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Clitoral Massagers/Vibrators

What is clitoris?

Clitoris is a small hood that is situated above the vaginal opening and urethra. It is one of the most sensitive parts of a woman's body. The clitoris consists of numerous parts namely, glans, clitoral body, combined crura and vestibular bulbs.

Clitoris is also referred as the female penis or pseudo penis. Clitoris is tiny in structure, but visible from outside, similar to penis. As with penis the spongy body tissues are mostly confined in clitoris. The general size of a clitoris glans is about 5mm for an adult woman. The clitoral glans has more number of nerves compared to penis glans, which makes clitoris more sensitive than a penis comparatively.

The clitoris is an organ that provides sexual excitement when it is rubbed or pressed. The clitoris provides a unique sensation and pleasure during sexual activity or during masturbation as nerve endings provides a maximum pleasure sensation when it is touched or pressed.

When pressed wrongly or when too much pressure is applied over clitoris, it can cause pain and make some women being to feel that clitoral stimulation can be painful. Such women can try clitoral vibrators and enjoy extraordinary pleasure by stimulating their clitoris.

What is a clitoral vibrator?

A Clitoral vibrator is a sex toy with vibration function made specifically to stimulate the clitoris. This is designed in such a way that it is useful only for external application such as stimulating the clitoris. It is useful for women to use it alone during masturbation or use it with their lesbian partner to stimulate clitoris to give and receive pleasure.

Various types of Clitoris vibrators are available in the market. Some come with single vibration function and speed, whereas many others come with adjustable vibration function and speed. To allow women to experience various range of sensations, clitoris vibrators are made available in different materials such as rubber, silicone, plastic etc.,

Though the options of buying clitoris vibrators from shops are very limited in India, it is widely available online. A woman now has a plethora of vibrators to choose from.

Why would one try clitoral vibrators?

Due to the change in socio-economic conditions in our country and women are little hesitant in investing time and effort in relationships, clitoral vibrators come as a relief for many women to satiate their sexual urge. It also helps women who are either divorced or separated from their partners due to various reasons.

Clitoral vibrator helps women enjoy more pleasure, both during masturbation and having sex with partner. Along with vibration function some of the vibrators also come with rotation function, which can stimulate clitoris to a great extent. Clitoral vibrators are not intended to be inserted into vagina or anus. It is particularly made in small size to suit the size of the clitoris and it is designed in such a way that it doesn’t look like a sex toy, so that women can conveniently carry it in their vanity bags and use it whenever and wherever they want.

Most of the clitoris vibrators are water-proof, so that they can use it under shower or in the comfort of bath tubs. It can also be cleaned thoroughly before and after the sexual activity. Clitoris vibrators are either battery operated orUSBrechargeable.

Who can use clitoral vibrators?

- Women who want to experience heightened pleasure during masturbation

- Women who couldn’t experience orgasm through vaginal or anal sex either due to their inability or their partner is not able to arouse them sufficiently.

- Women who want to experience intense orgasm can use it either alone or with the help of their partners

- Lesbian women to give and receive pleasure

- Women who want to experience nipple or breast stimulation

Advantages of using clitoral vibrators

- These vibrators are specially made for intense clitoral stimulation. So, women who have not experienced orgasm with regular vaginal sex can try this to achieve peak orgasm

- As it helps women achieve intense orgasm through clitoral stimulation, it makes women feel good about them. It helps women achieve both physical and psychological well being.

- Clitoral vibrators are water proof. This allows women to use it in bathrooms or under shower without anyone in the family knowing.

- The vibrators come in small size that it can be kept inside a purse or a bag without others knowledge. Vibrators can be carried to anywhere and a woman can enjoy pleasure wherever she goes

- Even during sexual activity, women can use with the help of the partners to stimulate sensitive spots in clitoris to achieve orgasm

- It can also be used to stimulate nipples

- Clitoral vibrators are easy to use and maintain

- Clitoral vibrators are affordable and women from all walks of life can buy and use them.

Only disadvantage of using clitoral vibrators

- Clitoral vibrators are meant only for external use. It should not be used for penetration. Women who are interested in vaginal or anal stimulation cannot use this. It can only be used to stimulate from outside.

Tips to stimulate your clitoris

For those who are not sure about how to stimulate their clitoris properly, we give below some of the tips to make it work.

Touch over your panty

Women can feel the pleasure even when they touch their clitoris over a cloth. Women need to begin by vertical stimulation along the shape of the vagina first, by rubbing over the panty. When you move your fingers repeatedly, clitoris becomes erect and you will be able to feel it much better. As soon as it gets rubbed in the erect state, the pleasure sensation also increases. Even a little stronger stimulation from the tip of the panty is sufficient to give greater pleasure. It is Ok to stimulate only when your panty it made up of cotton or silk. You will feel hurt if your panty is made up of any rough fabric.

After a while stop vertical stimulation and run your fingers and rub sideways. The amount of pleasure received due to sideways movements will differ from woman to woman. It can be tried and discontinued if it is not giving enough pleasure. Similarly add two fingers to stimulate the outer lip of your vagina.

