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What is a Vibrator and why women need it?

Vibrator is a sex toy that is considered a 'woman's secret lover'. Vibrators / Intimate massagers are boon for women who do not have a male partner to provide them physical pleasure. It is also a blessing in disguise for those women who struggle to achieve an orgasm through regular sex. These products can also be used by married couple for achieving extra pleasure or clitoral stimulation or when the partner is not available.

Though vibrators come in various sizes and shapes, they are generally designed in a penis shape with a powerful motor to stimulate a woman's clitoris and/or vaginal in ways even her partner cannot stimulate using his hand, organ or mouth.

A vibrator can potentially tickle a woman's most sensitive body parts and provide them unbelievable levels of arousal. Vibrator allows the user to set speed settings according to the intensity of vibrations that a woman would like to feel over her private spots. There are specific vibrators for clitoral stimulation, G-spot stimulation, external stimulation and much more.

Women in India are coming out of their shell to take up more responsibilities in the corporate world. They travel a lot and average marriage age of women is also going up considerably. This leaves women to try intimate massagers and vibrators to please themselves physically. As there is a change in the attitude towards sex, particularly among women, offers scope for the proliferation of intimate massagers and vibrators for women. They also try as sex is accepted as part of life and they feel it is their right to enjoy the physical pleasures.

Women are increasingly trying vibrators and intimate massagers to enjoy sexual pleasure as involving partners might need them to deal with contraception and social stigma of being with men without getting married. Women are worried about societal pressure at the same time wanted to enjoy pleasure. And vibrators offer them the perfect solution as they can enjoy pleasure secretly.

Why to use Intimate Massager and Vibrators?

When you are alone, and feeling horny, then only thing you can do is to take out your massager or vibrator and play with yourself. This can also be used when your partner is out on a business tour or being late from his busy office work. You can have a plethora of choice when it comes to vibrators and massagers and you can mix and match and enjoy different kinds of pleasures as each one is capable of giving different levels of pleasure altogether. Further, you choose the one that suits you and allows you to experience intense orgasms, which may not be possible under normal circumstances.

In our traditional Indian family set up, it is not easy for a woman to enjoy her masturbation. However, the introduction of massagers and vibrators are changing the way and allows women to experience orgasm when they are alone. Personal massage devices and vibrators are serving as secret sex partners allowing women to experience pleasure without any embarrassment.

For those young woman who are eager to try a vibrator or a massager, but don't know where to start, then this article would give you correct directions and you can enjoy sexual pleasure without anybody knowing what you are using. Vibrators come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but look like regular devices for personal use. They don't have anything that can explicitly look like sexual devices.

Most of the vibrators come with broad and flat heads that makes them appear inconspicuous. Some have removable heads which even in the wildest imagination will not look like a sex toy.

A massager comes in the flower pot shaped with two protruding green leaves. You need to take those leaves out of the pot to use it as a vibrator. Otherwise it will look like a gift item. This way, vibration manufacturers are working overtime to produce sexual devices that allow you to enjoy and keep your libido drive a secret.

When it comes to choice of vibrators, you can choose the one that is just right for you. By saying you can choose, we wean you can choose the size, shape, pressure setting, color and functionality that is comfortable and pleasurable to you.

How a massager can make your sex life all the more enjoyable?

While classic masturbation can help you enjoy your time with a pleasurable sensation, the kind of arousal that is possible using a vibrator is phenomenal. You wouldn't have thought such stimulation is possible unless you try with a vibrator. Further the massager can be used to sensitize every part of your body that you feel good about. The stimulation that you get using a vibrator or massager can never be achieved through masturbation.

Usually you can feel your hands getting tired when you are rubbing yourself with your hands. Further, you get drained when you don't achieve expected arousal and you lose interest and you stop masturbation out of tiredness and frustration.

But with a massager, your pleasure can take on many different forms. You can apply various levels of pressure on any part of your body effortlessly and that can help you achieve extreme arousal, that way you can experience exploding arousal.

