Kamasutram Massage Oil for Men

Kamasutram Massage Oil for Men

Saandhha Massage oil for Men

Saandhha Massage oil for Men

Baidyanath Vita-Ex Massage Oil for Men

Baidyanath Vita-Ex Massage Oil for Men

Kamasutram Massage Oil for Men

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Kamsutram Oil – Product Description

In general there is a notion that 'size doesn't matter' for women. Though it may be true, but if she finds something big, she is going to be lot happier.  Size doesn't matter, but big gives her a kick. So, if there is an opportunity for you to make it big, naturally without any side effects, what's the problem? Why can't you try and make yours a bigger one.

Introducing Kamasutram Oil, a penis massage oil with 100% safe Homoeopathic formulation that can help you rejuvenate your organ size and allow you to get longer, stronger and harder erections upon regular application. The oil is also effective in treating erectile dysfunction and inability to retain erections for required period.

When you have difficulty in getting an erection or problems in maintaining erection for required period, then it can be really frustrating and can have deep psychological effects including damaging your self-esteem. Using Kamasutram massage oil is one of the safe and sure methods to strengthen your male organ and regain your vigour and vitality.

When you couldn't get good erection, all you have to do is to apply Kamasutram Oil on your penis regularly. In most cases, poor erection is due to blockage or constriction of blood vessels and also due to weakness of penis muscles. For young men, the weakness in penis muscles may occur due to excessive masturbation or sexual intercourse. For middle age and older men, this may be due to diabetics or other physical ailments that may dampen sexual energy leading to erection problems. Upon regular application of Kamasutram Oil, you can achieve longer, stronger and harder erection comfortably.

What are the Ingredient of Kamasutram oil?

-              Ashwagandha (indian winter cherry) - It's rejuvenating effect on semen helps to alleviate asthenospermia (increasing sperm motility), Oligospermia (Increasing sperm count) and poor sexual performance and helps to reduce impotence.

-              Shilajit (asphaltum) - A popular ayurvedic medicine widely used in treating male reproductive problems such as premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea, impotence and spermaturia. It strengthens the whole reproductive system from within and is a tonic to the sex organs.

-              Lecithinum (a phosphorus-containing complex organic body prepared from the yolk of egg and animal brains) - It has an influence upon the blood so useful for anemia, recovery from disease (convalescence), sleeplessness. Scanty urine with phophates excretion, sugar or albumen, lecithin helps to decrease the excretion of phosphates. Lecithinum helps in causing marked improvement in nutrition and general improvement.

-              China (cinchona officinalis/china officinalis) It is a useful remedy for exhaustion, weakness, anaemia, headache, and digestive upsets that arise from loss of body fluids (haemorrhage, diarrhoea, sweat, vomit, etc). Those who need China are sensitive to the cold, and symptoms worsen during foggy, cold, damp weather or autumn.

Complaints feel worse from slight pressure or touch but are relieved by firm pressure, and symptoms return at regular intervals such as the same time each day, or every seven days. China may also be indicated when there’s a family history of malaria.

What is the price of Kamasutram oil?

The cost of Kamasutram oil 15 ml bottle is MRP. Rs.299/-

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