Direct Skin Touch

After a while of touching through your panty, now you can rub your clitoris directly. You can gently tough the tip of the hood, rub it strongly and give it a press and then gently draw a circle. You can do the circular rubbing motion for while.

Touching clitoris gently is very important. It is better to rub it using two fingers instead of one finger as you will be able to rub larger portion of clitoris using two fingers. More sensual touch means more pleasure for you. Instead of a dry touch, it feels better when you make it wet with saliva or lubricant to reduce friction. Soft stimulus works better for ultra sensitive clitoris. Giving too much pressure or touching it roughly may drain the pleasure and you will begin to feel hurt resulting in pain and discomfort.

Use Vibrator

Gently touch your clitoris with your vibrator. Then gradually shift the position of your fingertip and then move your finger to stronger vibration position. Before moving your finger, observe your partner's reaction and see how she feels.

Then move your fingers and then move the vibrator to push and pull and then allow her to feel the vibrations. The frequency and speed of vibrations vary with person to person. Everyone is comfortable with their own point and vibration rhythm. It is good to repeat to two or three times a second and find the perfect rhythm.

How to Use Clitoral Vibrators for best results?

Before going further, let us understand the following:

Knowing how to stimulate is important

Clitoris is ultra sensitive. It needs to be stimulated smoothly and gently. Many couples may over stimulate under the influence of porn videos or out of enthusiasm. Many women begin to feel hurt when clitoral stimulation is done roughly or with extra pressure. It is important for the male or lesbian partner to understand the sensitivities of their female partners while using clitoral vibrators. One needs to understand the comfortable vibration frequency and speed before using it. Any overdoing will drain the happiness and it may lead to a painful experience for the receiving woman.

Careful about not peeling while stimulating clitoris

Clitoris is a very small hood located above the vaginal opening and urethra. It is engulfed in the upper part of the urethra that normally it is little difficult to see the clitoris. When urethra skin is pulled upwards, clitoris appears like a pink ball. In fact the hyper sensitive clitoris is protected by urethra skin. So, while using the clitoral vibrators, care should be taken to ensure the outer skin of the urethra is not pulled, which can become painful. The vibrator should be used to first stimulate the top of the urethra skin and then move on to clitoral hood to give enhanced pleasure.

Use lubricant to make stimulation enjoyable

For clitoral stimulation it is important to use either saliva (natural love juice) or a personal lubricant. When couples are using it, the partner should apply personal lubricant over the entire genital area to make it slippery and easy to run the vibrator over it thus reducing the pain and discomfort caused due to friction.

When lubricant is not used, then there is always a chance of women getting hurt during clitoral stimulation as clitoral is ultra sensitive and covered by the outer skin of urethra, which might get ruptured during the intense stimulation activity.

Know how to stimulate your clitoris before using a vibrator

Before using clitoral stimulation, it is important for a woman to know about their body and pleasure points in her body. Only when a woman knows about her body she can communicate it to her partner better before, during and after sexual activity to achieve peak enjoyment. Most women achieve orgasm only through clitoral stimulation; such women can convey it to their partner that it is important for them to get their clitoris stimulated.

So, only when a woman knows about ways of stimulating her clitoris through masturbation, she can handle clitoral vibrators deftly. She can also make her partner use it in such a way that she enjoys pleasure. So before using a clitoral vibrator, a woman should be aware of her erroneous zones in her body and know how to stimulate her clitoris to experience orgasm. Some women may hurt themselves during the first few times of clitoral vibrator usage, but with little practice, they can gain control and know how to use it properly to receive pleasure.

What are the types of clitoral vibrators available?

Let us see some of the different types of clitoral vibrators that perfectly serve women's sexual needs.

Size and Shape

Clitoral vibrators come in different sizes and shape, from a little one to finger types. A small sized vibrator is recommended for the beginners. Small sized vibrators are also convenient to carry as it can allow women to enjoy pleasure anywhere.


Clitoral vibrators come with options like soft stimulus to strong stimulus, variable vibration frequencies from soft to strong vibrations, various vibration patterns and rhythms. User can select based on their needs. It is suggested to start from soft stimulus and then gradually increase.

Suction type

Recently suction type clitoral stimulation toy is getting popular. The suction sucks over the clitoris with the help of a motor. User can suck the clitoris gently and adjust the suction speed as required.

Futuristic Vibrators - Option to Insert

Clitoral vibrators are made specifically for external stimulation. They are not designed to insert. But most women want vibrators to be inserted as they find clitoral stimulation is not sufficient enough to satisfy the sexual need. So, clitoral vibrators with option to insert into the vagina are introduced in the market recently. Rabbit Vibrators, classic vibrator are some of the vibrators that can be used for both clitoral and vaginal stimulation needs.


  1. It is important to use a lubrication while using clitoral vibrator, which otherwise can hurt due to excessive friction
  2. The user needs to be gentle while using the vibrator over the clitoris.
  3. Start slow and then increase speed.