Last Longer in Bed with a Little Knowledge

Last Longer in Bed with a Little Knowledge

When we say tips about lasting longer, don't assume that we are yet another run-of-the-mill page describing about unusual ways to staying longer or overcoming premature ejaculation. We are not trying to sell any drug or chemical that allows you to last longer in bed. We are not going to ask you to enroll in any course to master the art of staying longer in bed. These are simple ways to prepare yourself to prolong your coital time. All it takes is a little knowledge and self control to stay longer in bed.

Take a short break

One of the easiest and effective ways to prolong your time in bed is to take a short break during your act. As you push your organ for a while, stop it, drink a glass of water or have a chat with her for a while, change the music, change the temperature of your air conditioner, do a massage or do something to take a break. 

We are not asking you to take too long or else your partner may lose interest. Just allow a little diversion, but keep the mood alive. Don't make your partner wait for you endlessly, which can frustrate her. Keep her in a sexy anticipation and quickly get back to bed. Don't touch your erogenous zones of your body during this little break. This short break can help you douse the flam for a while and re ignite the passion inside you.

Make it orally attractive

Give your partner a lengthy and sensual oral. In general, both men and women love to receive a lengthy oral session. So, give your partner some enjoyment by using your tongue and make sure you pass the oral exam. Spending time on oral will create a time wrap for you while she would be thoroughly aroused, nearly to the verge of having an orgasm. So, then you can push your organ until the point of her orgasm. As your arousal level is diverted while you are indulgent in oral, it can help you prolong your time as she would be too overwhelmed to receive your pillar.

Use climax delay condoms and lubricants

There are quite a number of climax delay condoms and lubricants are available online. You can try any one of them as they provide guaranteed results allowing you to go on and on and on. You can give your valentine a memorable experience and she would be truly excited to experience multiple orgasms due to your prolonged banging.

Use toys

You can use toys intelligently to prolong your coital time. Men generally have 7 seconds reaction time before ejaculating the semen. When the brain sends orgasm signals it requires 7 seconds for your organ to pour down your juices. So, when you begin to feel orgasmic sensation, you can immediately withdraw and shift your attention to toys. While you can continue the tempo and make her go wild using the sex toy, but physically you can be in control and continue the game after a while.  Seeing her swirling in pleasure can make you harder and get you ready for the game again.

Go Slow

Change your speed. Going slow is vital to last longer in bed. Banging her like a hammer can be really tempting and you are more inclined to get carried away. While it can be a greater feeling for men to release after a faster banging, it does nothing to your lady love. She loves to have your bulged boy inside her pleasure hole for a longer duration, irrespective of the speed. So, slow down and make gentle, shallow strokes so that you can last longer. As you go slow, you will have time to establish loving eye contact, tease her breast, indulge in nipple play, clitoral stimulation, kissing and lot of other things. These actions will have her howling at the moon and beg for more.