Breastriim Oiil - Ayurvedic Breast Massage oil - 60 ml

Breastriim Oiil - Ayurvedic Breast Massage oil - 60 ml

Bust 36 Gel for Women

Bust 36 Gel for Women

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Hollywood Curves Women's Perky Push-Ups Silicone Enhancers, One Size, Clear

Breastriim Oiil - Ayurvedic Breast Massage oil - 60 ml

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Breastriim Oiil - Ayurvedic Breast Massage oil - Product Description

Breast is the symbol of feminine beauty. A woman with a beautiful and shapely breast is sure to get more attention from men than a woman with a beautiful face.

Men are so obsessed with women’s breast that they instinctively look at women’s breast when they happen to look at a woman. This is a natural phenomenon and it works across the world.

A woman with a firm, shapely and good sized breast is sure going to receive great amount of attention. They are sure to receive more attention from women as well out of jealousy.

Are you a woman who is looking to have a good, shapely and firm breasts?

Are you worried about your sagging breasts or the one that has gone out of shape?

There is no need to worry as you can be sure of achieving the kind of breast that you want. There is a solution at hand, which has worked wonders for countless women across the country.  

Breastriim Oiil is an ayurvedic massage oil for women which helps in trimming and developing the breast size naturally without any side effects. This oil also helps in strengthening, firming up and toning of breast muscles.

The oil works wonders for all types of women. It provides effective results for those women who want to firm up their sagging breasts and also for those women who want to have a bigger, firmer and curvier breasts. It needs to be applied as per recommended usage and the results are visible.  

In short, Breastriim oil helps in achieving appropriate increase in one’s breast size, corrects under-developed breasts, beautifies bust shape and firms up sagging breasts.

Ingredients of Breastriim Oil

This 100% ayurvedic and skin-friendly formulation contains natural ingredients. So, the users need not worry about any skin infections, irritations or burning sensations. Several powerful ayruvedic ingredients are blended in right proportions to help maintain perfect breasts naturally.

Breastriim Oil contains the following key ayurvedic ingredients: 

  1. Shriparni Bark Ext. Gambhari (Gmelina Arborea) Extract 2.5 G
  2. Mustard Oil 10 Ml
  3. Kusum Beej (Schleichera Oleasa) 0.25 Mg
  4. Nagkesar (Mesua Ferrea) 0.1 Mg
  5. Nagarmotha (Cyperus Rotundus) 0.1 Mg
  6. Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera-Indian Winter Cherry) 0.5 Mg
  7. Punarnava (Boerhavia Diffinsa Root – The Spreading Hog-Weed) 0.5 Mg
  8. Satawari (Asparagus Racemosus)
  9. Kapas Beej (Thespesia Populnea) 0.1 Mg
  10. 10. Jyotishmati Beej 0.1 Mg

How to use Breastriim Ayurvedic Breast Massage oil?

-          This oil is for external use only

-          Take 20 drops of oil on palm and rub your arms together to produce heat and ensure uniform distribution

-          Rub gently in circular and clock-wise motions. Massage the entire breast and upto the neck

-          Start from the nipple top and move towards the outer breast and gently massage into the left underarm.

-          Massage the area around the armpit and move upto the shoulder joint.

-          Repeat the same on the other breast

-          Use once or twice daily. Do not try to over massage and increase the quantity of oil

-          It is recommended to apply the oil for 90 days or as directed by the physician

Benefits of using Breastriim Oiil

This 100% ayurvedic and skin-friendly formulation offers many benefits including:

  • Helps in maintaining the shape and size of the breasts and elasticity of skin around the breast.
  • Helps in tightening the tissues and lifting up sagging breasts
  • Helps to increase breast size and corrects under-developed breasts
  • Helps in strengthening, firming up and toning up of breast muscles
  • Helps in boosting blood circulation and removes congestion.
  • Massaging the lymphatic nerves of the breasts helps in getting rid of the toxins accumulated in the tissues
  • Regular massaging of the oil helps in looking good and feeling good about your breasts and yourself. This helps in improving confidence and bio beauty of your womanhood.
  • Helps in beautifying your bust-line

What do you need to know about your breast?

Before using this oil, you need to know some basic scientific truths about your breasts.

-          The size, shape, volume and position of your breasts change throughout your life.

-          The size of your breast changes with each pregnancy

-          Breast sagging happens for every woman with age. It is a natural phenomenon. So, your breasts will sag as you age.

-          Smoking has direct links with breast sagging.

-          Weight loss, higher body mass index (BMI), larger bra cup size, pregnancies and smoking history are some of the reasons for breast sagging.

-          It is recommended to avoid wearing an underwire bra.

-          Breast feeding, weight gain during pregnancy and lack of upper body exercise has nothing to do with breast sagging.

-          It is recommended to drink plenty of fluids to avoid tissues from drying up

-          Exercises and sweating helps to maintain your breasts in good shape

Side Effects of Breastriim Ayurvedic Breast Massage oil

This oil is 100% safe. It contains no chemicals, no colouring agents or preservatives. It has no known contra-indications reported so far. It comes with Zero risk to your health. Only the highest quality natural herbs are used in this oil.

-          It is 100% natural

-          It has no side effects or healing crisis

-          No microbial activity found

-          It has no heavy metals

-          Does not contain controlled drugs, petroleum derivatives or harmful chemicals in it.

Precautions while using Breastriim Ayurvedic Breast Massage oil

-          Read the label carefully before use.

-          This oil is made for external use only. Massage only as recommended. Over massaging should be avoided strictly.

-          Massage a few drops on your breasts and surrounding area gently. Do not rub and leave it for few minutes until it dries

-          Do not wear a bra for atleast 20 minutes after massaging

-          Apply in circular motions in clock-wise directions

-          Self-medication of this oil is not advisable. Do not use without the recommendation of a registered medical practitioner

-          Use only precise quantity per dose and for a limited period of time or as advised by your physician.

-          Wash hands after use

-          It is advisable to consult your physician before use.

-          Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight

-          Keep out of reach of children

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