Pro Extender Penis Enlargement System - 5G

Pro Extender Penis Enlargement System - 5G

Deluxe Metered Penis Enlargement pump

Deluxe Metered Penis Enlargement pump

Deluxe Penis Enlargement Pump - Rechargeable Auto

Deluxe Penis Enlargement Pump - Rechargeable Auto

Pro Extender Penis Enlargement System - 5G

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Increase your Penis Size Permanently with Pro Extender Penis Enlargement System 

Every man has a deep rooted desire to have a longer and bigger organ. Size doesn’t matter is a commonly uttered advice and it is true in a sense. When it comes to lovemaking, size doesn’t really matter scientifically.

But having a bigger size can do wonders psychologically. It gives the male a huge boost and it will certainly make his partner delighted. Women love to have sex with man having a larger pleasure tool and it is no wonder vibrator makers make use of that fact and create products resembling larger and stronger male organ.

Pro Extender Penis Enlargement System is the latest innovation in the world of penis enlargement and this device allows penis enlargement and also allows men to have a straighter penis by correcting the bend or curved shape. The device allows elongation on length and girth.

The device can be worn even with undergarments and allows for cell level stretching so that penis enlargement happens without any side effects.

What is Pro Extender Penis Enlargement System?

It is an upgraded device with sophisticated accessories to help men add some extra inches to their pleasure tool. It also helps in strengthening the penis and makes it straight by correcting bends and curved shape.

It works on ‘traction’ and ‘cell division’ principle, where different tractions pull your penis ahead. It applies a gentle stretching sensation to the cells of the penis where the cell division starts. The cell division takes over the gaps created and multiplies the cells into the shaft of your penis by giving you longer and thicker penis.

Salient Features

-          Helps in achieving extra penis size in length and girth

-          Helps to correct curved penis to strengthen the erections

-          Made of light-weight and high-quality materials

-          Fits all sizes & can be worn comfortably under clothes

-          The fully adjustable enhancer is made to support and stretch the muscles to lengthen over time.

-          This supportive cage is discreet and comfortable enough to wear under clothes.

-          Once secured, the smooth and seamless base pivots to for fully rotatable positioning to ensure comfortable wear and use.

-          The thick, stretchy straps are made from a durable silicone and designed to hold your organ firmly in place through every lengthening session.

How Pro Extender Penis Enlargement System Works?

Pro Extender Penis Enlargement System is a traction device. It works in the same principle of how weightlifting makes our body stronger and bulkier. Lifting heavy weight causes micro tears in the muscles that result in cell duplications.

When the tissue gets healed, it becomes firmer and larger because of its enhanced capacity to hold more blood than it used to do earlier. The pro extender penis enlargement system works on the same principle.

We have seen men build up biceps and triceps by doing regular and specific exercises. When it is possible for such men to stretch their muscles through rigorous training on a regular basis, the same is possible with your penis as well.

Pro Extender Penis Enlargement Device works on your penis similar to your weight lifting and other gym equipment. It helps to enlarge the size of your penis scientifically without any side effects.

Clinical Proof of Effectiveness

It is natural for non-users to think whether this can really work?


Penis enlargement devices can help you increase your organ size permanently to few inches when it is used properly. With regular use, you can get BIG PENIS permanently.

Penis enlargement device serves as an effective alternative to surgeries when it comes to increasing penis size permanently. The device’s effectiveness is clinically proven and the product is legally allowed to be sold in India.

Through a natural and scientific process the device can help you expand the size of your penis upto 29% of your existing size in 6 months of regular usage.


The Psychological Advantage

The average size of an erect human penis is around 5.2 inches. Scientifically size of the organ has nothing to do with the ability to satisfy a woman in bed. But having a bigger organ can provide phenomenal self-confidence and psychological advantage as it can help such men perform better in bed compared to men with normal sized organ. It is reported women are obsessed with larger organ size and secretly every women fantasize about being penetrated by a larger and stronger organ. So, using penis enlargement device can add to your psychological wellbeing and boost your self-confidence to a greater extent.

Increases Self-confidence

It is proven beyond doubt that men with smaller penis have lower self-confidence. Their confidence level further plummets when their partner or others comment about their smaller organ size. Pro Extender Penis Enlargement System helps men increase the size of their organ by about 30% within six months of regular use. The enhancement in penis size also increases their self-confidence of the user to a greater extent. When you know that your penis is longer, the feeling gives you a new zeal and makes you approach your partner with a new level of self-confidence. The confidence reflects not only in your bed but in other activities as well, helping you lead a successful personal and professional life.

Enhances General Well-being

A person who has discipline and willingness to use a penis enlargement system for enhancing the size of his penis, is more likely to pay attention to other areas of his body, thus leading to overall health and well-being.

