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All about Vibrating Penis Rings

Best Selling Vibrating Penis Rings in India | How Vibrating Cock Rings work? | How to Choose Vibrating Penis Rings? | How to wear Vibrating Ring? | Frequently Asked Questions on Vibrating Penis Ring

Achieving intense orgasm is always bliss and men of all ages crave for it. Further, every man wants to have a fulfilling sex with their partner and prefers to last longer than their partner and thus enjoy a blissful sexual experience. Using adult toys can help men achieve more intense pleasure and explosive orgasm as the sexual toys can provide intense arousal which may not be possible under normal circumstances of masturbation or consensual sex with a partner.

Pleasure ring or vibrating cock rings are the new addition to the men sex toys category. If you haven't tried it yet, you should try it immediately. The joy and sexual satisfaction that is coming out of a pleasure ring is unimaginable. The ring not only stimulates the male organ with intense vibrations but also gives her intense clitoral stimulation with every thrust you make on to her pleasure hole.

Vibrating rings can be used in isolation for masturbation and can also be used along with a partner for a highly sensual sex. When it is used with partner, the kind of sexual pleasure that she can derive is immense that you both would feel happy and satisfied that it will lead to enhanced relationship.

Pleasure ring can be your trusted pleasure companion, whether you use it in your bathroom or during an exhilarating intimacy with your partner in bed. In either case, you can be sure of experiencing ultimate pleasure. Now, let us go to specifics.

What is a pleasure ring or cock ring?

Cock ring or pleasure ring is basically a ring shaped sex accessory that can be worn on an erect or semi-erect penis around the base of the shaft. It needs to be pushed from the top and allow it to settle at the bottom of the shaft. Erection happens when blood flows into the penile nerves making them enlarge become erect. When the arousal level goes down, blood flows out of the penis and thus it loses its erection.

A cock ring sits at the bottom of the shaft and holds it firmly so that blood remains in the shaft and doesn't flow down. This results in sustained erection and thus the male can be able to enjoy a longer than usual penetration. When the blood remains in his shaft, he is sure going to feel more sensual and this will help him enjoy his intercourse much better than normal circumstances.

Pleasure ring or Cock ring is a male sex accessory that can be used to keep a penis in erect position for a longer time (longer than usual time) and thus allow the user to enjoy prolonged coital session. The ring should be worn during the pre or semi-erect penis, which will trap the blood inside the shaft and slow down the flow of blood back from the penis, thus allowing the user to last long in bed and ejaculate much later after his partner.

When cock ring is used, men can experience a highly sensual and exploding orgasm. The intensity and pleasure levels of the orgasm would be much higher than the usual sensuality. The ring also helps men have a bigger and harder organ and the penis can get rock hardness and allows it to remain the same way for a longer period allowing his partner to enjoy a thoroughly satisfying sex and exciting climax. She can never experience such hardness and extended coital time under normal circumstances.

The soft and squishy cock rings can fit all sizes and are available in three different colours to choose from. Pleasure ring can also be used for masturbation and to achieve highly satisfying climax.

The pleasure rings are also recommended for erectile dysfunction treatments to improve sensitivity and allow men to enjoy satisfying intimacy.

Best Selling Vibrating Penis Rings in India

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  3. Carex Third Hand Vibrating Massage Ring

  4. Batman Vibrating Cock Ring

  5. Kinkira Vibrating Double Ring

  6. Thikka Vibrating Cock Ring

  7. Carex Rabbit Head Vibrating Massager Ring

  8. Carex Hammer Vibrating Massage Ring

  9. Braveman Vibrating Penis Sleeve

How the Vibrating works?

To understand how cock ring can help in retaining erection for a longer time, we need to understand how erection happens. An erection happens when thoughts of sexual arousal fills the brain, which makes brain to send signals to blood vessels in the penis to get enlarged allowing more blood to flow into them. As long as the body remains in the arousal state, the penile tissues remain enlarged and enlarge to the maximum size it can expand to and this hardens the penis in the process.

Cock ring traps the blood inside the shaft by holding the bottom of the shaft tightly and this result in getting hard erections. As the blood is trapped inside the shaft, it even looks slightly bigger than usual. Our body is naturally very good at pumping blood in, but it slows down when it comes to pumping blood out. Cock rings use this natural body mechanics and thus allow men to retain longer than usual erection.

