Durex Air Ultra Thin Condoms - 10's Pack

Durex Air Ultra Thin Condoms - 10's Pack

Durex Taste Me Green Apple Condoms -10's Pack

Durex Taste Me Green Apple Condoms -10's Pack

Durex Extra Dotted Condoms - 10's Pack

Durex Extra Dotted Condoms - 10's Pack

Durex Air Ultra Thin Condoms - 10's Pack

99% of 100

Lubrication : Lubricated with Silicone Oil
Flavour : Non Flavoured
Perfume : Non Perfumed
Texture : Ultra Thin
Shape : Straight Walled & Teat ended
Colour : Transparent
Length : 180 mm (min)
Flat Width : 53 ± 2 mm
Disposal bag: Not Available
Manufactured by:TTK Protective Devices Ltd

Special Price ₹259.00 was ₹269.00
Availability: In stock

Durex Air Ultra Thin Condoms - 10's Pack - Product Description :

If you are among the millions of Indians who hate condoms, then Durex Air is just for you. A popular survey conducted among young Indian men and women confirmed that 95% of Indians don't want to use condoms as it doesn't given them the 'natural feeling'.

They are OK if they can get a near natural feeling, but condoms available now are no way near their expectation as they don't get that special feeling during love making.

Men opined that they wanted to get closer, really closer and experience their lady love in real. They don't want anything to come between them, not even the thin air that fills the space. 

The outcomes of the survey indicated that Indian men and women don't want to use condoms citing following reasons:

1. Total lack of feeling

2. Condom gets in the way between partners

3. It reduces the intensity

4. Feeling rubber becomes unavoidable.

This led to the introduction of Durex Air, the thinnest condoms ever developed by Durex. It is developed to satiate Indian men and women who are looking for a condom that can provide them safety from conception, yet give them the liberty of enjoying intimacy that is closest to 'natural'.

According to Durex, the Air condoms are designed to provide a sleeker sensation and greater satisfaction during sex. The condom provides the same high level of reassurance and protection while allowing partners to enjoy a near natural encounter.

Durex Air helps you minimize the barrier between you and your partner to the least possible, still help you both stay protected from unwanted conception. The super thin condoms help you feel her heat and sensitivity; closest to what you can experience during 'natural' sex. 

Durex Air can be described as ultra-thin and extra sensitive condoms. Each condom is tested dermatologically for higher protection and easy on skin. Made using transparent and lubricated latex, Air condoms are straight walled and teat ended. 

Durex is the world's No.1 condom brand that is preferred by men and women worldwide. People across all ages, ethnicity and walks of life prefer Durex for safe and satisfying sex. Condoms are rated as the most effective form of contraceptive that offers protection and pleasure.

Further, condoms offer excellent protection from HIV, AIDS and unwanted pregnancy by blocking the risk of transmission of diseases through exchange of fluids between partners.

All condoms are made using finest quality raw materials and each product is electronically tested to ensure you enjoy your intimacy without worrying about conception.

So, you don't have to worry about using condoms anymore.

Just try Durex Air and see how smooth it gets between you and her. See how it feels to use the thinnest condom which is meant to boost your sexual experience and provide you both with utmost satisfaction while ensuring the much needed protection. You can order it online and get it delivered discreetly to your home. 

Buy Durex Air and pump yourself up for a kinky encounter tonight. Want anything more?????? 

From the Manufacturer

Durex Air Ultra Thin Condoms, for an Earth Shattering Experience


  • Ultra Thin
  • Naturally Soft
  • Perfect Lubrication
  • Pleasurable Fit
  • Clean Scent

Durex Air Condoms – Frequently asked Questions ???

1. “Durex Air Condoms Thickness” are they the thinnest condom?

This is what most of our Customers have asked.

Frankly speaking, we don't have a firm "Yes" as the answer.

Because legally in India, as per the “Schedule R of Drugs and Cosmetics act 1942”, condoms should have a single wall thickness between 45 microns and 75 microns, any condom below the thickness of 45 microns is not a standard condom and may have more chances of breakage.

Then you may ask? What does the name Durex Air mean?

Does the name Durex Air stands for the thinnest condom?

We don’t have a concrete evidence for this also…

If anyone examines Durex Air Condom Pack, there is no mention about the condom thickness, nor the pack claims to be the thinnest condom unlike Okamoto 0.03 Platinum Condoms, where in the name itself they mention the thickness “0.03” that stands for 30 microns.

Instead it simply carries the words “Durex - AIR Ultra Thin – For an earth shattering experience”

Confusing right…

Now you may ask, what is your

2. Durex Air Condoms Review?

Well, Durex is the most trusted name in Condom Industry, with over 80 years of experience, and what they are claiming to be Ultra thin may be a thinner condom in comparison to other condoms that are available in the Indian market.

Durex Air Condoms may be 45 microns thickness (least thickness as per Indian Standards) which may be 10 microns less than the other thin condoms available in the market, where as the regular condoms comes in 65 – 75 micron thickness.

In conclusion, according to our opinion, Durex Air can be trusted as a thin condom and hope the product delivers their claim of “So thin. It’s like it’s not even there”

More than our review, you can be the better judge, go ahead and buy a pack of Durex Air Condoms now, use them, feel nothing with them and send us your experience to reviews@cagain.in

3. What is the Size of Durex Air Condoms?

Length: 180 mm (min)

Width: 53±2 mm

4. What is the Shape of Durex Air Condoms?

They are Straight walled condoms for a close fit.

5. What is the Price of Durex Air Condoms?

Durex Air Condoms are available in two pack sizes. For a pack of 10’s the MRP is Rs.245/- and for a pack of 3’s Durex Air Condoms will cost Rs.72/-

More Information
MRP (inclusive of all taxes) ₹ 269
Net Quantity 10 Condoms (Pack of 10X1)
Name of Commodity Latex Condom
Brand Durex
Lubrication Silicone oil Lubricated
Flavour Non Flavoured
Scent Non Perfumed
Texture/Type Plain Condom
Shape Straight Walled & Teat ended
Color Transparent
Length 180 mm (min)
Flat Width 53 ± 2 mm
Quality Control Each Condom is Electronically Tested
Disposal Bag Not Available
Marketed By Reckitt Benckiser (India) Pvt Ltd., Plot No 48, Institutional Area, Sector 32, Gurugram, Haryana 122001
Customer Care 1800 103 5012
Customer Care Email indiahelp@rb.com
Manufacturer TTK Protective Devices LTD, 12 KP Natham road, Thiruvandarkoil, Puducherry- 605102
Country of Origin India
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  • kadar
    What are the condom sizes available in India?

    In India, there are two condom sizes available as per Drugs and Cosmetic Act.   Standard Size Length - 180 mm (minimum)  Flat width - 53 ± 2 mm  Smaller Size Length - 170 mm (minimum)  Flat width - 49 ± 2 mm More on How to determine your condom size? ...
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  • Sunil
    Is Durex Air Condom made in china?

    Picture of Durex Condoms Wholesale Pack Durex Air Condoms are manufactured in India by TTK Protective Devices Ltd at two of their factories located in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry and Reckitt Benckiser is the compay that markets Durex Air Condoms in...
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