Jinga Gold Capsules - 4's Pack

Jinga Gold Capsules - 4's Pack

Zandu Vigorex Ayurvedic Capsules - 10's Pack

Zandu Vigorex Ayurvedic Capsules - 10's Pack

Super Soniic Capsules - 4's Pack

Super Soniic Capsules - 4's Pack

Jinga Gold Capsules - 4's Pack

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Jinga Gold – Frequently Asked Questions

Sex is an essential aspect of life and when you are able to indulge in it comfortably and enjoy every bit of your action, then it can work as a stress booster and can improve blood circulation and it can strengthen the heart. In addition to the above physical aspects, a good sex can have profound impact on the psychological aspect as well. It can help in positive thoughts and overall mental well being.

But there are few who may face issues such as improper erection, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, not able to hold erection for sufficient period etc., Some men may also be weak physically that they couldn't perform the act to required levels and intensity as the whole act of love making could be physically demanding for such weak men. 

Erectile problems can have psychological problems such as low self-esteem, lack of confidence, confusion, lack of clarity in thinking and decision making.

When you are among those unfortunate souls who face have erection issues and/or other issues mentioned above, you really have good news. You have a solution at hand that can give you good relief and help you regain your vigor and vitality to be able to perform much to your partner's satisfaction in bed.

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What is Jinga Gold Capsule?

JINGA GOLD, is a powerful herbal based capsule that improves strength and stamina, vigour and vitality. It increases power and enhances quality of sexual performance.

Jinga Gold is a blessing in disguise for those who are going through erectile problems and are looking for an easy treatment and remedy.

Jinga Gold is also recommended for those who have fertility concerns. The capsule works wonders in enhancing fertility and restoring youthful vigour upon regular consumption.

 What are the uses of Jinga Gold Capsules?

  • It works as a powerful stimulant and thus enhances desire
  • Enhances blood circulation thereby facilitating a better cardiovascular function
  • Having powerful antioxidant properties helps in reducing the ageing process - meaning, you can look younger and stay younger with continued use of Jinga Gold.
  • Has anti-cancer ingredients
  • It boosts overall immunity - thus making you lead a healthy and active life

What are the effects of Jinga Gold Capsules on my sexual Life?

  • Jinga Gold is a proven formulation to prevent Premature Ejaculation
  • It restores youthful vigour and enhances fertility
  • Strengthens Libido and overall stamina leading to enhanced performance
  • Improved  health and well-being leading to complete satisfaction
  • Prolonged action with improved strength and intensity

What are the Ingredients of Jinga Gold Capsules?

Each Capsule of Jinga Gold contains extracts of

-          Macuna Prurita – 100mg

-          Moringa Ptergosperma – 100mg

-          Strygnos Potatorum – 50mg

-          Myristica Fragrans – 50mg

-          Withania Somnifera – 100mg

-          Cuculigo Orchioides – 40mg

-          Asparagus racemosus – 50mg

-          Acacia Nilotica – 8mg

-          Gold Leaf – 2mg

How to take Jinga Gold Capsules?

Though Jinga Gold is a wonder capsule which improves overall health and well-being, it cannot be consumed more than the prescribed levels and frequency. Users are cautioned not to over consume the capsule out of desperation to improve erection.

  • One capsule after food in night with hot milk or hot water. 
  • One capsule should be taken at least one hour before going to bed.

What are the side effects of Jinga Gold Capsules?

  • Being a 100% Ayuvedic product, it has NO SIDE EFFECTS.

What is the price of Jinga Gold Capsules?

MRP of Jinga Gold Capsules 4’s Pack is Rs.630/-

Note: Even those who consume ALCOHOL can take JINGA GOLD as there are no side effects.

More Information
MRP (inclusive of all taxes) ₹ 600
Net Quantity 4 capsules
Name of Commodity Sexual Wellness
Mfg by Lincs Pharma 103-B, Gandhi Main Road, S.V Nagar Ambattur, Chennai - 600 053
MKTD by Reehaa Herbal Marketing, Chennai - 600075
Customer care Phone 9962664444
Country of Origin India
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