's stressful professional scenario, it is important for women to relieve their physical tension by indulging in healthy self-pleasure or healthy sex with their partners. Moangasm Magic Wand Intimate Massager is just made for such young women who want to experience fulfillment through self pleasure or love making with their partners.

This cute light pinck coloured massager comes with adjustable vibration speed that you can vary the speed according to your comfort level. The massager operates with less than 65 decible sound, meaning, it is nearly provides quite operation allowing you to enjoy pleasure without anyone knowing. Its compact size allows you to carry it in your vanity without anyone knowing that you are carrying a massager.


-       Rounded tip design helps you achieve intense vaginal stimulation

-       Provides highly sensual vaginal stimulation experience

-       This tongue vibrator can be used to stimulate vagina, clitoris and other sensitive parts of the body

-       It comes with super powerful motor, but ensures quite operation to help you enjoy pleasure without any distractions.

-       Silent operation allows you to enjoy pleasure without anyone knowing that you are using a vibrator

-       Made using silicone and ABS body, so that it is sturdy and meant for long life

-       Water proof design, hence it is washable

-       Allows the user to experience orgasm in less than 5 minutes because of intense stimulations

-       Delivered in discreet packaging so that no one will know what is inside


-       Vibrator should be cleaned thoroughly with water before and after every use to avoid infections

-       Use only a good quality lubricant that is compatible with the vibrator, if required

-       Stop using the vibrator if you don’t feel comfortable

-       It is meant for your personal use. Do not share it with your friends / roommates and others.

-       Use AAA battery and always remove the battery after use

-       Read the instructions carefully before using the vibrator to ensure maximum safety

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