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All about Sex Toy Batteries

Batteries play a critical role in the functioning of the sex toys. The importance of the battery will be felt only when you both are ready for a fling and take out your favourite toy only to realize that the battery is down.

You need to have right batteries in stock for the continuous functioning of your sex toys - whatever it requires, such as heavy duty, alkaline, lithium-ion, non alkaline, button cells etc., You need to know a little bit more about batteries to happily use sex toys. You need to use the batteries with required power to ensure you don't over work your adult toy's motor.

Things to be remembered with regard to your sex toy batteries:

  • Always check your adult toy manual to ensure your batteries are inserted correctly in the slot.
  • Avoid leaving batteries in your adult toy when not in use. This can help to prevent any frustrating battery leaks that can permanently damage your sex toy. Also, leaving batteries in your toy means that in some cases they can be accidentally switched on, particularly during travel.
  • Make sure you buy quality batteries that are safest and are certified for quality and safety. Remember cheap batteries always come with lot of potential risks and it may burst when it is over heated or over charged. Further, cheap batteries may not give you the required number of days or may even damage your sex toy permanently. Make sure you buy batteries from approved vendors and authorized people.
  • You need to stock up batteries sufficiently. Otherwise you may have to take a chance of running our of action at a crucial moment. So, it is suggested that you buy some extra batteries when you buy your sex toy.
  • If you choose to purchase your batteries elsewhere, we recommend that you do not use re-chargeable batteries because they are usually slightly larger than normal batteries and may become stuck in the battery casing of your toy.
  • Having some spares in the top drawer next to the bed, where you can get to them quickly and easily is a great idea.


Why rechargeable batteries cannot be used in sex toys?

Rechargeable batteries are usually slightly bigger than regular batteries, and thus they're likely to get stuck or jammed in your sex toy. The battery case in most sex toy is sleek and made for regular batteries, which makes is little difficult to insert rechargeable batteries.

Further, rechargeable batteries tend to produce less power, meaning not only will you experience weaker vibrations but you're more likely to run out of power much before your expected time and mostly at the critical moment, which can drain away your excitement.

If you are very particular, you can buy rechargeable sex toys. You need to simply put them in charge for specified period and enjoy an uninterrupted action.

How to ensure maximum utility of battery powered sex toys?

  1. Always make sure your batteries are fresh - there's nothing worse than a vibrator losing its power when you're on the verge of orgasm, so try not to steal batteries from remote controls!
  2. Always take the batteries out of your vibrator when you have finished using it. Batteries will last longer that way
  3. If you have difficulty in starting the vibrator, you have to check whether the battery is placed properly. Make sure the contact points in your vibrator are rightly touching the ends of your batteries. If you are not getting the connection right, twist the batteries and push them a little to sit rightly on the slot so that connection is established properly.

What is one important advice to smooth running of batteries and sex toy for a longer time and ?

  • Remove and store the batteries outside the toy to extend the life of the battery and the toy. Batteries should not be allowed to settle in the toy for a longer time. Battery should be removed immediately after using the sex toy for intended purpose.
  • When your sex toy is turned ON accidentally, even at low speeds, it can drain the batteries.
  • While washing your sex toy, make sure water doesn't go inside the battery compartment, as the water can corrode the battery and the contact points inside the toy. So, it is important to always completely dry your toy and batteries kept outside in dry air and ensure moisture doesn’t damage the battery contact points
  • Alkaline batteries are known to leak and corrode everything inside your sex toy, leaving it unusable permanently. Hence, it is important

What is one blunder that should be avoided to ensure better performance of battery and sex toy?

Many people will do this mistake. When the sex toy is running low, they ignore and allow them to run out of power. Instead, they should stop the sex toy, remove the battery and then keep the sex toy in its place. Leaving sex toy to run on low power can potentially damage the toy permanently. The reason for this is because the voltage keeps the motor spinning and when it is at a low pressure caused by low and almost drained batteries, it puts more pressure on your sex toy's components and can cause them to prematurely break. That is why it is better to use fresh batteries and take them out as soon as you notice decreased power.

What are the battery related reasons for which Sex Toy won't be working?

Many times, customer may return the sex toy deeming it not working. But commonly it could be due to their lack of knowledge about using the batteries properly. Whilst some sex toys do develop faults and need to be returned to the manufacturer to investigated and replaced, the majority of the sex toys are not faulty but just need to have the batteries put in the correct way. In many cases, customers may not have replaced batteries or they have not been unlocked or charged properly.

The following are some of the most common battery related reasons for non-working of sex toys"

  • The batteries have been put in the wrong way

This is the number one reason why products are returned so it is important to ensure the batteries have been inserted correctly. Many of the battery operated products have small plus and minus symbols on the battery compartment to indicate which way the batteries need to be inserted. The majority of products that take 2 batteries require the batteries to go in the opposite directions to each other, one facing up, one facing down and not in the same direction. So, it is enough if you could follow the + and - signs properly and insert batteries accordingly.

  • Toy doesn’t work after changing the batteries

Always check that you have inserted the batteries correctly. As mentioned above, many products have plus and minus symbols on the battery compartment to show you which way to insert the batteries. It is recommended that you use powerful batteries from well known brands, cheap batteries will not give you the power or last as long. Mixing old and new batteries isn’t a good idea either. It is recommended to always use fresh batteries. We also recommend removing the batteries when the toys is not in use or when travelling.

  • The paper battery isolator disc has not been removed

Many battery operated sex toys products are supplied with batteries already fitted. However, you need to open the battery compartment and remove the paper/plastic isolator disc/tag for the product to operate. This paper isolator is kept to avoid sex toy getting activated during transit accidentally.

  • You have not charged it for long enough

Many rechargeable products require a full charge before your actual use. As the length of the charging time varies from product to product, it is recommended to see the instruction manual of the product you buy to know about how long to charge your sex toy for. Charging times can vary between manufacturers from 2-8 hours. You follow recommended charging duration.

  • Batteries have not been charged at all

It is very important that the charger is fully connected to the toy and the power source. Needless to say, If the charger is not inserted fully or connected properly, it will not charge fully.

If using a pc or laptop to charge your product, the source needs to be switched on (not in standby mode) Also check the USB charger you are using as this can be the reason why your product is not charging rather than a faulty product or charging cable.

Most of the rechargeable sex toys will flash indicator light whie charging. Once fully charged the light will stay on.

How to dispose of batteries safely? Can it be dumped in land?

Batteries should not be dumped in landfills as it can pollute the environment much more than your wildest imagination. It can also pollute the environment. When batteries are dumped in landfills, when rain water enters it, chemicals in the batteries will begin to flow out and pollute the ground water, this in turn, can pollute your drinking water leading to health hazards. So, next time when you are going to dump yard with used batteries in hand, think about giving polluted water to your children. Batteries should be given to authorized recyclers in your area for eco friendly disposal.