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What is a Sex Toy?

Sex toys are lifeless companions that can be used for individual or couple's sexual gratification. The extent of stimulation that one can derive from sex toys may not be possible under normal circumstances. Sex Toys come in various sizes and shapes and for customers with varying sexual appetite. There are number of exclusive sexual toys of men, women and couples. The number of variants available today is truly mindboggling.

Sex Toys have sneaked into Indian bedrooms thanks to the internet. It is no more a secret and one doesn't have to linger around dark alleys and meet that special person to make a purchase through hush-hush talk or using code words to buy a sex toy anymore. Whether you like it or not, sex toys found a place in the Indian sexual landscape and it is here to stay for a longer period.

With the marriage age extending and Indians prefer to get married after achieving financial security, the need for 'toy's for individual sexual gratification is on the rise. You don't need an expert to predict that the potential for 'sex toys' business in India is on an upswing. With the plethora of choices available and the availability of discreet packaging and delivery, the market is poised for an exponential growth. As the young adult population of India with disposable income, it is but natural that curious Indian minds are on a constant hunt for that special 'playmate' that can bring some spice into their bedrooms.

Post liberalization many multinational companies made a beeline and set up their shops in India. Along with their business processes and working style, they also brought along their culture. Through onsite opportunities Indians too got a taste of western ways of living. This made them more open towards sexual preferences. As Indians began to embrace western ways of living including the choice of food, dressing, accent, they have become more liberal towards sex.

The curious Indian minds are constantly on a hunt to bring some spice into the bedrooms. Sex toys are now helping Indians to gratify their sexual urge to unimaginable levels. The emergence of online platforms and convenient and discreet shopping opportunities has helped proliferation of sex toys in India. Word of mouth advertising and reviews further tempt people to try sex toys in their life.

Sex Toy Market in India and it's growth

The most significant factor that contributes to the demand for sex toys is the free availability of pornography. Erotic stories and porn videos are available at the touch of a button and people can view it from the convenience of their mobile phone or tab or laptop. It is available at free of cost and the volume of porn videos available in the internet is innumerable. The pornography induces young men and women to masturbate and try something different in sex. As the availability of videos are enormous, people want variety and thus they get to see usage of sex toys for sexual gratification. As a progression from pornography or erotic material sex toys act as an intermediary between fantasy and reality.

There is also a smart business angle to it. The western world which produces sex toys also benefit as they use online platforms to market their product heavily in India. Sex toys are advertised heavily through social media and porno sites. The huge population of India offers them tremendous scope to sell their products in volume that they do all sorts of marketing to entice young Indian men and women to try sex toys.

Before going further, let's have a look at sex in ancient India and the emerging trends.

Sex in Ancient India

Though sex still remains a taboo in India, it is the land where 'Kamasutra' was written. Historically India is a country that enjoyed complete sexual freedom, otherwise it would not have been possible for someone to compile a book like 'Kamasutra' and erotic sculptures would not have adorned out temples. We have solid proof in the form of literature, art, sculpture that sex had been an integral part of Indian culture for years. According to the depiction of gods in temples, we can very well interpret and say that even Hindu gods and goddess have very liberal views about sex. There is an ideology in Hinduism that propagates that sex is also a method to attain god and all these things were there thousands of years ago. From the available literary proof, even women were sexually liberated as much as men.

Successive invasions changed the sexual outlook of the country. The invaders brought their own rules and culture and propagated that the act of sex is more prudish. People were intoxicated with the idea that sex is 'dirty'. British rulers further changed the attitude of people towards sex that people began to consider sex as even more prudish and puritan towards sex. The rulers further strengthened the stigma in the society. Nearly 200 years of controlled British rule changed the country’s attitude towards sex and made people completely acquire different perceptions towards the act of sex.

Sex in India - Emerging Trends

Though, the stigma associated with sex is still not completely changed in India, the advent of internet and communication technologies have changed the people's outlook, particularly the young men and women in the age group of 18 to 45 towards sex. People of India are turning liberal towards sex and the changes are evident in fast changing cultural scenario in the country.