After some time the organ becomes flaccid when the blood flows out of the organ. But cock rings slow down the blood outflow, thus allowing the user to retain his erection for a longer time. With increased blood flow, the sensitivity in the penis increases and this gives men to perform better and longer.

When he performs longer with greater sensitivity, she is sure going to enjoy the act and thus both partners are going to enjoy a prolonged coital session with cock rings. In simpler terms, cock rings work as a dam and stagnates blood and slows down the blood outflow, thus helping men retain a harder and bigger erection. The climax would be more pronounced and more explosive compared to a routine intercourse.

Choosing the right Vibrating Cock Ring

Cock rings or pleasure rings are used by men not only for experiencing enhanced pleasure, but for also to counter problems such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, achieving sustained erection etc.,

However, you can get the best out of a cock ring only when you choose the right one for you.

Mainly there are two varieties of cock rings.

1. The ring that go around the shaft and

2. The one that go around the shaft and testicles.

Obviously, the one that is smaller is the first type. You can also get smaller ones that are stretchable.

Then again, you have to choose the material that is comfortable to you.

There are two types of rings based on its softness.

Soft Vibrating Rings

These rings are made from materials like pvc, silicon or thermoplastic rubbers. These rings are stretchable. Rings made of silicon can last longer and the ones made using thermoplastic rubbers are more flexible and stretchable. Soft cock rings are best for beginners as they are more flexible and adjustable.

Thick Vibrating Rings

Thicker rings cover more area and many regular users find it comfortable as it can hold the penis stronger and allow penis to stick out further making it look bigger. But for some it could be difficult to adjust.

Categories of Penis Rings

Non Vibrating Rings

These cock rings are designed to fit the base of the penis firmly and thus arrests blood flow leading to enhanced and sustained erections. These types of cock rings are made using body-safe silicone and rubber material. It is suitable for any man who wants to sport a rock hard organ and sustained hardness.

Vibrating Rings

It is more of a sex toy that can be used to spice up your sex life and make your act all the more fun and exciting. This not only makes erection harder and bigger, it provides an additional stimulation allowing your partner to experience quivering pleasure. Additionally, these rings can also provide clitoral stimulation when you move your organ in and out.

How to use Vibrating Penis Rings?

It is advisable to apply a small quantity of any water-based lubricant over the shaft, testicles and rings before sliding it along the shaft

  • If you prefer to use a vibrating cock ring, check the batteries are working fine before sliding it down - Slide the ring gently along the shaft and allow it to settle at the end

  • It is advisable to slide the ring when the organ is in semi-erect stage. Don't push it in when the shaft is fully erect.

  • Check whether the sensation is comfortable to you before pushing the organ onto her pleasure hole

  • It is recommended to use the ring only for a period of 20-30 minutes. Don't wear the ring any longer.

  • To wear the ring around your testicles, slip the testicles one at a time and then fold your semi-erect penis to required level and then slip the ring through

  • Clean it thoroughly after use to prevent any infection

Benefits of Using Pleasure Ring

  1. You get harder, bigger and long lasting erection For many men, retaining the erections for a longer time is a big challenge. Men lose erections for various reasons and it is found that primarily As the cock rings prevent blood flowing down from the shaft, blood remains in the penis and thus erections become harder and appears slightly bigger. Further, it helps in retaining erection for a longer than usual time.

  2. Enhanced pleasure and exploding climax Due to increased blood flow, the male organ becomes highly sensitive, he can enjoy every small sensation. As he can perform for a longer time, he can enjoy the session thoroughly and thus can achieve exhilarating climax

  3. Provides relief to erectile dysfunction For men who have difficulty in getting an erection and retaining one, pleasure rings can provide a satisfying relief. They can retain erection and perform for a longer time allowing them to enjoy a satisfying sex.

  4. Increased confidence levels Pleasure rings give tremendous confidence to men as they can retain erection for longer than usual period and this boosts their confidence levels in bed as they can be sure of enhanced performance. He feels more engrossed in the moment and thus receives highly pleasurable experiences than his previous encounters.

Why women love cock rings?