Feels Motivated to Succeed

When he is able to get an elongated penis through the regular use of penis enlargement system, it serves as a motivation to succeed anything that he tries his hand with. The feeling of satisfaction serves as a motivational factor to set and achieve new goals in life.

Enhanced Sexual Prowess

The increase in size of the penis through natural process strengthens the body overall. It also enhances the ability of the individual to achieve stronger erection and maintain the erection for a sufficiently longer period. As the individual is able to control the ejaculation and sustain erection for a required time, it allows him to try various positions and makes him satisfy his partner in bed. Thus the individual begins to enjoy a satisfying sexual life.

Straightens Curved Penis

Curved penis is the cause of distress for several men. Though there is nothing wrong about is scientifically, it makes them feel weird and many consider that their partner won’t like it because of the curved shape.  Pro Extender Penis Enlargement System can help in straightening curved penises, thereby providing the much needed relief to such men and enable them to have normal sex lives.

Works Better Than Other Methods

Compared to other penis enlargement devices, pills, creams & lotions Pro Extender Penis Enlargement System has proven to be effective. It works better than Jelqing as well. To achieve expected results, Pro Extended is expected to be used for 24 weeks.

  Sensitivity Stronger Erections Intermediate Growth Permanent Growth Medical Documentation
Surgery No No No Yes Growth Documented* Limited
Penis Device Yes Yes Yes Yes Growth Documented* Unlimited
Pills Yes Yes No No Growth Not Documented
Creams & Lotions Yes Yes No No Growth Not Documented
Jelqing No Yes No No Growth Not Documented


-          Clean and shave your private part thoroughly before inserting the device over your organ

-          Make yourself comfortable and relaxed before using the device

-          The device comes with a simple attachment that allows you to attach the device to your penis.

-          When you place it properly, the padded base sits at the base of your penis comfortably.

-          Using the adjustable rods, you can set the length you want according to the length of your organ.

-          Adjust the device according to your penis length. For instance, if your penis length is 5 inches in the normal state, you can adjust the front piece in the opposite direction so that penis remains stretched out. If your organ is below 5 inches then the front piece of the device can remain in the original position itself

-          Once the device is in position, adjust the side rods to fit the length of your penis. You can do this by simply rotating the rods clockwise and pull the rods to the required length. When you are sure with the length of the rods, then turn them anti-clockwise. Make sure the rods are securely in place.

-          Secure the front piece firmly by pressing the rods together. When you hear the ‘click’ sound, it means the front piece has fitted properly.

-          You can fasten your penis tip to the device whereby it provides steady, constant, and gentle stretching. It is nothing but the part of your penis that retains blood during erections to maintain it.

-          It is a painless stretching procedure whereby the cells within the penis pull away and split in the same way your biceps do during weight training.

-          The healing process is also similar to the creation of healthy new cells, thereby increasing the size of your penis. Consequently, the capacity of the Corpora Cavernosa increases, whereby it holds more blood than it used to do earlier. Thus, you experience more significant and harder erections.

-          Regular use over a period of six months can increase the size of your penis by more than 30%.

-          When you are comfortable with the device, you can wear the device under a trouser or a loose-fitting pant.

-          It can also be worn in the night depending on your sleeping habit. If you have the habit of sleeping on your stomach, then it is not advisable to wear it during night. You can wear it if you can stay still throughout the night.


Will it cause pain while using?

No, this is a painless device. You can use it comfortably. It stretches your penis gradually by splitting the cells and dividing it. It uses a slow and rhythmic extension to ensure your penis size increases progressively.

Will the size improvement is permanent?

Yes. The results are permanent as this device causes new cells by splitting your cells. The new cells remain in your body causing permanent elongation in the size of your penis. The device ensures permanent improvement in size.

How long should I use the device to get best results?

You need to wear the Pro Extender Penis Enlargement System for a minimum of 5 to 6 hours daily during the first 3 months. This can ensure an increase of 10% during that period. When you continue to use it for the next 3 or 4 months, you can expect an increase in about 28% to 30% in length and girth will increase by about 18% to 20%.

  Pre-treatment Post 3 months Usage Post 6 months Usage Increase %
Length in flaccidity (Original state) (cm) 9.78 12.1 13.1 33.94%
Length in erection (cm) 14.4 15.3 16.5 14.58%

Will it cause any side effect?

No. Pro Extender Penis Enlargement System doesn’t create any side effects. You need not worry about it. It doesn’t affect your fertility, erection force or sexual stamina in any way. The device enhances the cell growth in the Corpora Cavernosa, thereby ensuring that it holds more blood than it used to do earlier and thus your organ grows in length and girth. Thus, you get a stronger erection. As it improves the capacity of your organ to hold more blood makes it sustain the erection for a longer time.

Can I wear Pro Extender Penis Enlargement System at all times?

You need to wear boxer shorts or loose-fitting trousers while wear the device. You cannot use the device when you wear your formal pants. You can also wear it while sleeping provided you don’t toss around while sleeping. It is better if you can sleep still in a single position throughout the night.

