HImalay Tentex Royal Capsules - 10's Pack

HImalay Tentex Royal Capsules - 10's Pack

Tentex Forte Tablets - 10's Pack

Tentex Forte Tablets - 10's Pack

HImalay Tentex Royal Capsules - 10's Pack

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What is Himalaya Tentex Royal capsule?

Himalaya's Tentex Royal is a natural male supplement that can improve the erection quality. The capsule has an array of scientifically proven natural ingredients that are effective in helping men retain the erection for a required period. It is a wonderful capsule for those who want to enhance their performance. 

Himalaya Tentex Royal Capsules Vs Viagra

Unlike Viagra which has harsh side effects, Tentex Royal has natural ingredients that are without any side effects.

For men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction, Tentex Royal is a blessing in disguise. This natural stimulant works wonders in helping those men achieve sustained erection thereby allowing them to enjoy an improved performance every time.

Tentex Royal enhances the hardness and erection quality by working on the biological features of our body associated with erection. The product is a supplement that quickly mixes with our bloodstream in order to provide the user with quick results thereby the user can retain erection for a longer duration. The product helps users to perform with enhanced confidence and assurance.

How does Himalaya Tentex Royal capsules work?

Tentex Royal is a natural stimulant that claims to improve sexual health safely as it has natural ingredients.

Tentex Royal is very effective against erectile dysfunction. It increases sexual desire and is free from any harmful side effects. It works effectively by relaxing the cavernosal muscles, which results in increased penile blood flow leading to stronger erections and increased libido.

Scientific studies have confirmed that erection is the result of sufficient blood flow to the penis. If blood flow is not there, then that man may not get an erection at all or erection that may not be hard enough to perform penetrative sexual intercourse.

Tentex Royal has an array of natural ingredients that can ensure quick blood flow to the penis there by helping the user to retain his erection for sufficient time. With an extra flow of blood in his penis, the man will experience harder erection and thus be able to enhance his performance.

Experiments have also proved that strength of erection is directly proportional to the amount of blood flowing into the penis. Thus, when larger amount of blood flows into the penis, then he may be able to have a much harder erection.

All these happen naturally, without any harmful side effects. Unlike Viagra which has proven side effects, Tentex Forte is a wonderful tablet that enhances sexual desire and drive leading to sustained erection and improved performance.

What are the Ingredients of Himalaya Tentex Royal capsules and how does they work?

Gokshura – Commonly called small caltrops, it is loaded with protodioscin which gets converted to DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone); DHEA aids in the treatment of erectile dysfunction by dilating penile arteries which, in turn, relaxes vascular smooth muscles and results in enhanced erection.

Kokilaksha – Also called hygrophilia, it works by increasing* nitric oxide levels in the blood; nitric oxide opens up the arteries, thereby improving* blood flow throughout the body, especially to the genital area.

Kokilaksha releases nitric oxide from endothelium and nitrergic nerve endings of the penis, relaxing the carernosal (a sponge-like area around the penis) muscles and increasing penile blood flow. This is effective in correcting erectile dysfunction.

Vatada – More popularly known as almond, increase sperm count and increases sperm motility without producing any spermatotoxic effects. Its role in the formulation helps in increasing sperm count and motility effectively. Reduction in sperm motility can also lower sexual desire. Thus, Tentex Forte helps in enhancing sexual desire effectively.

Tentex Royal Nutritional Information:

2 capsules (daily dose) contain:

-                      290 mg Asteracantha longifolia

-                      252 mg Fructus Prunus amygdalus

-                      230 mg Blepharis edulis

-                      28 mg Styli cum Stigmatis Crocus sativus

-                      200 mg Tribulus terrestris Extract

Other Ingredients: Magnesium stearate, Gelatine (capsule)

Medicinal Properties

What are the benefits of Himalaya Tentex Royal capsules?

-                      Works faster in producing results within few minutes after consumption

-                  Works on the root cause of the problem by enhancing blood circulation throughout the body

-                      Helps in achieving harder, stronger and more sustained erections

-                      Enhances arousal and sexual desire

-                      Helps achieve enhanced sexual life and improved performance

-                      Effective against erectile dysfunction

-                      Provides effective results without any harmful side effects

What pre-cautions to be taken while using Himalaya Tentex Royal capsules?

Patients on anti-hypertensive or anti-anginal drugs need to use under medical supervision.

Is there any special warning for using Tentex Royal Capsules?

Sexual performance declines naturally as men age, which may contribute to feelings of inadequacy or embarrassment. Tentex Royal works similar to the way Viagra works in the body. The product is not suitable for male under 18 years of age. It is recommended only for men who are struggling to achieve or retain erection for required period.

How to take Himalaya Royal Capsules and What is the Dosage of Tentex Royal capules?

Kindly consult your physician to prescribe the dosage that best suits your condition.

However, generally recommended dosage of Tentex Royal is:

One capsule should be taken 30 minutes before intercourse. It takes atleast 30 minutes time to give expected results.

Clinical results have demonstrated that Tentex Royal is effective after 2 weeks. For effective results, the capsules should be taken at least 6 weeks without interruption and can be taken upto a maximum of 12 weeks. It should not be used continuously. The product should be discontinued after 12 weeks. If required, it can be restarted after a 12-week cycle.

What are the Side Effects of Tentex Royal Capsules?

Tentex Royal is not known to have any side effects if taken as per prescribed dosage.

This may cause adverse effects when used in combination with a medication that lowers blood sugar levels and hypertension. For such men, it is recommended to consult a physician before taking the tablet.

Do Tentex Royal capsules cause any Allergy?

The product contains no allergens.

If you are allergic to any of the above mentioned ingredients of Tentex Royal, you should avoid using it immediately. 

Please be informed that that information provided here is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. You are advised to visit your physician before starting a course. You are advised not to use this information to diagnose or treat your problem without consulting your physician.

What is the price of Himalaya Tentex Royal?

A Blister pack of 10 capsules will cost Rs. 135/-  

More Information
MRP (inclusive of all taxes) ₹ 175
Net Quantity 10 tablets
Name of Commodity Sexual Wellness
Brand Himalaya
Manufacturer The Himalaya Drug Company, The Himalaya Drug Company, Makali, Bengalure, 562162
Customer Care 1-800-208-1930
Country of Origin India
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