Now we have sex talk shows, sexology as a discipline is fast growing and people began to accept sex as a stress buster and are keen to experiment many positions in bed. Internet has opened up several sexual avenues making it convenient for young people to chat, ask questions, post videos, watch videos and much more. Further to this, internet has made is possible for young Indians (both men and women) to try sex toys.

Sex Toys Market in India

Currently, only young and adventurous Indians prefer to use sex toys. Not to mention young married couples who want to transform their mundane bedroom routines into fun experiences. Sex toys are known to provide not just interesting sexual experiences but also a rush of unmatched excitement, which may not be possible under normal circumstances. The mushrooming online market makes it convenient to buy sex toys and this is expected to open the market much more broader allowing more purchases as the days proceed.

Indian Sex Toys Market Size and Scope

According to industry reports,

Sexual wellness market in India is expected to grow at an average rate of 34.8 percent per year from 2014 to 2020.
The current market size of this category in India is around $227.8 million as compared to the global $22 billion, signaling a huge opportunity.
India contributes between 16-20 percent of the global English searches for topics like lotions, lubricants, erotic lingerie, and adult literature and games.

Which are the highest sold sex products in India?

  • Intimate massagers for women
  • Lubricants for Men
  • Others include sexy lingerie, lotions, delay sprays, pleasure rings and condoms.

Purchase Pattern of Sex toys

The following is observed as the profound buyer behavior of sex toys across multiple cities in India.

  • In Tier 1 and Tier 11 cities, women buy sex toys for themselves.
  • In Tier 111 and Tier IV cities, men buy sex toys for women.
  • The sex toy cart size of Tier III and Tier IV is about three times bigger than Tier I and II put together.
  • The sale of sex toys in Tier II cities has increased 25% compared to last year.

What are the Types of Sex Toys available in India?

Wide range of sex toys is available online. The range includes

  • Dildo and vibrators for women
  • Pleasure rings and strokers for men
  • Romance products
  • Adult toys for sex games
  • Sexy Lingerie for women

Classification of Sex Toys


How Sex Toys Online Order is processed, packed and shipped?

Customers can now place an order for their sex toys of choice and can be sure of getting it delivered without anyone knowing it. The entire process happens discreetly that no one will be able to know what is inside unless the package is opened. Let us see how sex toy business happens currently in India.

As soon an order is placed online, the company will carry out the following processes

Discreet Packaging

Products are shipped in plain boxes or plain envelopes without any mention about from where it is sent. The product will be marked as 'Phone Accessories' or something that cannot be immediately related to sex toys.

Discreet Billing

The bill will not have any mention about the actual product that one has ordered. Even the credit card statement will not have any mention about the word 'sex toys' or 'condom' etc.,.

100% Privacy Guaranteed

While placing the order online, one need not disclose any personal information to reveal their identity. Thus complete confidentiality is maintained throughout the process value chain.

Advantages of using Sex Toys

  • Fulfils sexual fantasies of men and women. And there is no end to your experimentation
  • Can fulfill even the most demanding girl effortlessly
  • Kind of pleasure that is experienced through vibrators is unmatched. When a woman has experienced the pleasures of vibrators, it is not possible to allow her to experience such pleasure using hand or mouth
  • Sexy lingerie or body ribbon can enhance the sex appeal of women to a great extent
  • Sexy gift items or clothing can excite sex cravings to an unimaginable extent
  • Adult toys enhance the quality of sexual experience and thus strengthen the relationship.
  • Provides an opportunity to gift your partner a heightened sexual pleasure
  • Allows both partners to experience intense orgasms.
  • Enhances the quality of sexual relief through masturbation
  • Transforms the overall sex life of couples to a great extent
  • Removes the boredom factor and makes sex life as exciting as possible

Testimonials of Sex Toys Users

Bala (name Changed), Chennai. "I was little skeptical about using a sex toy for masturbation. But the toy that I bought was just similar to the vagina and I get intense pleasure when I use it every time. It was close to a real experience every time. Sex toy is amazing"

Suzana (name Changed),Hyderabad " I wanted to experience intense orgasm, so I tried vibrator and my husband is happy that I am able to achieve intense orgasm with the help of the vibrator. It is truly amazing to use this vibrator and now I am exploring other variants of vibrators to experiment with kind of pleasure that I might get. I am totally satisfied with it".