Though cock rings are essentially a male sex accessory, women love it too as they are being at the receiving end. As cock rings provide greater thickness and girth to male organs, men are able to penetrate better and stroke the nerve endings on the walls of moist vagina. Thus, the sensation for women can be much better than that of a natural penis.

The enhanced size, though temporary, gives the vaginal walls a good rub and this creates pleasurable experience for both partners. As cock ring helps men to perform longer, it helps them match with the longer climax cycle of women, which pleases women to a greater extent as chances of both partners achieving climax is much higher with pleasure rings.

FAQs on Vibrating Rings

How do vibrating rings work?

Most vibrating rings use an internal motor to generate movement. The motor twirls an off-center weight around inside the vibrating ring. The force of the spinning weight causes vibration. Battery-powered vibrating rings have motors that are designed to vibrate the device's shaft. When the vibrating ring touches sensitive areas or genitals, the vibration creates pleasurable sensations.

How do I use my vibrating ring?

For details on how to use your vibrating ring, refer to the product guide that accompanies the package with your vibrating ring.

Is my vibrating ring for internal and external use?

Currently, most of our vibrating rings are for external use only.

How should I store my vibrating ring?

Storage should be first and foremost secretive.

Before storing your vibrating ring, make sure it is dry, clean and free of any lubricants. Vibrating rings come with an elegant pouch that helps you discreetly store it anywhere in a purse, a travel bag or a night table wherever you like to keep it.

What if my vibrating ring stops working?

Like all mechanical devices, they won't last forever. So how do you troubleshoot? First, make sure that the batteries are installed correctly and all components are properly secured. If you have a fresh set of batteries, take out the existing batteries and replace them with new ones. Refer to the product user guide if you have any questions about batteries. Check for and remove any type of foreign object that might be preventing the on/off switch from working correctly. If your vibrating ring has been damaged any way, don't use it.

Is my vibrating ring waterproof?

Almost all vibrating rings available in India are non waterproof.

Why should I use a vibrating ring?

Studies published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that people who use vibrating rings scored themselves higher on arousal, orgasm, lubrication and erectile function than those who had never used one.

In addition, studies show that men and women who use vibrating rings are also more likely to engage in healthy behaviors, such as self-examination and regular health exams by a doctor. To put it frankly enjoying your sexuality helps you to be more aware of your genital health.

Source: Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University

Is it okay for me to use a vibrating ring?

Using a vibrating ring is a healthy and responsible way to learn about your sexual self. According to the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University Study, vibrating ring use increases pleasure, which may help a person feel more desire, arousal and lubrication.

Almost everyone can use a vibrating ring women, men, singles and couples as long as you are ready and responsible enough to take charge of your sexual life. You can use a vibrating ring for safer sex.

If you are pregnant or have any serious health issues or questions, talk to your doctor before you use a vibrating ring.

Source: Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University

When should I use a vibrating ring?

Many women and men use vibrating rings for masturbation as well as during foreplay with a partner. Use one whenever the mood strikes. Couples indulging in foreplay are a great time to explore each other's bodies with a vibrating ring. Vibrating rings add a new dimension to sexual play.

Are vibrating rings only for women?

According to The Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University Study, 45% of men between the ages of 18 and 60 have used a vibrating ring during sexual interaction. Vibrating rings can be used by everyone; women and men, singles and couples. A male can use it on his partner and enjoy giving her some serious thrills; or he can have his partner use it on him and experience the pleasure firsthand. There are lots of ways for men to give and receive pleasure with a vibrating ring. Many men are introduced to vibrating rings by their partner, but once they learn the joys of vibration, they are hooked. Check out our vibrating ring usage tips for couples.

What materials are vibrating rings made from?

They are made of high-quality, medical grade silicone and plastic. They are nonporous, easy to clean and do not contain any unhealthy chemical compounds or phthalates. (Refer to the product user guide for more information.)

How do I care for my vibrating ring?

Because vibrating rings are made from nonporous materials, they are easy to clean and not likely to carry bacteria if cared for properly.

PRECAUTION: Clean vibrating ring after every use. Make sure product is dry before placing into storage pouch.

Always clean your vibrating ring after every use.

