Silicone Penis Sleeves

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Penis Sleeve/ Washable Condoms/ Ejaculation Delay Reusable Condoms

What is a Penis Sleeve?

Penis Sleeve is categorized as sex toy that can be worn over the erect penis. The sleeve is meant to add length and girth of the penis giving it a bigger look. Penis Sleeves are also known as Penis Extender, as it increases the length and girth of the penis a little. Penis sleeve gives added power and thus allows men to bang harder and longer with a renewed sense of vigour and vitality.

Penis Sleeve is similar to a condom but it is made up of rubber which needs to be inserted over the whole penis from the tip to end. It is many times thicker than condom.

Why Should You Wear Penis Sleeves?

- Penis Sleeves allow men to bang harder and helps in prolonging their coital time as it decreases the sensation allowing men to bang on and on and on…

- Women get much more satisfaction as they get it lot fuller and bigger inside their organ

- Penis Sleeves are also used to support dildos and vibrators

- Penis sleeves are also used merely as a sex toy

- It is used to give different types of pleasure for the women partner by men as it comes in different sizes, shapes and form

- Penis sleeves provide increased self confidence for men as they are able to increase the length and breadth of their organ and they are able to perform better. It also increases their ago and allow them to dominate.

Various Types of Penis Sleeve

Penis Sleeves are available in different textures to allow women to experience different sensations and pleasure levels. Penis Sleeve also comes in different shapes so as to stimulate the vaginal tissues easily. The tip of the penis sleeve comes in different shape which makes it easy to stimulate the highly sensitive vaginal walls and it gives unique power to your penis.

There are various types of penis sleeves that can be used depending on the penis parts. There are sleeves that cover the while penis, some cover only the shaft while the third one covers only glans. Let us see each one in detail.

Penis Type Sleeve - This sleeve covers the entire penis from glans to the base of the penis. This is similar to a condom when it comes to providing full cover. But condom is a contraceptive, whereas penis sleeve is a sex toy.

This type of sleeve is available in various materials like resin and silicon. This type of sleeve is easy to mount on the penis and comfortable to use. With application of lubricant, it becomes smooth to insert and pull out. Penis type sleeve comes in various types of protrusions to make your love making a genuinely exciting experience. There are also quite a few numbers of textures available in this type. Unlike dildos and vibrators, your penis with penis sleeves gives different feeling during sex.

How to make wearing penis sleeve safe?

- Wear a condom over your rigid penis and then add a penis sleeve to make your session both exciting and safe

- Wearing a condom over a penis sleeve may not work out and it is also not a good idea. So, don't do that.

Shaft Type Sleeve - This sleeve will cover only the shaft of your penis. This sleeve doesn't cover the glans but stay on the penis with the help of testicles. This sleeve essentially gives support to the penis shaft and renders support to your erection. This sleeve is useful only for sustaining your erection. As glans is opened and exposed, you can enjoy your time without losing pleasure. When you can sustain your erection, you can have a longer performance time and thus you can make your partner enjoy multiple orgasms.

To make it safe, wear a condom over your erect penis and then wear this sleeve over the condom.

Glans Type Sleeve - This sleeve will cover only the glans of your penis. This sleeve is mostly preferred by men as this reduces the irritation on the glans and it is larger than the glans size. This allows sex to last long without affecting the pleasure as shaft remains completely opened. This type of penis sleeve stays on the place with the help of attached belt that goes around the testicles. So, the user can feel the sensation similar to using a penis ring, which stays at the root of the penis. Although it covers the glans part completely, it is still not effective to sperm transmission. Hence, it is important to use a condom to enjoy safer sex.

Contraceptive Effect

Penis sleeve doesn't provide any contraceptive effect. Although it is similar to a condom in terms of its easy to wear, it is no match for a condom when it comes to protection. Remember, penis sleeve is a sex toy and it is intended only to make your sex all the more fun and exciting. Penis sleeve can only help you enlarge your male organ to an extent and allow you to enhance your pleasure and enjoy a fulfilling sex. If you ejaculate with just your penis sleeve on, there is a high possibility of sperm spilling over to the vagina. You necessarily have to use a condom when you want protection, as penis sleeve by itself cannot provide you with any sort of protection.

Are penis sleeves disposable?

Penis sleeves need not be disposed off after single use. They are made using rubber, resin and elastomer materials, which allows reusing the same sleeve many times. You need to clean it properly after every use. You need to wash penis sleeves before and after use. It should be kept away from direct sunlight and from any inflammable source.

Benefits of Wearing Penis Sleeve

Penis sleeve is generally used by men to enhance their sexual experience and to draw more pleasure during sex. However, penis sleeve is useful for men with following conditions

  1. Men with Premature Ejaculation Issue

Penis sleeves essentially helps in improving the circumference and thickness of the penis to a noticeable extent. Penis Sleeves are available in various thicknesses from thin to ultra thick, similar to condoms. When a man covers his penis with rubber or silicone made penis sleeve extrusion, it reduces penile sensitivity and physical irritation. Hence, it allows men with premature ejaculation problem to enjoy sex for an extended period. Ideally such men should choose the sleeve that covers the entire penis.

  1. For men with small penis

For men with small penis, sleeve can work as a fun upgrade from time to time. Such men can use sleeves to increase their size and give more pleasure to their partner.

  1. Allows men to perform with increased confidence

Penis sleeves help in penis extension and enlargement. The moment a penis sleeve is worn, the wearer begins to feel confident and powerful as he sees a longer and bigger organ. This boosts his ego and allows him to perform with more vigor and for a longer duration. This psychological effect allows men to perform better and provide greater enjoyment to their partners. Penis sleeves are available in various sizes; men need to choose the desired length by choosing the penis sleeve that matches with the girth of their erect organ. One can go with a larger thickness for a larger extension. For instances if one chooses a 5cm thick penis sleeve, then it transforms ones penis with 5mm bigger in diameter.

  1. More Pleasure for Women

Women enjoy a better sexual experience with their partner wearing a sleeve. They feel lot fuller and enjoy a fulfilling sex as an increased size paves way for increased sensation during sex. It is certainly a boon for women who are obsessed with larger organ size or fantasize about having a larger one going in and out. Now penis sleeve vibrator is also there to allow women enjoy greater satisfaction during physical intimacy.

  1. Helps in Fantasy Sex

It is ideal for couples who try new variations in sex and try new sexual games in their bedroom. Penis sleeve could be used for a kinky game, where the man can use a sleeve while making her blindfold and make her feel like having sex with another man and make her feel new and unique sensations. This can add great variation to your otherwise monotonous sexual routine.

Penis sleeves provide much more pleasure compared to textured condoms as the protrusion and size of penis sleeve is much better compared to condoms. The tricky part is finding the right size, material and quality sleeve.

Who can use penis sleeve?

Penis sleeve provides a unique stimulation during sex. This is meant for

- Those who want a different pleasure experience during sex and don’t want the usual experience

- Women who don't want to buy a dildo or vibrator, but want a new sensual stimulus during sex, then penis sleeve is good for them

- It is ideal for men and women who are comfortable using sex toys