Ahmed (name Changed, Mumbai, "Sex toys don't work for me. I hate that sound and my girl friend too doesn’t like that. It is too artificial. For us, we lose that excitement and it becomes too mechanical to switch it on and operate. That passion factor goes missing and we prefer to have it natural all the way. For me, a big NO to sex toys".

Challenges before Sex Toy Industry in India

Sex toy industry in India faces three major challenges

  • Legal concerns
  • The Taboo factor
  • Dearth of funding
  • Lack of sex education and awareness
  • Let us see each one of them elaborately.


Currently, here is quite a lot of ambiguity involved in selling adult products in India. Selling sex product online in India involves treading along a very fine legal line. Let us see all of them one by one.

  • Selling a massager for men and women, or a condom with a vibrator ring is perfectly legal.
  • But selling a dildo could be illegal
  • Products that are marked as sexual wellness such as condoms, lubes or gels are marked as legal and are sold in pharmacies over the counter.
  • A seller can import a sex toy and sell it if he ensures that packaging, marketing and literature are not offensive. It depends on how it is marketed - literature that mentions health benefits and pictures that do not look graphic, separate the legal from the obscene.
  • Sex toys are not banned for import or sale in India. But there is no legal provision for their sale in India currently.
  • The only concern is that the manner, in which sex toys / sexy apparels and related products are displayed, exhibited and marketed for sale in India.

According to Indian law, obscenity is an offence. So, if sex toys are advertised or publicized with obscene pictures or graphics then it attracts legal action.

"Section 292 of the IPC and section 67 of the IT Act, (which corresponds to section 292 of the IPC) explain 'obscenity' to mean anything, which is lascivious or appeals to the prurient interest, or if its effect is to deprave and corrupt persons. This doesn't mean that pornography can be freely sold or distributed by simply camouflaging its physical appearance. The fact that the content of such a product/ article is 'obscene', it will fall certainly within the purview of Section 292 of the Indian Penal Code and hence it is illegal in India.

When woman model is projected in an obscene way, the law against the unnatural representation of women also comes in. The company might be booked for hurting the modesty of women.

Section 377, which pertains to unnatural sex, can be interpreted differently by authorities.

The products including packaging and marketing material should not look obscene and the products are not presented in a way that it is not exploitative or offensive in any manner.


In India, sex is still a taboo. This puts lot of restrictions in marketing sex toys in India. Sex toys cannot be marketed in main stream media the way other products are marketed as 'taboo factor' can resist such moves leading to public and media outcry against such efforts. The Taboo factor restrict market growth of sex toys in India.

In India even a simple product like an intimate area shaving cream for women cannot be sold through a pharmacy as women would not come forward to buy due to embarrassment and societal judgement norms. However, she might buy it when the same shaver is sold through a beauty parlour that she frequents. So, the industry needs to innovate to either remove the taboo factor or circumvent without affecting the taboo factor and reach the customer directly.


Despite the opportunity and few early players tasted success, investors are skeptical about investing in sex toy business in India. Larger investment firms and fund establishments are still testing waters and are shying away from placing their bets on sex toy space. The cultural taboo and the unclear legal tangles are making large investors hesitant to set their foot on this industry. The dearth of funding makes it difficult for existing players to survive and grow. One early player is contemplating winding up as the company couldn't sustain the momentum due to lack of funding.


