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G-Spot Massager/ Vibrators

What is a G-spot Vibrator?

G-spot vibrator is a special sex toy that is designed to reach the G-spot comfortably. It is a special vibrator meant for women who can use this to stimulate the G-spot inside their vagina and experience heightened pleasure. This can be used by women during masturbation or alternatively with their partner during physical intimacy. This vibrator is primarily used to experience heightened stimulation and pleasure during sex.

Salient Features

Design - It is designed with a little bend at the tip so as to assist the user reach the inner walls of the vagina and stimulate the G-spot located on the top walls of vagina.

Water proof - G-spot vibrators are completely water proof so that it can be used under shower or in your bath tub. It can also be washed before and after the sexual intercourse.

Functionality - G-spot vibrators come with variable vibration function, speed, and rotational frequencies to allow users to try different spend according to their comfort levels and enjoy a stimulating orgasm.

How different is G-spot vibrator from a regular vibrators and dildos?

As the name indicates, G-spot vibrator comes with a special design which allows users to reach the G-spot without any hassle. G-spot vibrators come with little curved upwards at the top. Whereas a normal vibrator or dildos are designed flat and they are somewhat similar to the shape of a penis by design. Regular dildos and vibrators can be used only to stimulate vagina or anal. There is no way these can be used to reach G-spot.

G-spot is located deep inside the vaginal walls of a woman. A simple vibrator or dildo cannot reach the G-spot even if it is inserted into the vagina. G-spot vibrator is designed in such a way that the curved front portion allows stimulation of the G-spot by inserting it into the vagina.

Who can use G-spot vibrators?

- Women who want to experience intensive orgasmic experience can use G-spot vibrator as it can provide great orgasm

- For those women for whom just the clitoral stimulation is not enough

- For those women who find it difficult to achieve orgasm under normal sex. G-spot vibrators are highly recommended for such women so that they can experience heightened pleasure and explosive orgasm

- For those women who want more pleasure from vaginal sex

- For those men who are eager to provide explosive orgasm to their partners

What is a G-spot?

G-spot is one of the most sensitive spots in the women's body and it is most famous erroneous zones next to clitoris. G-spot, also known as Grafenberg Spot, named after a German Gynaecologist who first discovered it. It this highly sensual zone can be felt through a sexual activity. G-spot is situated inside the vaginal wall from 3 to 5cm from the outer opening of the vagina. G-spot is identified to be located at the top portion of the inside of the vagina and it is identified as the most sensitive zones which can give enormous pleasure to a woman when stroked. It is found to be located around the back of the pubic bone.

Stimulating G-spot provides strong sexual pleasure to women, but it requires bit of a training and practice to reach the spot and rub it effectively.

How to find G-spot?

Finding G-spot requires sufficient effort and some amount of practice. It is not as easy as inserting your finger and stroking it, the way you can do it over her mouth. Let us see how to find G-spot.

- Woman should lie down on their back with their knees folded and legs wide open.

- She should be in a relaxed mood and she can take a deep breath to relax herself. The muscles of the vagina won't relax when the woman is not in a relaxed frame of mind

- Keep your palm upwards and insert your middle finger into the vagina. The middle finger should be slightly curved towards top

- The finger should be inserted slowly and gently without causing any pain or discomfort to the woman

- You should insert about 3 to 4cm of your finger inside the vagina. For practical reasons, you should stop after inserting second joint of your middle finger and G-spot is located right there

- G-spot is located at the top portion of the vaginal wall, towards the naval button.

Sensitivity of G-spot

As already mentioned, G-spot is one of the most sensitive parts of a woman's body. Women get excited during sexual activity when g-spot is stroked either using hands or using penis or through G-spot vibrators or using other sex toys intended for g-spot stimulation. The pleasure experienced by a woman due to g-spot stroking is enormous.

G-spot Development

G-spot doesn't develop immediately inside a woman's vagina. It takes some time. When a woman regularly involves herself in masturbation and sex, then g-spot develops inside her gradually. G-spot is not just a point or a dot inside the vaginal wall. It is a zone inside the vaginal wall. G-spot is known to gradually develop into an erogenous zone while provide outstanding pleasure feeling when it is stimulated. G-spot vibrator is one of the sex toys used to stimulate g-spot inside the vagina. It allows stimulation of g-spot without much effort.

G-spot and Orgasm

There is a strong connection between g-spot stimulation and orgasm. When g-spot gets developed into an erogenous zone, then it can be easily stimulated using a finger or a sex toy. When g-spot is stimulated, it can help woman achieve orgasm.

G-spot and Squirting

Stimulation of G-spot doesn't stop only with an explosive orgasm, but it can also allow the pleasure to blow out like a fountain called squirting, which is often referred to as female ejaculation. Let us see how g-spot and squirting are related.

According to recent studies, squirting is the love fluid secreted when Skene's glands are stimulated. There are sufficient proofs to ascertain that it is not urine because urine has distinct ammonia smell, while the love fluid is tasteless and odourless. The liquid also feels smooth and in rare cases, urine left in the bladder gets mixed with love fluid that is jetted out.

It is found that g-spot stimulation results in Skene's gland secretion, which according to embryological science, is equivalent to male prostate. A component in female Skene's gland fluid is very similar to the secretion from the prostate or male semen. So, g-spot stimulation may not only lead to a good orgasm, but can also allow women to experience squirting. Remember squirting does not relate to orgasm.

Types of G-spot Vibrators

There are various types of G-spot vibrators available in the market in various shapes, function and properties. There is one thing that is common with g-spot vibrators, which is the curved tip, which alone makes it convenient to reach g-spot. Let us see some of the varieties of g-spot vibrators

Angle changers

This type of g-spot vibrator allows the user to change the angle of penetration as it comes with an adjustable neck and with swing neck properties. As the location of the g-spot varies from woman to woman, this type allows the user to strike it spot-on by using the swingable and bendable neck. This type of vibrator makes it easy to stimulate g-spot and allow the user to experience continuous stimulation and pleasure.

Rollers and Built-in Pearls

This is one type of a g-spot vibrator that comes with a roller on the tip which can move forward and backwards when vibration begins. The level of vibration can also be controlled by the forward and backward movement of the roller. The shape of this type of vibrator is also made in such a way that g-spot can be stimulated using it. This vibrator can be used to rub the g-spot located in the inside of the vaginal wall. This gives amazing pleasure to the user as the roller not only stimulates the g-spot by rubbing, but also gives quivering pleasure through vibration.

Simultaneous clitoral stimulation

There are specific g-spot vibrators that can also double up and help the user achieve clitoral stimulation simultaneously. This type of vibrator comes in the shape of a rabbit vibrator with a main g-spot shaft with rabbit ears. This is ideal for those women who haven't used a g-spot vibrator before. While penetrating, it can also stimulate clitoris and helps the user experience g-spot orgasm effortlessly. In the end, it turns out to be an explosive orgasm due the extraordinary pleasure received from both g-spot and clitoral stimulations. 1433

U-shaped Vibrators

Even U-shpaed G-spot vibrator can be used for both vaginal and clitoral stimulation simultaneously. As the name indicates, the vibrator has two joined shafts in the shape of 'U'. While one shaft of the 'U' goes inside the vagina to stimulate g-spot, the other shaft stimulates the clitoris. As the design is perfect for stimulating both g-spot and clitoris at once, this is considered as the most effective g-spot stimulator.