Can one have sex during the device usage period?

Yes, you can have normal sex during the entire period of 24 months required to use this device. Needless to say, you should remove the device during your sexual intercourse. After using it for first few months, you can feel the difference in the strength of the erection and your ability to hold the erection for a longer time.

Is there any age restriction to use this device?

No. You need to be a minimum of 18 years of age to buy this product from us. This device can be used by men of all ages from 18. There is no upper limit. There are reviews posted by men over 70 who found satisfactory increase in the length and girth of their penis. So, there is no age restriction and men of all ages can try this product, if you are serious about increasing the length of your pleasure tool.  

My penis is circumcised. Can I use this device?

Yes, the device is suitable for both circumcised and non-circumcised men.

Do I require a medical prescription to buy this product? Do I need to wear it under the supervision of a physician?

No. Not necessary. You don’t need any kind of medical supervision. You can wear it by following the user catalog that comes along with the product. It is quite simple. The user guide is available in 6 languages, clearly explaining how to use the device properly. Instructional videos are also available online for users.

Is there any minimum penis size to use this device?

No. There is no minimum penis size requirement. It is suitable for men of all penis sizes. Men having as small as 1.6inch penis can use this device and improve their penis size.

Does this device help all men with various penis sizes, including those with bigger ones?

Yes, the device can help all men increase their penis size, irrespective of the current size. Provided it needs to be used properly. The average increase in penis sizes mentioned above are based on clinical results of documented research activities. The actual results may vary slightly higher or lower for various users, because no two bodies are the same. The device can fit penis sizes from 1.6 inches to 8.7 inches (from 4 to 22 cm) in the stretched flaccid state.

Will it work for me without fail?

Yes, certainly. The device can help men of all sizes and types to increase their penis size.
It need to be used correctly and for the recommended number of hours per day. We have countless satisfied men with improved results.

What is penis traction and how that happens?

Penis traction, also called as phalogenic traction, is a natural penis enlargement method which ensures enlarged penis in a safe and natural way. Penis traction works by applying a continuous stretch to the penis every day for a number of months. This causes the penis tissue cells to divide and multiply, leading to increased length and girth. The process keeps repeating during the course of the penis traction treatment period, resulting in a bigger penis within a matter of months.

What is the use of cohesive gauze and protection pad?

The cohesive gauze and the protection pad provided in the kit are for using on the glans / behind the glans when you strap on the rubber strap.

Can I wear this extender to work?

If your nature of work is non-physical, you can wear the penis extender under boxer shorts or any loose-fitting pants. It can help you get a bigger penis all day long. If your job requires you to wear formal pants, then you cannot wear this device to your work.

Can I wear this during night while sleeping?

It can be worn in the night depending on your sleeping habit. You can wear it while sleeping, only if you don’t toss around or turn too much. If you can maintain a still position while sleeping, then you can wear it. Otherwise it is not recommended to wear in the night. Because when you toss yourself around, the device will slip off, so that you don’t get any results. If you have the habit of sleeping on your stomach, then it is not advisable to wear it during night. So, it is better to avoid wearing it in the night.

What to do when I need to pass urine?

Whenever you need to pass urine, you need to take it off and put it back again when you are done. It will only take a minute.

Why this device is better than other penis enlargement methods?

Pro Extender Penis Enlargement System works on a natural principle and it enhances the length and girth of the penis through ‘penis traction’. So, it is safe, natural and permanent. Other methods of penis enlargement can be risky, expensive and actually not give any real results in growing your penis at all.

Maintenance Tips

-          Pro Extender Penis Enlargement System is made of superior quality material and hence requires low maintenance.

-          The comfort strap can be washed easily in the dish washer or through normal washing.

-          Separate elongation rods and straps and clean them separately

-          After washing, the parts of the device should be kept in open space or can also be wipe dried using a damp cloth.

-          Keep the device safely in the bag provided for the next use


  1. The device should be kept away from direct sunlight.
  2. The device is not suitable for children and hence it should be kept out of reach of children.
  3. Never exceed the traction if your body is not comfortable with the stretch. 
  4. Make sure the device is gentle on your skin. If you find any irritation or pain, discontinue the use immediately
  5. Wash the device thoroughly after every use to maintain the hygiene
  6. Handle all the parts with care to avoid pain, discomfort and injury
  7. Never wear this device under right pants, jeans or skin-tight underwear. This should be worn under a loose-fitting trouser or a boxer shorts.
  8. Do not exceed the time from first use itself. Make yourself comfortable with the first traction for less time and gradually upgrade the traction and time.
  9. Rushing or trying to get results sooner will not help you.
  10. The device will help you achieve results progressively and don’t expect any quick-fix results.

Use it consistently as per recommended usage and enjoy a longer and stronger organ.

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