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Japani Oil

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Japani Oil

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Japani Massage Oil for Men - Product Decription

When you are concerned about having a healthy and enjoyable sexual life and want to have a stronger and healthier penis and have harder and sustained erection for a longer period, then Japani Massage Oil is the best choice. This 100% herbal based original penis massage oil offers good results upon regular usage of Japani Oil for prescribed period using prescribed quantity.

Our lives have become stressful and busier. Work pressure, long working hours, busy schedules, wrong eating habits, junk foods, insufficient sleep, long travel through hectic traffic etc., have impacted physical strength and endurance among men leading to unsatisfied sexual life in the lives of many married men. When all the above factors add great amount of stress, a stressed mind can never have satisfying sexual pleasure.

Japani oil is the easy solution for giving relief to your fagged or tired penis muscle. It contains healthy herbal extracts with high nutritional and aphrodisiac properties which effectively nourishes your organ and helps to enjoy enhanced performance.

The massage oil also works as a stimulator allowing men to enjoy prolonged sex with vigor and vitality giving utmost satisfaction to your sweet heart. It increases desire and allow the user to perform better on bed. When your sex life is not satisfactory, then nothing can give better solution than Japani oil.

Erection is linked to the blood flow to your male organ. When there is a block in the blood vessels applying Japani Oil can clear the block and allow the blood to flow freely to your organs leading to harder and stronger erections.

Japani oil contains various herbs and plant extracts that are proven for their reputed warming and aphrodisiac effect and are used since ages to alleviate or reduce particular symptoms of impotence and disharmony. This oil is helpful not only to give the best in the results in enhancing penis size, but stimulates libido and increases vigor allowing for a more satisfying sexual life.

Advantages of Japani Oil

-          100% natural product which doesn't contain any harmful drug, steroid, impurity, synthetic additives or materials containing petroleum derivatives or other harmful chemicals.

-          100% safe massage oil that can be applied over your organ to make it stronger and achieve harder erections.

-          The ingredients of Japani oil contains herbal and plant extracts that are proven for their reputed warming and aphrodisiac effects and are used since ages to alleviate or reduce particular symptoms of impotence and disharmony

-          It is best for achieving harder erection by improving flow of blood to your male organ

-          It offers a safe, clean, hygienic alternative to stimulate your libido, strengthen your organ, cure premature ejaculation and deepen your sexual experience

For best results use 3 or 4 bottles. Amateur male can also see good results by using it.

Japani Oil Benefits

1) Strengthens your penis: Low blood flow can lead to low erections. People having erection problem or soft penis can have great advantage by using Japani oil as it improves blood flow through penis which leads to a steady and stronger erection.

2) Premature Ejaculation: Premature ejaculation happens for a number of reasons but mostly due to over-sensitive penis. The oil helps to relax your nerves and allows you to perform for a longer time during the intercourse.

3) Improves Sexual desire:  People suffering from low libido or low sexual desire can use the oil to improve this ailment. Daily use of the oil ensures better sensitivity in your penis and enhances your desire for having sex more often.

4) Male Impotency: Impotency can happen for a number of reasons but Japani oil is found to be very effective in such problems. It rejuvenates your reproductive organ, fights off everything that leads to impotency and re-energizes the fatigued muscles.


Each 15ml Japani Oil contains:

-          Akarkara (Anacyclus  pyrethrum) – 125mg

-          Malkangini (Celastrus paniculatus) – 50mg

-          Malla – 10mg

-          Harttal – 50mg

-          Saffron (Crocus sativus) – 11.5mg

-          Clove (Synzgium aromaticium) – 50mg

-          Olive Oil and Sesame Oil – q.s

How to use Japani Oil?

-          Use it two times a day. Apply once in the morning and second time before going to bet

-          Take 10-15 drops of the oil on your palm and gently massage it over the outer skin of the penis

-          For proper results atleast 3 to 4 bottles should be used.

-          The oil should be applied few minutes before the sexual act. The oil is very effective in providing sexual pleasure.


-          Japani Oil should not be applied on the outer tip of the penis under the skin.

-          It should not be applied on the cuts

Side Effects Japani Oil is not known to have any side effects. You may have some side effects if you use

Fake products - There are fake Japani oil products are available in the market. Such products may worsen your situation. So, be careful to buy Japani oil from authorized sources

Prolonged usage - You cannot use this product for an extended period. It is recommended to use only for few months. Prolonged use may interfere with your bodily functions in many ways.

Your body should start functioning at some point and allow you to enjoy harder erections. If you are not getting results even after usage of 3 or 4 bottles, then you should stop applying Japani Oil and consult your ayurvedic physician immediately.

This information is just for your knowledge purpose. It is not alternative to proper medical advice. If you are not getting proper results after due application of Japani Oil, you are advised to visit your ayurvedic physician for treatment.

More Information
MRP (inclusive of all taxes) ₹ 198.00
Net Quantity 15 mL
Name of Commodity Sexual Wellness
Mfg by Chaturbhuj Pharmaceutical Company, 6A/77, Integrated Industrial Estate, Ranipur, Haridwar - 249 403
Customer care Phone 9171642085
Customer care email chaturbujinfo@gmail.com
Country of Origin India
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    Penises in big side .This medicine is possible. Yes/No??

    Japani oil contains effective herbs that can nourish and energise you organ, but it does not claim any enlargement of the organ
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