Further, you can hide your love enhancers to the outside world. Nobody would be able to know that you are using a vibrator or a massager to make your masturbation an amazing experience.

Should you not disclose about the Vibrator to your man?

It depends on your relationship with your man. Ideally, vibrators are meant not only for individual use, but can work wonders for couples as well. If you really want to spice up your sex life, make the device part of your sexual routine. It is sure to improve whatever is going on between your sheets. By introducing vibrators into your bedroom, you are allowing your man to know your preferences and what you enjoy most. You are communicating what you like and how you want him to pace his moves so that it becomes a highly pleasurable one for you.

When you both begin to enjoy your intimacy and sex, it is going to strengthen your relationship a lot better. He is going to feel a lot better seeing you getting increasingly aroused and going wild. Further, vibrators and massagers can do a world of good to reignite the spark that when you both had during your first physical encounter.

What is the difference between a vibrator and a massager?

Before going further, we shall provide a clarification. Vibrator can function only as a sex toy, which can be used to stimulate. They come in shapes that will look odd during normal times and can find its use only when you are aroused. A massager on the other hand, can also serve as a regular device for your personal massage. Most of the massagers come in shape that are not only suitable for vaginal or clitoral stimulation but can also be used on your back, neck, shoulders and feet as well. It can be used on any part of your body for relaxation.

Various types of vibrators available now for women

Vibrators are most popular among women in India and worldwide, as the stimulation that one can get using a vibrator is more effective than any amount of oral, penile or physical stimulation.

Classic Vibrators

These are perfect go-to-toys for every woman. It comes in a variety of colors, shapes, speed, materials and textures to experience a whole range of sensation with various vibration settings. It can be used discreetly that you can have fun without your parents or neighbors knowing about it.

Wilderness Bliss Vibrator

It is for those who want to have something wild. This vibrator is water proof and equipped with extra silent motor that you can enjoy it without any noise. It comes with 30 types of vibration settings allowing you to choose the most appropriate one and experiment varying speed every time.

Mini Vibrators

These are perfect to pair with a penetration to achieve powerful orgasms. The vibrator can be used to stimulate the erogenous zones of both men and women to experience heightened pleasure. It also comes with multi-touch and multi-pronged options that can help you unlock your wildest fantasies with or without a partner.

Bullet Vibrators

These are small yet powerful devices. This vibrator can be used on your nipple, clitoris, labia, and inner walls of vagina. Due to its simple features and discreetness, bullet vibrators are the most preferred ones in India.

G-spot Vibrators

This vibrator is designed in such a way that you can identify and stimulate the most erogenous zones of your body. The vibrator comes with a curved head that can help you reach out and stimulate the spot inside your vagina and provide a firm and pulsating pressure to experience exploding orgasm.

Clitoral Vibrators

These are the best vibrators for first time users to experience orgasmic pleasure. These vibrators are ideal for young girls who want to experience intense stimulation without penetration.

Rabbit Vibrators

As the name indicates, the vibrator come in a bunny shape. The vibrator allows women to experience both vaginal and clitoral stimulations and thus achieve a peak orgasm. It comes with two motors, one at the bunny ears, which stimulates clitoris, while the other motor is at the shaft, which stimulates vagina. Rabbit vibrators can provide highly intense orgasm.


These vibrators have a firm body and rounded tip to stimulate the most sensitive parts powerfully. This type of vibrators can be used for both internal and external stimulation. With strong speed and powerful pulsations, this vibrator can be used to achieve explosive orgasms. This vibrator can also used as a body massager for relaxing nerves and muscles after a hard day at work.

Discreet Vibrators

As the name indicates, these vibrators come in the shape of a lipstick or a fruit or any other shape so that others cannot identify the object at the face of it. These can be carried in the handbag without feeling embarrassed. These vibrators are as good as regular vibrators and help women achieve exploding climax.

