KamaSutra SKYN condoms - 12's Pack

KamaSutra SKYN condoms - 12's Pack

Kohinoor Pink Condoms - 3's Pack

Kohinoor Pink Condoms - 3's Pack

KamaSutra SKYN Extra Lube condoms - 6's Pack

KamaSutra SKYN Extra Lube condoms - 6's Pack

KamaSutra SKYN condoms - 12's Pack

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What has married life to offer? Everyone looks forward to Sex life and the like of it. Condoms become part and parcel of life. While choosingKamasutra SKYN condoms which are made from polyisoprene, it is said that it is made out of a scientifically formulated new non-latex material that provides a supple, more natural feel and has been clinically proven to augment sensation.

Kamasutra SKYN condom combines the power of premium latex with the sensitivity of an ultra thin condom for that skin to skin sensation. Try the high sounding Kamasutra SKYN condom and enjoy sex with gusto.

Kamasutra SKYN Condoms – Product Info

Colour & Lubrication: Transparent and Lubricated

Material: Poly isoperene (Non Latex Condom)

Texture: Super Thin

Shape: Straight walled & Teat ended

Condom Size: Length 170 mm (min) | Width: 49 ±2 mm (Small Condom)

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    Condoms have proven to be very effective at preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs). In fact, condom is the only method that provides protection from bothSTIand conception. Condoms can provide great protection against STIs that spread through ...
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