Though India has growing population, there is no proper sex education. In general people have a negative perception about sex. The lack of positive attitude towards sex and lack of awareness about sexual pleasures places a big hindrance to the marketing efforts for sex toy business in India. Though the industry looks lucrative, lack of sex education makes it difficult to grow the business at desired pace.

FAQs on Sex Toys

Is India experiencing increased purchase and sale of sex toys?

Yes there is considerable increase in the sale of sex toys in India. The numbers confirm that purchases made in small towns are increasing at a brisk rate against the popular perception. Unconfirmed industry audit points out that purchase contribution of sex toys as:

  • Tier 1 cities contribute to 48% of overall sale
  • Tier II cities contribute to 40% of overall sale
  • Tier III cities make up the balance 12% sale

What is the reason behind growing preference for sex toys in India?

The changing social attitude towards sex is the primary reason for the sustained growth of sex toy sale in India. And active participation of women in conversations regarding sexual wellness, exclusive television shows on sex related queries and availability of explicit sexual material online have changed the social fabric towards sex. Increasingly sex is being accepted as an integral part of everyone's life.

Who buys sex toys more - men or women?

According to an online survey, men still dominate the search and purchases of sex toys. Men account for 75% of traffic to e-commerce sex toys site and almost 85% of the transactions are done by men. However there is a considerable shift in women's attitude towards sex toys. Women are coming out of their shell and are more open towards using intimate products nowadays. The trend is expected to grow.

Sexual wellness industry is at a very early stage - what holds future for the current and aspiring players?

The sexual wellness industry is very nascent in India and it is only 5 years old. Currently, there is very little awareness about the availability of international brands in this space. With changing behavior and attitude towards sex, the industry can be expected to grow at an explosive rate. Couples today are more open to using sex toys than before and this can give the industry the much needed momentum.

Is high pricing a deterrent to sex toys business in India?

The products come in a price range from 500 to 50,000. But the price has never been a deterrent so far. As most of the sex toys are imported from US and European countries, they come with a heavy price tag due to import duty.

What drives the demand for more innovative sex toys in India?

With more and more people travelling abroad, they get exposure to advanced levels of sex toys and their awareness levels makes them create a demand for more innovative sex toys in India.

The Business of Pleasure: How 'Adult' Products Are Finding Takers in India Online
An edible thong made out of candies; a lubricant to enhance and prolong bedroom 'play' time; a Bluetooth-connected toy that turns your smart phone into a tool to have long-distance moments of intimacy. This might sound far-fetched, but these are all products you can get on various Indian websites. The industry is nascent in India, but as taboos erode, people are starting to talk about what they want from their partners, and a lot of new websites are rising up to fill the gaps in the market.

Can sex toys boost intimacy?

Though there are no research data to confirm the results, we can very well say that sex products allow couples to experiment. And any new experiment which doesn't cause any physical harm can be good for the body. As sex toys are known for heightening the sexual pleasure, addition of sex toys in bedroom can only expect couples to indulge in sex with lot of curiosity and happiness. The sex toys can help them explore newer avenues of erotica together.

What are the innovative sexual wellness products available in the market?

  • Kiiroo -A revolutionary product in the adult sex toys category, allows couples to feel each other even when they are separated. Partners can feel each other from anywhere in the world. It comes in nondescript packaging and can easily pass off as a compact music speaker. The product has two components a male and female one - Onyx for the man and Pearl for the woman. Both components are Bluetooth enabled allowing couples to connect with each other through Kiiroo video chat app.
  • A life size sex toy that allows giving and receiving pleasure is the latest innovation that is dong the rounds in US and Europe.
  • There are other WiFi-enabled sex toys manufactured in Europe and the US that seem to be the next big thing in the love industry.
  • Glow-in-the-dark condom is also rated as the most innovative in the condom category.


Sex toys business is in the very early stages in India and currently it is making its baby steps. With perplexing legal issues and high import duty hampers the industry growth. But with widespread acceptance and changing social attitude towards sex can help the industry take to faster lanes and grow at an exploding rate.