Exclusive Vibrators for India

Indian women are special and so are their needs. Further, physically Indian women are shorter than western women and they have a comparatively smaller frame. Fingers of Indian women are smaller and the wrap around portions also has to be comfortable for them to hold and exert needed pressure.

Thus vibrator makers are now producing vibrators that are exclusive for Indian women, allowing them to enjoy exploding climax with or without partner. Now, Indian women have a large selection of unique, amusing and innovative range of vibrators to allow them to enjoy sex to a whole new level.

G-Spot Woodpecker - Vibrator Made for India

It is among the luxury collections of vibrators available online now. It ensures you can hit your G-spot comfortably any time and every time. It is designed in such a way that you would be able tickly your little spot inside your vaginal wall that makes you experience nirvana.

Love Bullet - Clitoral Vibrators Made For India

These pleasure enhancers are meant to give yourself clitoral stimulation and exploring exciting terrains in your erotic journey in pursuit of orgasmic gratification. By helping you stimulate the pink stud at the tip of your vagina, these vibrators can keep you in night long euphoria.

Mini Vibrators

These vibrators are discreet and can be customized. These products allow women to experience new levels of sensations and continued to be used by scores of young Indian women.


While choosing the right vibrator for you, consider the following points importantly:

The quality of sex is directly proportional to the intensity of vibrations that you experience in your private parts. There are single mode vibrators, multiple mode vibrators and different vibration patterns as well, such as thumbing, throbbing, pulsating, waves etc., You can start with the first vibrating mode and move on to different vibration patterns and speed to adjust to their choice of intensity and power required to achieve sexual gratification.

When you want to use your vibrator in the bathroom, under shower or in a bathtub, then water proof vibrators are ideal. They are also easy to clean. This will also be useful to use it with your partner under shower or alone. So, know your need and choose the one that is appropriate for you. Preferably many women use water-proof vibrators as they can find it convenient to use it in bathroom as they can get complete privacy.

Vibrators come in various sizes. You can choose the length according to your fantasies and your organ size. However, for beginners, it is better to go for size anywhere between 3 to 5 inches. Vibrators with wider heads are meant for G-spot stimulation which the ones with smaller diameters are convenient for beginners.

Noise can trouble you in two ways, one affecting your privacy, while the other it can affect your mood. When you want to keep your act with yourself and do it without anyone's knowledge, then you should go for a vibrator with a quiet motor. You can check this in the features section of the product before buying. There are ultra-quiet vibrators available in the market, which you can buy if you want to stay safe from your prying ears of your parents.

How to Use a Vibrator?

Having understood the factors to consider while choosing the right vibrator, it's time to know how to use a vibrator.

  • After removing the new vibrator from the box, check the batteries and confirm they are working fine.
  • Run the vibrator over the parts of your body like nipples, inner thighs or navel area just to experience the new sensation. Check whether you are comfortable with it.
  • Now you can move the vibrator to more intimate areas. Place the vibrator close to your vaginal opening to test the intensity of vibrations before inserting it inside your vagina.
  • Change the speed and intensity of vibrations slowly and see how comfortable it gets.
  • Once when you are comfortable with the speed and intensity, slowly insert the vibrator into your vagina.
  • Play with your clitoris as you insert the vibrator in.
  • Try different positions and angles that give you more pleasure.
  • Fix it in a position that allows you to achieve orgasm
  • Clean the vibrator thoroughly after use to maintain hygiene
  • After washing, wipe it dry with a soft cloth or towel.

How safe is an Intimate Vibrator?

You need a power source to use vibrators and most of the vibrators are battery operated. Some come with rechargeable options as well. So, charge batteries sufficiently so that you don't feel an unexpected interruption leading to frustration.

Most of the vibrators will last for several years with proper care and maintenance. Vibrators in generally are made using high quality materials and are safe for all skin types.

However, if you experience any kind of allergic reaction or itching, immediately discontinue its use and seek medical attention. Most of the vibrators are quiet and mean for discreet intimate use.