If not cleaned or stored carefully, vibrating rings can breed bacteria that can irritate intimate areas. This bacteria can be passed from one partner to another and back again, or even from the user to their toy and back again.

Left unchecked, these bacteria can decay or cause bacterial or yeast infections. Always clean your vibrating ring thoroughly, and store it in a safe, clean place so it won't pick up lint, dust or other dirt.


Always clean a vibrating ring after any anal contact. If you are sharing a vibrating ring between two partners, you must be honest with each other about whether or not you have any STIs (sexually transmitted infections). You should always clean the vibrating ring thoroughly between each partner's turn.

Should I use lubricant?

Personal Lubricants can make vibrating ring use easier and more pleasurable. Generally, water-based lubes are safe with all vibrating rings. There are also silicone and oil-based lubricants. Avoid using silicone-based lubrication with products made of silicone. Depending on the grade of silicone, the mixture of the two silicone-based products could end up having the opposite of the desired lube effect. BE WARY OF OIL-BASED LUBRICANTS, which can break down latex or rubber, and can damage condoms too. Some oil-based lubricants can irritate skin or exacerbate yeast infections in women. Always test the lube first on a small patch of skin in a sensitive area (inside of the elbow, inner thigh) before you use it vaginally. This way you can safely see if you have any adverse reaction to the ingredients.

What if I have discomfort when I use my vibrating ring?

  • It is rare that a vibrating ring, used properly and with water-based lubrication would cause discomfort or irritation.

  • To avoid any discomfort, we recommend the following:

  • Never use a vibrating ring when you have an infection, irritation, itching, sores abrasion or injury of any kind.

  • Never use your vibrating ring for more than 30 minutes at a time.

  • Do not use your vibrating ring if there is any fluid leaking from the battery.

  • Check with your doctor if you are pregnant or wear a pacemaker, have any major heart or health condition.

  • If you do experience any kind of discomfort, check with your doctor before you continue to use your vibrating ring.

What if my partner is uncomfortable with me using a vibrating ring?

Some people may feel threatened by a vibrating ring because they think it will replace them or that their partner will become addicted to using it. Always be honest and be candid with your partner when discussing your sex life. Remind your partner that nothing can take the place of human intimacy. You can even suggest trying a vibrating ring together. The Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University Study showed that 90% of women who have used a vibrating ring say it enhanced their relationship with their partner.

Source: Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University

How can I talk to my partner about introducing a vibrating ring into our sex life?

Try to be honest and transparent to your partner. Don't surprise him or her with a vibrating ring. There's a way to bring it up in conversation so that both partners have a say in using a vibrating ring together. We have outlined a series of tips to help you have the conversation. Just make sure your partner is comfortable and open to the idea, and you will both have a great experience with the vibrating ring.

Can a Vibrating Ring be reused?

Yes, all cock rings can be cleaned and reused. Cock rings can last for few months to few years.

I have no issues with erection. Can I still use a cock ring?

Yes, you can. You can achieve fuller erections and can perform for a longer than usual duration. You can also experience intense and powerful orgasms with cock rings.

Is the Vibrating Ring water proof?

Non-vibrating cock rings are 100% water proof and can be used in shower or in bath tubs.

Can I replace batteries?

Yes. Batteries can be removed and replaced.

Where can I buy a good pleasure ring?

Try to choose from a select range of high quality pleasure rings. You can get it delivered at your home discreetly.

Safety Instructions for Using Vibrating Pleasure Rings

A cock ring is meant for giving added pleasure and to safely enhance the intensity of the erection. It should be used safely.

  1. A pleasure ring should be removed immediately if - you feel any discomfort or swelling, the cock ring should be removed immediately. - there is any pain. It should be removed at the first sign of a pain - the penis and areas around it begins to feel cold

  2. Wearing a cock ring for too long should be avoided. Restricting blood flow for longer durations can be dangerous and could lead to medical exigencies like blood coagulation. In such cases immediate medical attention should be given.

  3. Choosing the right size and ensuring proper fit is important to achieve heightened pleasure. A tight fitting ring can be difficult to remove and this can also cut off blood circulation to an alarming level.

  4. Metal rings can cause a rash for few men. 5. Substituting cock rings with items like rubber bands or clips can be dangerous as these may cause too much constriction to flow of blood.